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    I bought a HP 700-311na desktop pc running Windows 8 and my external speakers (Logitech Z-10) stereo speakers worked fine when plugged into the rear jack socket.  As soon as I upgraded to Windows 10 the sound was killed.  I've tried everything i.e. all diagnostics etc but still get no sound.  It's like the jack is not being detected.  Any ideas anyone?

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  • 12/14/15--08:50: Reset the on board sound
  •         I need to reset the on board sound, on my pc. My HDMI do not have a sound. Could someone show me how.

    I do not get sound in my headphones.

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    I purchased a brand new system and it arrived yesterday, in setting it up, I have a 5.1 Creative Labs speaker system (that worked perfectly in my previous HP media center PC) that I connected (using the Green, Black and Orange jacks on the back of the system).  Using the Bang and Olufsen "test" feature, I can hear sound coming from the "Front speakers" (Green connector), the Center and Subwoofer (Orange cable) no sound from the surrounds (Black cable).  The sound is HORRIBLE, crackling, low volume, just awful.


    If I switch the black cable (surround) to the white input (side speakers) I can hear sound from all 5 speakers, it's still horrible and very, very disappointing!  I spent over 4 hours on the phone last night with HP Support who told me, in conclusion, that my system does not support 5.1 sound, that I will only be able to use Stero (i.e., the green connector).  My case number is 3023344605, the discussion was just a mess.


    Can somone please suggest how I can get my sound working properly?  

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  • 12/17/15--05:50: HP ENVY Desktop - 750-114
  • I purchased an HP ENVY Desktop - 750-114 yesterday.  After getting it up and running, I noticed the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen has a red "X" over it.  I allowed windows to troubleshoot it but it responds it is not connected.  Doesn't this model have a speaker below the DVD drive?  How do I get this to work?

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  • 12/17/15--06:05: HP monitor problem
  • The volume on my HP W2072a monitor is weak. Is there anything I can do to increase it? My PC is a Pavilion 500 - 300z.

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    Made a clean install of windows 10 but dont know how to get the beats audio back.  Windows update installed basic drivers on its own.   I have my recovery disks but I dont know how to extract the beats audio drivers, or where to download them.    I am also having similar problems that others have as far as how to turn off multi stream.

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    i am unable to play tunein radio stations. there are no sound controls , it states loading audio devices.

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    my computers cd, dvd player wont play my music discx, why

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    I had to reinstall Windows 8.1 again. Windows 10 does not support this model or version.
    Now I have two little problems and want help me.
    The 1-Beats audio console can not recover.
    Note. For Beats audio console I downloaded the following Driver and has not been possible to achieve.
    SP58213, SP70787,61792 and 64878
    2- When you start the computer get an error (Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library)
    To coregir this problem I was told that I have to restart Windows 8.1 that again, and I did a deep scan with Avira Pro and still the same.

    Am I some of you can help?


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  • 12/17/15--20:14: Erratic Bluetooth connection
  • Okay, so here’s a problem that’s got me pulling my hair out ;-)


    I have an HP ENVY 700-027c Desktop running Windows 10 with an ASUS Bluetooth 4.0 dongle in a front-end USB that’s supposed to connect with an HP Roar Plus wireless speaker. When the computer starts, everything hooks up just fine, and, as long as I keep the speaker busy with audio output, the connection is stable. If, however, I stop sending signal to the speaker, the connection will time out within five minutes and I must restart the computer to reset the connection.


    When I investigate (soundless) operations through Device Manager or Playback devices, everything reports "operation normal", still, there’s no sound. I am running a wireless Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse out of a rear USB port, but everything I’ve read online suggests there’s no conflict there.  One thing I've been looking for but find scant info is: there's supposed to be an onboard Bluetooth service, but it's scanty (doesn't reach more than a few feet), and that's why I purchased the dongle. Still, no matter where I've looked, I can't find out how to disable it, or even if it might be causing the conflict.


    Anybody got any hints or suggestions as to what I might look into or try next?

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  • 12/18/15--11:55: no sound
  • i cant get no sound from my computer sometimes when i turn it on there is a red ball with a white X and i dont have sound, other times everything seems fine and i dont have sound i tried to uninstall drivers and reebot,update drivers download drivers online but nothing seems to work according to hp support assistant these are my devices AMD High Definition Audio Device and IDT High Definition Audio CODEC they seem fine, the rpoblem started sunddenly and been going on for almost a week non i cant find a similar problem anywhere and im suspecting it to be hardware anyone there has some idea,i would be really gratefull for your help

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    I have two front speakers plugged into the lime green speaker out and  one subwoofer plugged into yellow C/Sub out.  All three speakers worked on Windows 8.1.  Beats Audio was installed at the factory from the begining.


