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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 09/28/16--17:53: Beats Audio Software
  • I recently updated to the newest Windows 10 update and it has removed Beats Audio. I called, and they said to visit here. I would greatly appreciate a link to download the Beats Audio or some other support.

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    I am trying to determine which type of 3.5mm audio plug to put into the front panel connector for using headphone with a microphone to do video communications.


    could be - sleeve, ring and tip (mono sound and microphone)


    could be - sleeve, ring, ring, and tip (stereo sound and microphone)


    Have read through the manuals and nothing is said about which type audio connectors.pdfto use.

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    Since windows 10 anniversary update our headphones are not working. Speakers appear to be find but on plugging in the headphone jack nothing happens.  Speakers remain with volume and no sound in headphones. Any help as we heavily relp on headphone use.   


    I'm seeing an option for Speakers/Headphones

                                                     IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

                                                     Default Device






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    About one week ago from today's date my computer automatically updated from W8.1 to W10, and since then the audio speaker sound quality has noticeable dissipated.  Previously, I enjoyed a listening to music with a stereo sound quality, and since the update the sound quality mimics a transistor radio (AM).  I have went into the device manager; scanned for hardware updates; uninstalled and reinstalled the driver; changed the sample rate and bit depeth within the Playback devices tab; reached out to MS for answers.  Unfortunately, nothing is working and I believe the solution is to update the sound card from the Manufacturer.  I have input my model type in the HP support and driver download section, but I do not know which specific software to choose?  Also, I have referred to my HP assistant icon and it tells me everything is update to date for my device.  Hopefully, someone out there with experience can give me the proper directions to solve the issue. I have searched the HP support forum, and I see there are others who have had a similar experience.  Thank you in advance.



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    I Upgraded to Windows 10 in late June. I've never used my cd/dvd player, but when I attempted to, it did not play my cd. I also realized I had NO Audio when I played YouTube Videos, nor when I was  watching videos on FaceBook, nor any other website. Yesterday, while attending a GoToWebinar, I was given a choice of Audio Format, and I got SOUND!!! However, I could not repeat that success on YouTube, etc. I've been using the Earphone Jack in the Top Front of my Envy Tower. I do get Audio if I plug into a Rear Headphone Jack, but I want to know what's the Problem with the Front Jack, and my CD Player. I tried Updating my Audio Drivers, and anything else I could find, both on Windows And HP Support. Please: HELP!

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  • 09/30/16--08:07: Beats audio problems
  • Hello,


    Last month I had an update on my laptop, after the update showed that the sound through the headphone output that goes sounded worthless to my stereo. (This was good before the update) I arranged the sound always using the beats audio program what standard was on my laptop. But after the update program was it gone ??? I think this is the cause of the less lovely sound from my headphone jack.
    Who can help me with beats audio program again to get on my laptop? (Maybe it is still on, I need to turn it on maybe ??)
    Thanks in advance!

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    I have an issue with my audio failing when I wake my PC up.


    On initial start up the audio works perfectly. Once the pc is left to go to sleep and is then woken up the audio fails .

    I have no sound at all. The only way I can get itback on is to disable and then re enable the audio drive or restart the PC .


    I have a samsung SD27D590 monitor with Built in speakers connected via the speaker jack at the back of the PC.


    This has been an issue since I bought my PC 8 months ago.


    Is this an inherent problem  with windows 10  or do I need to look at my warranty.


    Thanks for any advice that may come my way



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  • 09/30/16--12:52: Lost beats audio
  • Updated to Windows 10 from 8.1 and everything seemed to go ok.  There was some kind of update sometime later after the install and it removed my Beats audio. How or can i get it back?   I have looked and tried a few suggestions (most everything is for notebooks) but no success.  Might be a rumor but did Mac buy out Beats Audio and is that why nothing works now?  I do not have Realtek software (i did a complete seach on my PC) so anything with that solution does not work.   Any other alternatives to improve the sound quality?   Alot of question but i need some help.



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    Hello all. having a big problem with my audio not getting any sound at all. it keeps giving me the message and i have tried downloading all kind of drivers nothing works. even been on you tube. 

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    Dear HP Community,


    I'm facing an issue and so far I did not find a solution for my all-in-one computer.

    The speaker works, however, the headphones aren't working.


    It used to work perfectly, but now the signal sent to the headphones is very low while speakers are working like the headphone were not plugged.


    Any support would be greatly appreciated.





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  • 10/02/16--11:07: no internal speaker sound
  • I purchased this desktop earlier this year.  I have updated my BIOS and sound drivers and still no sound from the internal speakers, even after restart?! Does this model even have any? So frustrating...

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    Helo! I have an HP Envy and since window 10 32 bits update I wasn't be able to have audio reproduction. After downloading de Realtek driver from Realtek page, could only solve the audio with external controller such as speakers and headphones, but still not able to use the computer speakers, so I decided to download the driver from your page but is not available for windows 10, so I ask you for some help in order to recover the complete audio function.




    HP Envy, Realtek, audio controller, Windows 10, 32 bits

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    Recently my PC has started playing audio through both my headphones and speakers while the headphones are plugged in.  I am trying to get it back to the point where it plays just through headphones while they are connected.

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  • 10/06/16--16:04: Recovery of music library
  • I in error set Iturnes as my default and it removed my husbands Music Library in Windows media player and now I cant find all of his music files that he downloaded.   How do I recover this library? 


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    The HP website claims the 510-a010 has 5.1 channel audio.  I have a logitech z506 system properly connected to the 3 jacks in the rear panel.  All I can get is stereo.  I think I need to reconfigure the back panel jacks but do not know how.


    Have tried several drivers - current version is, but all drivers on HP site have same issue.


    Any ideas?  Thanks


    The following text is from the HP spec page for this model.


    Audio Codec: ALC3863-CG
    High Definition (Azalia) 5.1 channel audio support
    Audio jack presence detection

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    So the Beats Audio Control Panel does not open. I search it up on start menu and it says, "Windows is searching up for IDTNC64.cpl. To locate the file yourself, click Browse." How do I get it back?

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    I have a problem when I Try to add a Legacy hardware were it errors and says "Invalid access to memory location" anyone here knows the solution?

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    audio sounds terrible and the EQ don't work in the beats program

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    Currently I am fuming with frustration because last night I noticed that my Beats Audio Control panel was missing and when I searched for it in the start menu it said the shortcut was lost. I searched these very forums and received advice to completely uninstall the IDT Audio driver, restart, and let Windows Update reinstall the driver. However, when I came back to my computer tonight, Windows Update did not find any updates and I have no sound driver, therefore, no sound. Since I am on Windows 10, HP has chosen to not create a driver on their website for my specific computer beyond Windows 8.1. Could someone please help me out, I have already made the decision that I will never buy a prebuilt computer ever again let alone an HP but to make this one last a little longer can someone please tell me how I can get my IDT Audio Driver back as well as the Beats Audio Control Panel on Windows 10 64 Bit for the HP Envy Phoenix h9-1330.


    Thank you.

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    speaker icon will not adjust speakers. just happened overnite

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