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Desktop Audio topics

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    I have a apple tv which has an HDMI outlet, and i dont have a spare screen laying around which has an hdmi input wondering if there's any compatiable conversion via hdmi to usb devices?

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  • 07/28/15--23:53: Sound
  • I have no sound, brand new PC is giving message to plug in speakers surely it has internal speakers????

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  • 07/28/15--23:59: Soniq TV as monitor
  • Brand new desktop computer

    I have tried to connect my PC and Soniq TV I am getting the message Ïnvalid format", I have tried to connect through standard VGA plug and also HDMI, as my TV has no DVI. I have an OLD PC on there at the moment (running XP!!!) and have had several different laptops.


    Thanks for any replies

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    Dear HP Windows XP Specialists,


    I am having difficulty fixing a blurry/shadowy/ghosting display screen (HP 19inch monitor) on a HP dc7600 SFF (2.99 GHz, 1.0 GB RAM) Desktop PC, which runs Windows XP Professional. It has been working fine for many years until yesterday, where I have replaced the monitor with another working one that works for half a day.

    I have updated the Chipset SP38488 and Video driver SP37615 but ended up with the following error which I don’t believe it is correct:


    “This computer does not meet minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will exit”


    The problem is Windows XP kept prompting to install video driver after every reboot, and the driver it is looking for is SP37615. Allow it search through a Windows XP installation disk did not work either. It doesn’t or allows me to use standard video driver either.


    The only idea left is to add more RAM, but find it hard to believe since the display driver (not clear which one that was), has been working without the need to add more RAM.



    The part and serial numbers for this PC are PU700AV and AUD6110155 respectively.


    Any advice to assist would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,







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  • 07/29/15--06:30: Problem whit Zbook 17G2
  • Hello, i have a zbook, and it has 2 video card one is a Intel Graphics 4600 and the other one is a Quadro. I installed the windows, installed the drives, the only problem is that the laptop runs on the intel graphics card not on the quadro. What i need to do to make it run on the quadro graphics card? thank you 

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    while watching a video the sound and the video will stop for a time and will restart play for a while and then stop again.  It does not play without the stops. Both stop and start together.



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    I have a 3 year old S2031 Hp Monitor. I reserved a free upgrade to window 10. I received  the following issue from Microsoft:


    NVIDIA GeForce 6150Se Nforce 430

    The display manufacture has not made your display compatible with Windows 10. check with your manufacture for support.


    Is there a fix?

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    I have the HP 2310m 23" full HD LCD Monitor and when i use the power button to turn it off it tells me POWER DOWN LOCKOUT. my grandson was visitng and i dont know what he did can you help

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    I have a HP 6005 pro small form factor Desktop PC with AMD Athlon II X2 Processor, 8GB Memory, 2TB Hard Drive and Windows 7 Professional.


    Key Features:


    AMD Athlon II X2 processor 3.0GHz

    8GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory (expandable to 16GB)

    2TB SATA hard drive

    DVD-RW optical drive

    10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet

    Integrated graphics


    Additional Features:


       10 x USB ports, 1 x microphone jack, 1 x line-in jack, 2 x audio out jacks, 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet port, 1 x VGA port

       1 x low profile PCI slot (x1), 1 x low profile PCI Express (x2) slot, 1 x low profile PCI Express (x16) slot, 1 x external 5.25" bay, 1 x internal 3.5" bay

       16.7 lbs, 13.3" x 4" x 14.9"


    I would like to get a graphics card that can support dual monitors, can you recommend any cards that would be compitable with this system? 1GB if possible or more?


    I believe the slot can handle upto 25 watts so I would need a graphic card along those lines.


    I appreciate your help in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • 07/26/15--11:40: Monitor 23bw
  • Our Pavilion 23b Monitor all of a sudden started shutting down by itself, We checked all cables and power supply and all is well, I uplugg powercord and plug back in an dit works again for like 15 mins then powers off.

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  • 07/29/15--10:24: Discrete graphics card
  • I'd like to have different displays on each of my two monitors but I can't figure out if my NVIDIA GeForce 740M 2GB DDR3 is the kind of graphics card that will allow me to have different displays. I can hook up the monitor and do the usual extend or duplicate, but I really want one thing on the external monitor and something else on my laptop, and be able to move stuff from my laptop monitor to my external monitor and vice versa.


    Right now I have the external monitor set up with the VGA/HDMI connection as I'm using the VGA pin connectors but have the laptop connector going through a VGA/HDMI "converter."



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    Two months ago I bought a Pavillion 500-467C from COSTCO.  My family and I have had 20 -25 computers in the last 20yrs.