    I have gone to the Microsoft hardware control panel and configured the three  speakers, they all work correctly with the test tone.

    When I perform a similar test on the Beats control panel the subwoofer will not work, although the woofer icon lights up the test tone comes out of my front speakers. The beats panel shows the C/Sub outlet, if I remove the woofer plug it goes dark so it is "aware" of the connection but will not feed it.


    I tried upgrading the IDT High Definition CODEC driver. The sound did not work at all so I rolled it back.


    On the Beats panel I have tried the 5.1 and 7.1 setup. I have swapped the center/sub output and tried various speaker size configurations.


    I have also tried resets on both panels.


    Thank you



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    This is santanu, i got a problem with my laptop(model- Presario CQ62) having no sound from the system speaker and from the headphone. But when it is connected to the external speaker ,it works.

    Please give some suggestion,if anybody be familier with this problem.

    Thank you.


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  • 12/20/15--07:20: Windows 10 No sound
  • Hi

    I have upgraded from windows 7 to 10 and now have no sound. I have tried updating the sound driver which is up to date but still no sound. any ideas please

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  • 12/20/15--07:44: no sound hpe h-8 1287c
  • This computor came with windows 7 home and i installed windows 7 pro.

    it had some sound especially with music and internet programs and when you turn it off and on?

    it doesnt have a sound card but i pluged speakers from the back green plug and it had some sound.

    I have been trying to get more sound and was thinking you could get sound from the internet which a tech did whe i first got my computor.

    i have went through the seven steps so far to changing the bios which i would have to read up on this before i would try that?

    Maybe I will have to get a sound card or different speakers but i use to have some sound enough to get by  but i dont have any now?

    I might have messed something up but i dont know what?

    i dont have sound when testing?



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  • 12/20/15--10:26: Internal microphone
  • I disabled the internal mic on my HP Envy laptop, how to I enable it again because it disappeared from the list?

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  • 12/20/15--11:58: HP Wireless Speaker S6500
  • I just recently purchased this HP computer, which came with the HP Wireless Speaker S6500. The wireless speaker will only connect as the default audio when I restart the computer, and when it is not used for a certain amount of time (about a minute), it disconnects and will not reconnect unless I restart the computer again. When I try to make it the default audio, that is not a highlighted option.

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    I just purchased a new monitor which has built in speakers and is connected to the back of my PC via DP cable.  I am attempting to plug in my headphones into the front headphone jack but nothing happens... The speakers remaing the default and nothing is played through the headphones.


    I have attempted to "Troubleshoot" the issue which suggests making the headphones deault (which I've already tried) - when using the troubleshoot for this and selecting "Fix Issue" it fails with the following: "Audio Device isnt set as default - Not Fixed".


    When I go into Playback Devices my monitor is set as default device, and the headphones currently plugged into the front are set as Default Communications device.  When I attempt to "Test" the default communications device, sound is played through my headphones and not the monitor, however, whenever I attempt to set my headphones as "Default" nothing happens, no error message but the monitor always remains as the default device and no sound comes through the headphones unless I click "Test".


    I have a HP Envy 700 Desktop and have recently had issues with audio when I had it connected to standard TV Screen, as soon as the TV would turn off (due to auto-standby from inactivity on my PC), my PC would suddenly change the default audio device to "Digital Output (S/PDIF)" rather than my TV screen, I would then attempt to make my TV screen the default device but again, similar to the headphone issue, it would not let me change the default and I would hear absolutely nothing through this Digital Outpit (S/PDIF) 'device'. 


    This was the reason I bought a new monitor, in the hope to get around this issue, but now I've ran into this headphone issue which is very annoying as my monitor does not have a headphones jack so I can't even get around it via this method.  Also FYI, I have tried to disable my monitor speakers through "Playback Devices" but this just makes the abovementioned "Digital Output (S/PDIF)" my default device and I can hear nothing at all, with or without headphones.

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    I have 3 ports (audio ?) on the back of my HP 550-110 desktop.

    I know the green port is for speakers which I have plugged in and they work.

    But on either side of the green port there is a pink and blue port.

    What are they for ?

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  • 12/22/15--04:09: PC Speakers Suddenly Silent
  • My desktop speakers and headphones were working perfectly, then they went silent  The computer says they're "not plugged in," when in fact, they are plugged in. (The speakers also still work dandy when plugged into my phone.)  I followed the Windows 10 online support advice to upgrade my sound driver, but this did not work.  I chatted online with a Windows Support tech, who told me HP would have to service my sound card.  Is this true?  If so, how do I arrange for them to do that?


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