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    My laptop has a 3 or 4 growing black lines in the center of the screen. What is it? How can i fix it?  It's a HP Laptop with windows 7

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    Hello ,

    first i wanna hang my xbox to my computer .. ( use my computer like a show monitor ) 
    althoug my computer doesn't have any port to video cable ..
    i see cable called ( USB male to RCA female ) like that on the picture .
    and now i can connect that xbox to my computer .. but i didn't make that till i sure that true ..
    first ,
    is that posible .. to make that xbox use my computer screen ?
    if yes .. what should i do .. is there programs ,, drivers needed ??

    please , can you explain .. what that cable use for ? 

    thanks all ,,


    RCA-USB adabter.jpg

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    Moving to Optiplex 9020. The Optiplex 9020 has VGA and Display ports. The W2558HC has DVI port. Whether I use Display  port to DVI adapter or VGA to DVI adapter, the computer will hangs during the Windows 7 booting. I tried to reinstall the driver. Installing the driver gives a target screen but I am not sure what to do with that.


    Once Windows 7 boots then the monitor can be plugged in and monitor works fine.

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    OK this is my first post. I navigated to the the section where there is information on the power button lock out and see how to fix this. I can't figure out how to reply to the posts.


    Pressing ther button for 10 sec and power cycling the monitor and hold in the button for 60 seconds is not working.


    I am struggling to understand how the power button lock is a feature. Seems like a waste of electicity in m,y opinion.



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    Monitor buttonsdo not respond and the input control menu isconstantly active

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    Hi, I had my PC for two years now and I tried every way to connect my logitech z906 speakers so that they work with 5.1 audio. I've got IDT sound card but there is no driver updates for it anymore. Can anyone help me please?

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  • 11/05/15--20:04: officejet 3830
  • cannot print from my e mail otherwise it prints ok from the computer

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    Windows 10 (8/8.1) SoundMax Microphone Fix


    I did this on a TouchSmart 300-1060a but from experience I think this may be a near universal fix.


    I upgraded a family members HP PC to Windows 10 and found her microphone wasn't recognised. It seemed universal for all SoundMax cards on Windows 10.  The Windows 7 driver from HP (or otherwise) will not allow me to install it (even with normal work arounds.)
    Microsoft uses a generic driver and the microphone is no where to be found.
    It may look intimidating split into so many steps but it will take about two minutes in total.
    Ideally you will want your specific PC/Laptop manufacturer's driver (Acer/Asus/Dell etc.)
    In this case it's HP.
    Step 1.)
    Download SoundMax Windows 7 Driver 

    Step 2.)
    Download 7zip (Open Source) 0/52 detections on 


    Step 3.)
    Install 7zip (Double click on it, click "Install")
    Step 4.)
    Right click on downloaded driver file and extract using. "7zip > Extract to"
    Step 5.)
    Open device manager.
    Sound, video and game controllers >  High Definition Audio Device
    Update Driver > Browse my computer for driver software > (Select extracted folder with Windows 7 SoundMax driver in it.)


    Step 6.)


    Done. I even got a tidy "Successfull" window.


    My microphone is now in the "Sound" control panel box and under "Recording devices" when I right click the system tray icon. Skype recognises it etc.


    Leave comments with what specific desktop and laptop models this does or doesn't work for to help others.



    32bit SoundMax HD Driver from HP (I have not tested this method using the 32bit version)



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  • 11/06/15--00:07: v241p rotate
  • Hi

    I get a new display monitor vp241p.

    but the monitor cannot be rotate.

    Which stand I have to order in order to allow rotation ?



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    I have a HP 2311f monitor that connects to the Pavillion 6690d desktop computer.  According to the monitor specs, the native resolution should be 1920x1080 at 60hz.  The screen resolution was working fine until I switched to using the VGA port on my monitor with an adapter that connects to the DVI port on the computer.  The reason for the switch is because the DVI port on my monitor has stopped working.


