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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 10/17/16--04:40: driver for internal speaker
  • Please read this conversation because it describe my problem too:



    The only difference is that on my desktop (dc 5800 small factor) the ID for “unknown device” in Device Manager is:





    “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) The installation of this device is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver”.  


    When I try to update the driver with DI High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver for Microsoft Windows 7 (International) downloaded  from (for dc 5800 small factor) the message is: “Windows could not find software driver for your device”.


    Please help! Thank you!



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    I've looked everywhere for the driver and can't find please help hardware I'd PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_7012&SUBSYS_2A05103C&REV_A0

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  • 10/17/16--09:39: Low profile sound card
  • I have a 8300 Elite SFF and am looking for a low-profile sound card with coaxial output so that I can use it on my boston sound set which has a coaxial input. I have searched without success.



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  • 10/17/16--23:43: WU718AV
  • I have  this computer since March 2011. I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 8 & to Win 10. Recently, it all crashed and the Tech I took it to reinstalled Win 10, but my sound is not working as no driver has been installed.


    I had WU718AV and 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 5570.

    I have no sound at all and don't know where to find the driver.


    I noticed BeatsKey (Lynx KB/Ela - EA LB726AV#ABA HP Wireless Keybord ECO included.


    I have a new Logitech Solar Keyboard now. Would Logitech have a solution?


    I am fising to reactivate my Sound.

    I like this old Desktopo with 12 GB RAM & 2 TB HD.


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  • 10/18/16--08:12: SOUND

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    i had trouble with my computer getting windows back up now i have no sound have tried fix it and have no luck it says no sound hard wear installed i looked on hp to see what i can find no luck yet any sugestions to get my beats audio back up

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    Here is the audio that I have on my computer: IDT 92HD65C 

    Looking at the device manager, I see that the driver date is 11/7/2013.  Where can I find updated drivers for this?

    The driver version that I have right now is 6.10.6496.0

    Is there ever a good reason not to update the audio drivers?

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    Hi guys,


    I study computer science and some weeks ago I installed Ubuntu on my notebook (dual boot). I find all the drivers more or less. I have the problem only with the beats audio drivers beacuse all the guides on this forum or howewer on the web in general, are very old. I follow a guide but the result are not so good and I need to have a good audio to programming! Smiley Happy


    How can I solve this problem?



    A screen of audio settings!

    Schermata del 2016-10-19 17-38-37.png

    Schermata del 2016-10-19 17-38-41.png

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    Hi, after a recent Window's update I have been losing sound when streaming TV.  It wasn't an issue before.


    Initially the sound cut out after about 30 minutes and now it's after about 10!  I have run the troubleshooter but it didnt identify any problems.  If I close the site down and leave it for half an hour I will have sound again - but it cuts out after 10 minutes again.  Very frustrating!  No error messages.  Occassionally I will get intermittent sound - like someone is switching volume up and down - but it's intermittent and this has just been since the update too.  No other issues.


    I'd be very grateful for any help to resolve this.


    Many thanks 



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  • 10/20/16--11:41: speakers are cracking
  • speaker crackling when video or speaking occures

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    I still can hear audio form internal speaker eventhough I use headset. I've try solution for beats audio, but my PC couldn't find the audio beats control panel. Plus there is no notification appear when I plug in the headset. Please help me.


    Product No: E9U84AA#UUF



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  • 10/21/16--00:01: NO AUDIO WITH HDMI CABLE
  • Hi team - I've had this new 550-114a tower for a week. It's connected with an HDMI lead, and for the life of me I can't get any audio.


    I'm a techno numpty - but have followed what I can find online. But the HDMI output is showing greyed out (not connected), so I can't set it as a default.


    Any ideas thatmight help?



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  • 10/21/16--03:18: HP w1907 Monitor problems
  • Please my monitor HPw1907 turns off the sound when windows 10 turns off the display. so if you are listening to music, the sound  is too.  touching a key on the keyboard or the mouse turns on the monitor as well the sound. I look the biso configuration settings in the lcd display and did not find any option to keep alive the monitor speakers. IS there a new bios version for this monitor?.

    Thank you in advance

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    I have the HDMI input on this computer and when I plug in an external source (PS4) it will display the video fine but absolutely NO AUDIO. I've done extensive searches online and can't find a single work around for this issue. HDMI video/audio is a basic function of these ports so it should work as advertised.


    Can anyone shed any light on how to get the audio to come through the HDMI input? Thx

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  • 10/21/16--15:31: No sound on my speakers
  • Hello. to tell you the truth I'm not sure if my computer is 32 bit or 64. Anyhow I have no sound on my spekers .When I hover over the speaker icon it says no audio device installed. Now the speakers were working fine in Windows 7 but I installed Windows 10 and they stopped working .I took the computer into the shop and they fixed it . I then tryed to go back to windows 7 because I am used to it by System restore but it didnt go back for some reason , my computer is still using windows 10  now my speakers dont work again

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  • 10/22/16--05:24: No audio after recovery
  • I had to do a recovery on my puter. It was the recovery where I didn't lose my files. For some reason my soundcard got lost in the process. I have a red X by the speaker on the bottom right of my screen. I tried to fix it using the process when prompted but to no avail. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Was already running Wind 10 via upgrade. Computer got sluggish slow opening files. Reinstalled windows and everything else that was giving problems works fine. Except it says no speakers.  In device mgr there are no flags.  Driver is installed.

    If you look IDt high defintion codecs it says that there are no drivers installed. Not sure if there is suppose to be. It went to the bios and ran the audio test and it works fine. Need some help.


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    I have an audio problem, then before upgrading to Windows 10 or the anniversary update the audio working properly after updating I noticed right away that the sound is crackling
    this problem it is tied to the bass it
    for example it happens when I'm watching a video on youtube and step to another video without pausing the video the other videos that I will see will have this problem of crackling and the only way to "solve" this problem is to stop Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation (audiodg.exe).
    But after the problem recurs. happens very often and it is very annoying my sound system is IDT DTS Sound + I tried to reinstall the drivers with the latest version and I also formatted the pc but no dice the problem persists ...
    I only noticed that the problem is more "feel " when the bass setting is higher or when I change the audio setting to my liking
    especially the problem plaguing the 62Hz and 125hz channels
    I kindly ask for help has also become really annoying because without my custom settings is really horrible.

    Also here are not the only one with the same problem since it's full of people who complain, please push the update to sp71717 driver to a solution.


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    when i try to burn music from itunes on to a blank cd it makes a loud sound like a chain saw and it vibrates i dont download i stop it cause it scares me that something is going to break what is this ? 

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    I recently did a restore on my desktop. When everything was said and dont I have no sound and I have a little red x on my speaker icon on my taskbar. Ive tried everything I have read on this forum to re install it and what not and I still have nothing.  every time try to install a driver i get this message.  I have control over the volume but I have no sound.  windows error.PNG

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