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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 01/10/16--10:13: SONY speakers on HP desktop?
  • Just set up my new system and tried to connect a set of speakers that came with my antique Sony.  Nothing.  Seems like they should work and they are sitting on a nice spon on my shelf.  Any way to connect and use these them?  


    Tried contacting HP Customer service............till waiting for a reply  ...........

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    I simply need to have someone tell/show me which ports on the back of this box are for stereo speaker output to a stereo speaker system?

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    I have a  S5780t Desktop that originally came with Windows 7.   After I installed the free Windows 10 upgrade,  the Beats Audio Control panel no longer works.    

    The panel does come up but you cannot adjust any of the values.   For example, you can move the equalizer buttons but they have no affect.   Clicking other radio type buttons immediate revert back when you attempt to change them.       The 'presets' box used to have stuff like Rock/Jazz/etc where as no it only has Custom.   This wouldn't bother me if the equalizer sliders worked.

    Sound is ok, however,  it's flat and I cannot adjust the sound characteristics.


    There seem to be a lot of similar postings but none that I fell were exact  so I will file this one.


    I did all the obvious things including updating the driver:

    - did a driver update to the IDT High Definition Audio (Codec)


    Revisions I have are:

    - IDT High Definition Audio Codec,  

       Driver Provider Microsoft

       Driver Data:   10/29/2015                          // originally was a 2010 version priort to updating the driver

       Driver Version:   10.0.10586.0


    Beats Audio:

      Verion 1.0.6400.0




    Any suggestions?



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  • 01/10/16--14:29: No audio through headphones
  • Hi, I just got Envy o014 23 AIO and upgraded to Win 10.  I cant get sound through my headphones or external speakers that I plug in that jack. I updated the Realteck driver but when I check it sill says the old version from 6/30/2015. The new driver version on the HP site is Rev.A from Jan 7/2016. I cannot seem to be able to install this one for somoe reason. I also tried uninstalling the Realteck from Device manager and after reboot only one channel of the headphones worked but after unplugging them and pluggin again , stopped working alltgether. I tried installing that new audio driver multiple times withou change. Any ideas?

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    I accidentally uninstalled my cyberlink power dvd software so I am unable to play DVDS. Is there any way to reinstall this for free , please?



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    Product Number : G4B25AA#ABA


    After playing my first DVD using PowerDVD my speakers on my HP vs 19 LCD screen is so low I can hardly hear them when playing music, watch youtube videos etc.


    The speakers are set to 100%


    IDT High Definition Audio CODEC


    the driver is the most recent:


     Driver Date:  5/8/2015


     Driver Version:  6.10.6504.0


     Advanced the speaker test works but low as well.


    DTS Audio the test speakers do not work?




    After I used the PowerDVD my speakers are now so low like at 40% of what they use to be at 100%.  Any help would be apprececiate.





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  • 01/11/16--10:17: hp6500 bluetooth speaker
  • my hp6500 bluetooth speaker hs no sound used to work not sure why lights are on makes a sound when switched on any suggestions

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    My computer will only pick up my headphones if I press them in really hard and hold it there. This happens with other plugs too so I know that it is not my headphones. Also, my computer was bought only 4 months ago, it's basically brand new. I just got it back from HP after having a failing hard drive and don't want to have to send it back again. Is this computer jsut a dud or is there some solution to this problem?

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    Im havin trouble after upgrading to win 10. the sound is crackly and my device does not show the correct sound card anymore but the generic high definition windows one. I cant find the correct driver on hp either as it only supports up to win 8

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    After upgrading to Windows 10 there is no sound in game mode via HDMİ in. I had noticed that Windows 10 uses a Windows 8 sound drivers, but when i try to install Windows 8.1 sound drivers it gives a installing error. Please help

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  • 01/13/16--04:11: Uscita audio da digital port
  • Buongiorno

    vi chiedo gentilmente di chiarirmi un quesito, esce l'audio attraverso la digital port dal pc HP Dc7900 ultra slim desktop.

    Ho provato ad aggiornare i driver e assetare l'audio senza avere risultato.

    Il pc riconosce la TV collegata ma non la identifica come periferica audio.

    Gentilmente mi indicate come posso risolvere il problema.


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  • 01/13/16--10:14: IDT Definition Audio codec
  • I tried to update it all it says is a error 0x800700f I have no sound.

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    Here is my problem, my HP Envy Phoenix desk top came with Beats Audio standard install, I installed a new Sound card the SoundBlaster Audigy 5/Rx installed fine but one of my audio editing programs says

    The audio card output could not be set to this sample rate: 44100 Hz

    Either the device does not support this sample rate, or it is in slave-mode and its sample rate cannot be changed by WaveLab Elements. So How can I tell if my new sound card is running in slave-mode and how do I change this? or maybe disable the Beats Audio Card?

    Thanks In Advance,




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    I upgraded to Windows 10 and now my audio on Skype does not work.  Under the audio settings it shows the Speakers as "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC",but under microphone it shows "None".  I don't understand How do I get the microphone back into operation?  Could you help please.

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  • 01/14/16--16:23: microphone 6460b
  • The simple solutions posted here in most cases will not work for the HP 6460b Probook. The problem is much deeper. It may have to do with a BIOS update that was applied. It also is clear that HP has no solution for this problem, and they are not planning to solve it for these laptops since they are over 2 years old. Is there an hp employee or tech advisor who agrees? My guess is the official hp workaround a new laptop. There is another possibility. Use Linux or other operating system instead of Windows, which you can find here:

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  • 01/14/16--22:27: webcam
  • I'm unable to use my internal webcam. I've tried everything and I need it for my online classes. In addition, I purchased another webcam and I'm unable to install the software because my disc reader doesn't work. Please help

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    i've bought some 280g1 microtowers, but on one of them doese not work external speakers, it recognizes

    them when i connect but does not work same with front speakers 

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    headphone broke off in port. is there a way to enable the speakers and the headphones @ same time or disable the headphone jack entirely?

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  • 01/15/16--08:49: Beats Audio Missing
  • Hello.

    My Beats Audio is nowhere to be found on my computer for some reason.


    I have a Pavillion p7-1247c with windows 10.

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    In October 2015 I was able to input signal from the phono output of my amp to record with Audacity.  Now, with the identical cables, etc., Line In is reporting "Not plugged in". I restored a system image from October 2015 and observed that Line In indicated that it was plugged in and was the default device.  However, I was unable to get any input from the amp.  I've since restored to a current image.


    There are other posts suggesting this is not an unknown phenomenon.  I've tried reverting the driver to no avail.  In fact, SP62736 (supposedly the original driver for this system) claims my (original equipment) hardware is incompatible!


    Please advise.

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