    I realised that after the switch to the VGA port on the monitor, I'm having problems with the screen resolution.  The highest screen resolution  via the windows display option window is only 1600 x 1200.  If I use this option, my screen resolution is very fuzzy and blurr.  If I set it to 1280x1024, the text is bigger and clearer, but the aspect ratio isn't quite correct.  I have problems in viewing my photos as the subjects are stretched horizontally.


    Please advise if it is expected that a switch to VGA port causes this issue of screen resolution which I'm facing?  Do I have to replace my DVI port on my monitor to resolve this issue?


    Many thanks for responding to my queries.  

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  • 11/06/15--07:38: Microphone
  • Hello,

    i recently discovered a problem with my laptop. my microphone dosn't work, i never tried it before so i don't know if it didn't work from th begining!i installed all the proper drivers and softwares and yet it still dosn't work!

    in the settings menu its says that my microphone is working properly and its green yet when i try to record on the voice recorder application and try to play it back there is no sound what so ever!

    Please help

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    yesterday put in two new cartridges and printer will print on regualar paper but when I put in photo paper it jams and the back door of printer opens

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              The other day  I posted of  an issue I was having locating my disc buring software which came  with my computer as  the default CyberLink Media Suite.  But   I found it doesn't have the capability to burn videos  on a dvd disc.  I am interested in upgrading  to another software  that does.  


             When I go to program and features these are the  items  I have installed  in regards to CyberLink Media Suite. 


             CyberLink Label Print

              CyberLink Media Suite 10

              CyberLink  Photo Director

              Cyber Llnk power 2 go 8

              Cyber Link Power Director 10 

              Cyber Link Power DvD 


             Getting to the point.   When uninstalling  CyberLink do I need to remove all of the above mentioned features  and if so  will  my disc drive read the new installation disc to install the new program.  That is after the formers  are gone.  Or perhaps  leave   Cyberlink suite installed and  add the new program along  with Cyberlink and use each  side by side.   I was considering Nero  Platium 2015.  


                As easly seen I am a newbe to this and asking if someone can  please  further elaborate.    Thank you. 


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    My computer has been hesitateing when I am trying to type, 

    Notest it more on FaceBook and filling out Applications on line.

    It eighor won't type at first or stops in middle.

    Only had computer sense 08-15 just started to do it about a week ago.

    Please help am ready to toss it out window. 

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  • 11/06/15--12:54: DTS audio control
  • What is the DTS audio app for and why do I need it? Can I get rid of it?


    I recently bought a Deskpro with Win7 and I would like to have the standard Windows audio/speaker control app so it's the same as my other Win7 computers. There's no DTS in the uninstall list.


     - Poppps

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    I have no sound on my computer now.   I had sound on my pc when I first purchased it in 2005.  After a while I purchased some speakers to enhance the sound for music, etc. This worked fine for a year or so.  One day I suddenly had no sound thru the speakers, so I "pulled the plug" on the speakers and assumed I would have sound again thru the pc.  I have already tried various things, per some online instructions, but nothing seems to solve this.  Please help!

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  • 11/07/15--03:01: How to remove the stand
  • Hello!

    I would like to know how should I do to remove the stand from a L185x monitor?


    Rafael T.

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    I need help I have removed the audio driver in the accident with no backup and restore point, I downloaded my drivers at but drivers can not be installed, I had moved to the Windows 8 operating system, windows 10, windows vista and windows 7 again it still can not


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  • 11/07/15--11:14: Sound
  • I JUST got this computer and this "?" shows up at the bottom right-hand corner with a 'red' exclamation mark, reading that I needed to run HP Updates.  I did that, AND NOW I HAVE NO SOUND.  What is the PROBLEM? Nothing seems to be wrong with my speakers and the sound is showing no "X" through the speaker.  Can you help?

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  • 11/07/15--15:05: H8-1437c Video Card Upgrade
  • I am looking to upgrade the video card on my PC.  From the specs provided by HP the card that is already in the PC is a Nvidia GT 620 with Half-height low-profile bracket.  Does this mean that I am limited to half height video cards for the upgrade?  I am looking to upgrade to Nvidia GTX 960 or the Radeon R9 380.  Looking at the physical dimensions it seems as if both cards would fit.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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