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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 11/30/15--10:41: Re: Keyboard
  • my integrated audio is disable on the bios menu iv used all the keys on my keyboard but nothing seems to happen ,the integrated audio stil displays 'disable',i need help

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    I've tried to find the answer to this looking at the motherboard specs and on this forum, but so far I can't seem to determine if the Viking motherboards (x99) that come with the HP Envy Phoenix support the SLI configuration with two graphics cards in the two PCIe x16 slots, and if the GTX 960 that is shipped with the machine also support SLI configurations, and if so how do I get a second GTX 960 from HP...?


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    I recently purchased a GTX970 video card to upgrade my HPE-550f.  When I booted up my computer with the new card, it froze at the "Press ESC key for Startup Menu" screen.  I tried the card in my roommate's computer, and it worked fine.


    The only similar issue I can find online says that the GTX series might not be compatible with this motherboard, and suggests getting a different video card.  Is there a list anywhere of what video cards ARE compatible with my motherboard?

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  • 11/30/15--18:21: No video from pc
  • I've had my pc for about a year now. I'm not sure what the motherboard is but it came with an i5 3470 clocked at 3.2 ghz, 12 gb of ram, 2tb hard drive, nvidia Geforce gtx 960 and standard psu. I took my computer to my 55 inch tv and used it to play games on for a day. now I have put my computer back into my room on the moniter I've always used and there is no display. The computer seems to be starting up but there is no display. Ive already tried to see if everything was connected. Ive already tried to unplug, replug do all that stuff. Ive taken most of the stuff out of it so it runs just bare bones and that still doesnt work. it just seems like i do not get display anywhere on any screen i use. the computer lights up and everything seems to run okay. the HD light will come on for a split second when i first turn the pc on but then it goes away and and just runs. keyboard mouse doesnt work. bios doesnt come up. nothing. i could really use some help! 

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    The PC seems unable to boot when there are two monitors connected.

    One monitor is a touchscreen and is located 15m away (its in a classroom) the second is a local monitor connected on DVI through the displayport connection.

    Initially the second monitor was connected by VGA cable using the onboard VGA port, however it would not boot.

    We then changed this to use the second displayPort connection. We purchased a displayport to hdmi connector and ran an hdmi cable to see if this would help.

    Again the PC will not boot when both displayport connections are plugged in.


    If i unplug one of the connections the PC will boot fine, but this is not a suitable solution.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Video drviers are all up to date and so is the BIOS.



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    Hi everybody,
    I have updated the old pc of my son from Vista to Windows 10 Home 32 bit.

    Internet isn't working yet. (Have ordered some powerline adapters)

    The system doesn't recognise the HP2159v monitor yet. It see it as a normal monitor.

    Is there a possibility to download the drivers for the HP2159v for Windows 10 Home 32 bit somewhere? (I will do that on another pc obviously and put it on an usb stick then).

    Or do I have to wait till I have internet?



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  • 12/01/15--04:41: Dual monitor setup
  • Good morning,


    I am trying, incredibly unsuccessfully to set up two monitors to run from my desktop machine.


    The graphics are from the onboard card with DVI output and a VGA output. I have updated all the drivers and updated the BIOS


    AMD Radeon HD 7540D

    15.200.1062.1004 (03/08/2015)


    I can get a picture on one screen from VGA to VGA but cannot get a second screen to be recognised when I connect to it using a DVI to Display Port cable.


    I have tried one cable (DVI-Display Port) then a second (DVI - Display Port - active) and have switched the screens round but can only ever get a signal from the VGA port. Just trying to connect from DVI alone does not give a picture.


    It seems to me that the DVI port is not outputting a signal but I cannnot find where to enable this port.


    Please can someone help?


    Many many thanks in advance,


    Matthew Clarke

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    As factory configured, is the "HP Pavilion All-in-One - 23-p110z CTO" capable of supporting a second monitor?  I don't see ANY obvious 'video input' ports.



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    This PC is a few years old, it used to work fine but I stopped using it for a while. About six months ago I figured I would need to use it again sometime, so I tried booting it up but did not seem to connect to any monitors... I'd tried everything I had seen on the internet - holding the power button with the cord not plugged in, cleaning the dust off of the thing... then I just got my tech savvy friend to take a look and he said I needed a graphics card. So he brought one over, I paid him for it, and he put it in. The computer booted up fine, boy was I excited. Now I can use my computer whenever I need it right!! Nope...  A few months down the road, it is now current date, and I finally need to use the computer. I try booting up... same exact problem. Will not connect to monitors. Didn't I just fix the problem?? I am baffled that my computer could just stop working without me even using it twice.