    This one, by far, has the words sound quality  I have ever heard coming out of any computer. I would like to bypass the built-in sound and add a sound card. Is there an open slot for a new sound card and what's involved in disabling the existing sound.  if the comuter will accept an add on sound card ... do you have any sound card suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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  • 07/29/15--15:48: video recording
  • Hi I'm having  some trouble with video recordings on my laptop. 

    When I select camera then switch to recording I am able to record a video then stop. However the video does not appear to be saved anyywhere on my laptop..... 


    Can anyone help?

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    So I just updated my PC to Windows 10 and now I can't get my headset to work. Any headset for that matter. When I insert the headset plugs (not sure if the right words since I am not a native English speaker but I hope you know what I mean) nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. I've checked for updates, no updates. I've run the troubleshooter, doesn't detect any problems. I've restarted my PC several times. What do I do? My headset is the ony thing I can use to listen!


    I am quite desperate to be honest. I was looking forward to checking out my new PC with all the new dandy features and then no sound. It couldn't be more dull.


    Thanks in advance!

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    OS: Windows 10 64-bit Build 10240 RTM (both computers)

    S/W: My Display 15.200.1046.2

    Device Driver: HP (not MS) on 2014-06-20 / No online update available.

    MFG Date: Week 22, 2015

    Connected to HP-DV6-6105TX Laptop AMD Radeon HD 6700M / (1920x1200@59 Hz)

    Connected to Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH HD Graphics 6000 / 2560x1440@60 Hz

    Connected with Amazon  BlueRigger High Speed Braided HDMI cable with Ethernet 6.6 Feet (2m) - Supports 3D and Audio return [Latest Version]


    Hi Forum -


    I have had this monitor for less than a week and I am getting quite frustrated with it losing HDMI digital signal and going completely black for 3-4 seconds at a time. This occurs 2-3 times per hour and can be reproduced every time by visiting certain web pages (hey, I can't make this up).


    I have followed the the HP monitor trouble shooting guide as follows:



    Using both Chrome and the new Edge browser, every time I visit the monitor immediately loses signal, drops audio and then violently flips in and out of a connected state. The only way I can get it to stop is to hit Start+D to minimize everything and get back to the desktop or hunt in the dark for another tab with the mouse to return to a different website.


    Thanks for any ideas or similar experiences. Otherwise, this is going back to Amazon soon.





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  • 07/29/15--20:31: HP2009m Monitor Driver
  • I need help with my display settings. It seems I am not able to find the correct resolution for my monitor after upgrading to windows10. My monitors says its supposed to have a resolution of 1600x900 and that option is not available when going to "Display settings" on the computer. I have been looking around with now solution. Any ideas on how to solve? or a work around?

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  • 07/29/15--20:47: Upgrading GPU
  • I've been considering upgrading my GPU for quite some time. The Nvidia GTX 645 is decent for what I need, but I would like to upgrade to something considerably better, and was looking at other Nvidia cards, and was quite taken with the 980 ti (my choice in upgrading is not up for debate for the record).

    But, before I go ahead and purchase the hardware, I have 1 burning question: Is my motherboard compatable with the GTX 980 ti?


    I've been trying to do as much research on the topic as possible, but alas I've had to ask for assistance (it's also very hard to with having to do life stuff). The motherboard for my PC is the Memphis-B (full board specifications can be found by googling: hewlett packard 700-209 motherboard [first link]).

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  • 07/30/15--07:33: audio settings
  • ok, i am having a small problem here.


    I cant get my sound settings right.


    I have a headset and if i want to plug them in the front panel of my computer it wont play any sound.

    If i put it in the back panel it will only play sound if i disable "digital output(S/PDIF)" in the sound settings.


    My headset is not broken and the front panel is not broken also.

    The computer just does not send audio to the front panel.


    If i test my headset with the Test button in settings while it is in the front panel then it says it works fine and i also hear the *pings*.


    I do not have realtek drivers, i have beatsaudio i think(not sure if thats the driver, its a program like volumemixer but more complicated and i dont understand it)

    everything worked fine until i upgraded to w10, so all the cables and hardware is not broken and everything is connected as it should be.

     i just want my pc to send ALL audio to the front panel(side of the pc where also the cd tray is), i wont use the rear.

    How do i get my computer to send audio to the front panel when i have my headset in the front panel?


    OS:windows 10

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    I had to reset my operating system and I am now gettin a message indicating i need to install AMD driver graphics it is not completely installed or driver need to be installed

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    I have been using Lotus 5 for many years.  The window O/S is XP.  I can print what i highlight using the print icon but when I use my macros,I keep getting the error "unable to access output device"


    For example:    (this is only one line of macro....)


    /p~agpq                       and errors... how do I fix this?  appreciate any help anyone can give



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