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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 01/25/16--01:27: soundcard
  • My PC has conflicts of perfomance in audio and communication betwen the B&O play, the realtek HD and the windows media player. I just bought this system to use it mainly with 2 or 3 music programs like the Reaper and Studio One.

    My pc crashes often due to sound drivers conflicts and I have to rebot to get it fixed.

    I am supposed to have a 5.1 sound system, but there is only one stereo mini plug for main speakers on the back, plus the earphone output in the front. So, where do I connect my back speakers and subwoofer?

    What kind of motherboard do I have in this unit? it is not in the specs.

    Is there a way to bypass these sound cards and get a good external card?

    Thanks a lot


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    I bought an All In One PC 23-r102a, I am wondering if I would like to use voice recording, do I need to buy an external microphone? I remember, at the first time using it, I did not need a microphone but I still could talk via facebook but now I can not. Thank you

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    I have recently purchased an HP 450a114 computer.  I am unable to obtain sound when using skye.  What do I have to do to allow sound to come from my computer to my Sony TV

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  • 01/27/16--06:38: lcd speaker bar
  • I have an HP PROMO V241 23 6 iin LED Bcklit monitor mfg part #E568A8 ABA.


    My monitor is not on the list of compatable monitors.  Will the HP LCD Speaker Bar mount on the back of my monitor using the screw holes on the back is designed for the desk stand?



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  • 01/26/16--09:37: No sound on HP desktop
  • The sound on my computer does not work. I checked the driver and updated it in the control panal and it says it is working properly but still no sound. Can I uninstall and reinstall a sound driver? Or can I download another sound driver to this computer? The sound driver is made by Microsoft - High Definition Audio Deivce, driver version 601.7601.17514 dated 11/19/10. A new motherboard was replaced in 2013. The sound has not worked before the new motherboard or after it was installed. Any help in getting my sound to work will be greatly appreciated. My computer was bought in 02/2007.


    Thank you,


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  • 01/27/16--13:00: Low Volume Via Headphones
  • hi got the 550-175NA Desktop Saturday and connected the my in ear headphones via the front Port but the volume is Low


    i have tried


    Updating the Driver

    Changing to a Realtek Driver

    rolling back the driver

    messing with B&O play settings

    tried all the Frequency Settings ie 16 and 24 Bit

    there is no Enchancement Option with the 2 Hp Drivers and the realtek had enchancement option but this again does nothing


    Under Device manager is Says Realek High Definition Audio


    Can anyone Suggest Anything




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  • 01/28/16--12:47: audio problems
  • My audio has not been working since upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10

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  • 01/28/16--16:42: Audio cutting out
  • My audio keeps cutting out on my:

    HP ENVY 23-d044 TouchSmart All-in-One Desktop PC

    Model #: H4A37AA


    It will work for awhile and then all of a sudden shut off.  Sometimes if I open another audio program, that will get it working again.  Othertimes, it won't come back on at all even after a system restart. I am running Windows 10 but not sure if its 32 or 64 bit. 

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  • 01/29/16--16:08: No Sound
  • Sound has stopped working.

    Was working fine for weeks after upgrade to Windows 10.

    I have removed the device in Device Manager deleting driver. Added back.

    No sound from rear connector or front (headphone) jack. Have tested with several speakers and headphones.

    Have a monitor with Display Port which has sound and that works just fine.

    Checked default sound device, that's fine.


    Could sound board be bad? Is it in the motherboard?


    Any ideas?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I am getting no sound from my Envy 20-d011(Windows 8 64-bit). I have uninstalled the  audio diver and reinstalled it but it still has not work. This is what I continue to get even if I reinstall it. Does anyone have any idea what else I can try to do?



    Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

    {Unable to Load Device Driver}
    %hs device driver could not be loaded.
    Error Status was 0x%x

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  • 01/30/16--11:30: Audio Output
  • I have installed Nividia Getforce 210 graphic card in my system but it shows an error with my audio output, it says Audio Output Device is not found but when I remove my graphic card the Audio Device is enabled. Not with this graphic card but also with any graphic it shows the same problem.

    Kindly tell me the Solutions of this.!! 

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    My speakers are Logitech S315i,  5.1 surround system.  The sound card is Beats Audio (tm) intergrated studio quality sound.  After upgrading to windows 10 from 7 I get very good sound , but only from the two front side speakers.  Center and two rear, nothing. Base?  Driver version, 10.0.10586.0  Dated 10-29-2015.  Any ideas would be appreciated.



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    I do video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, and I've noticed that whenever a vocal track is playing, the volume of the other tracks are reduced, such as background music. This makes it difficult to do proper audio balancing, since I am getting an "enhanced" output.


    I have already turned off the setting for when Windows detects communication activity, which should not even affect this as this is not a communications issue.


    I cannot find a setting in the B&O Play application to disable this feature.




    EDIT: I may have found a workaround in the registry, to disable what was once called "Loudness Equalization", but I'd still like to know if there's an easier way to disable this feature without having to guess at random registry keys.

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    after upgrading from ubuntu to windows 10 after i built my computer i ran into one problem... my headphones dont work anymore! (yay). now i know the fix to this problem you update the drivers on your audio system through the device maniger, and i did just that but even after that my headset will not work with windows 10 no matter where i plug it into. (it wont even show up)... well i may have been lying... ONLY the microphone portion works with windows 10. so if there is any fix to this weird problem please tell me. (in case it is nessicary im using earforce x12 turtlebeaches)

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  • 01/31/16--08:10: No sound HP NOW monitor
  • I just bought a computer yesterday, and have discovered that the only sound I get out of it is when I plug in earphones.


    Do I have to buy separate speakers to get sound that everyone can hear? I thought the sound was supposed to come from my monitors, but no joy.


    Thanks for any help!


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    Dear Sir


    We are having few desktop refurbished HP computers.

    On our HP Compaq dc 7800 Convertible Minitower we tried several times to install the audio drivers.


    We found the product on your website support center at:



    The surprise was that no drivers for utilities like sound or video were found there.

    Are there any sound drivers for this computer available for Windows 7 (64-bit)?


    The motherboard seems to be:

    Hewlett-Packard 0AACh

    The serial number for the product is:



    Thank you very much for support

    Kind regars




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  • 01/31/16--16:15: CD/DVD ROM
  • Hi, I buy cd's and install them on the Windows Media Player. About three weeks ago I tried to rip a cd to my libriary . After I put the cd in the drive, ther option to rip never came up. I tried another cd and had the same problem. I tried to burn a cd as well and media player asked me to install the drive for a burner. I don't know what happened. Can you help me with thisd. I looked in the programs and can't see the software there. I tried some of the troubleshooting answers here but I have Windows 10. Thanks.

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    I use external audio facilities for Webinars.  How do I connect my phone to my laptop to record the audio with the webinar recording?  Can anyone help?

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    I have an HP Envy Touch Screen and I hooked it up to an HP 25vx IPS Monitor via an HTMI Cable. It works fine except that the text is a bit blurry. I have tried to download the driver but I am not certain if I was sucessfull. I have also tried adjusting the resolution to no avail.  


    Is there anything I can do? I suspect my video card simply doesn't have what it takes to create clear lettering? 


    Note that on my computer screen the text is clear. 

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    I cannot get beats audio working via front speaker headphone jack following upgrade to windows 10. Can you provide a link to the relevant drivers please?


    Error Message from windows update :


    • IDT - Audio Device - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - Error 0x8007001f

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