    Do I need to spend $30+ on graphics cards every time I want to use my computer?? This is unacceptable. I'm not equipped with the tools required to give my computer surgery either... Can someone please give me a more plausible solution?

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    The video card in my Pavilion h8-1030 died and I need to find a replacement. If possible, I'd like to upgrade the card at the same time to the best possible card that would work on this system, within on total $350 budget.


    Being overly optimistic and with a big dose of wishful thinking I had actually ordered a MSO GeForce GTX 970 , but before it arrived I read that it will not work as teh BIOS version cannot be upgraded to version 8. So I am sending that card back as soon as it arrives.


    I am unable to buy a whole new computer at this time, so I'm going to have to settle for a new GPU (and PSU if needed).


    I don't game but I do use Adobe CC 2015 applications, mostly photoshop adn lightroom but ocasionally also premiere and in-design. Before failing the old card was struggling with certian photoshop functions and video editing was slow and frustrating. This is why I would like to upgrade the GPU.


    Motherboard H-RS880-uATX (Aloe)

    Processor AMD Phenom II X6 1090T

    Memory 10 GB

    BIOS, American Megatrends Inc. 6.12


    Is there a list of compatible GPUs?


    Thank you ever so much for your help.

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    There has been no sound in my headphones (there are no speakers attached) since upgraded to windows 10.

    The only aduio driver showing is NVIDIA HD Audio.


    I cant download the drivers from the ENVY page, because it days I dont meet the OS requirement.

    (It only has windows 8 drivers, not 10)




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  • 12/01/15--14:31: Cannot adjust my brightness
  • I have an HP Pavilion 23-g109c All-in-One desktop

    Was working fine until it was frozen.

    (I've had it for about 1year now)

    After that I have NEVER been able to adjust the brightness.  Control Panel, Display, there is no slider for brightness, and in settings it is no brightness adjuster.


    I have tried every fix that I could find on the forums and NOTHING WORKS!!!  All of my drivers are up to date.


    Also quality of playing video drastically went down. It is no more smooth. 



    please help

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  • 12/01/15--14:47: TV for a Proliant 320
  • I need to install a TV to a HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 Quad Core (3.40GHz 8MB), what TV can you recommend, I tryed some and doesn't match,


    Please HELP

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  • 12/01/15--16:17: DreamColor Z32x v-sync rates
  • While the user manual does leave room for user specified presets it is not clear to what extent the monitor can adapt to the input signal. From the manual QHD@24/30/60Hz should work properly. Can anybody already owning such monitor (or a knowledgeable technical person) confirm whether the Z32x can run QHD resolutions also at 25/48/50Hz v-sync rates?


    (a confirmation for Z27x is also valuable as it should be far more likely its bigger brother would do it as well)

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    not working batteries in speaker, What should I do on the adapter works well

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  • 12/01/15--20:23: no sound on my computer
  • I have a pvillion one in all 27 inch. I just bought yestertaday. the sound was working. but now today, it shows the sound is working 100 percent but no sound. I tried you tube and other stuff but here is not music coming out. please help me before i have to return this compter.

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  • 12/01/15--21:06: Trying to upgrade my PC
  • I have a HP Compaq 8100 elite CMT with an intel i5 processor and it is running windows 7 pro 64bit. I do not believe there is a graphics card in it because when i open it up, the slot where im pretty sure it should be is empty. I like to use this computer for gaming but when i play games like H1Z1 and CSGO i am not happy with the fps i get, almost unplayable. I would like to know what i should do to increase my fps, which i think is getting a graphics card, and i would like to know any recommendations for a cheap graphics card or any fix to my problem and more info about my situation

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    Where is the audio jack for external speakers located on the HP B&O Pavilion 27 inch all- in- one desktop?

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    I have my HP All-in-one Pavilion 20 desktop computer, which has 2 USB 3.0 and 4 2.0 but no VGA or HDMI output.

    My question is, - Can I really connect this PC to another monitors, I'd lile to intall 2 more so altogether they will be 3. 

    so, how can I do that? 

    It's been written in many answers on this site that "just get a USB-VGA" in my case it does not go too far, I need to connect at least one mone screen with HDMI output.
    How do I do it_ ?

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  • 12/01/15--23:02: Hp envy 750-114 3 monitors
  • I just purchased my computer and do not understand how to connect a 3rd monitor. I have two hdmi ports, with out third hdmi would I need an adapter to connect a third monitor? Thank you in advance.

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