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    Hey guys.  Today my Skullcandy Slyrs broke, and I've got my backup Skullcandy Ink'd headphones here to game with.  I've tried every possible combination for default device on playback and capture, as well as communication device and while I've gotten sound to work (despite that not working for about an hour) I can not get this mic to work.  I've tested it already and it works with other devices, I've done all the possible defaults (which was horrible as my computer says I have 5 mics yet I'm using only 1 and have disconnected devices off.)  I've done the "install generic audio device" solution to replace the IDT audio codec, yet didn't have the right options listed because apparently HP just can't have anything be the same on every computer to make things easy, yet I did install both options for other drivers on the computer and neither made any of my 5 ghost microphones work.

    I have spent about four hours of my day working on this, and I am in desparate need of my microphone.  I'm about ready to offer a paypal reward for whoever fixes HP's god-awful mess on my computer (how is there 5 microphones and 4 audio devices when only one audio device is connected, and why can't I plug my headphoens in and have them work like everyone else?)


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  • 10/24/16--15:38: speakers
  • have an older computer that I upgraded to windows 7 and now my origional speakers are not working and its saying I have no audio driver installed


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    Since upgrading to windows 10, the rear audio jacks does not work. Since this is a media computer, not having the surround sound system working is frustrating.


    The left front jack works. The rear jack stopped with Windows 10

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  • 10/25/16--15:48: hpenvy23 all in one
  • My HP evny is making a buzzing noise which is coming from the left side of the notebook. What should i do?

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  • 10/26/16--00:08: microphone
  • my microphone mutes itself and i  everytime i unmute it in like 1-2 min it mutes and i have tried unistalling the sound driver and reinstalling it doesnt work i have tried everything i can think i payed 200 for my mic and i cant use it except to hear music

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    Brand new laptop, sound keeps fading then getting really loud when it stays on 100. I can barely her it then painfully increases. I need help. What can I do ?

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  • 10/26/16--11:21: Muffled sound from speakers
  • Since an update, the sound has been muffled when any sound is played from my laptop.


    Any advice?


    Thank you

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  • 10/27/16--16:52: no sound driver
  • No audio output device installed.  There is no driver for the IDT high definition audio CODEC. If I right click on the speaker icon and click playback devices it states there are no audio devices installed. I have tried to install the driver but it says it is not supported.

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  • 10/27/16--18:44: no sound
  • I have a HP Modle H3L17AAR that was running windows 10 with no problems till AI got Mal ware tech help had me reboot the computer and I have not had any sound sence then. I can find a driver but the computer tells me it has a problom loading the driver I need a fix or the type of sound board I need to buy to get sound

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    I downloaded the software from a link in an older post for beats and now i have a different problem 

    i now cannot here music with my head phones the head phone jack dont work and i do not now what to do 

    help please 

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    Since Windows 10 upgrade sound does not work.  I have tried restarting the computer and updating drivers but I am getting a message that says "A device attached to the system is not functioning."


    Speaker on task bar has red x.


    Help please!

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    I ran a system diagnostic and received the following two failure ID codes: 
    I was unable to locate a cross reference listing to these codes online. 
    Can anyone please advise me which each code means? 

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  • 10/29/16--11:00: Sound Card Make & Model
  • Can anyone tell me who the manufacturer & model number would be for the sound card in the above desktop?  I've searched the HP website and internet, but cannot find any reference to this. 



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  • 10/31/16--12:32: USB Sound Card Adapter
  • The internal sound card for the above computer, which is part of the motherboard, no longer works.  I have been told that instead of replacing internal parts, I can simply purchase a USB Sound Card Adapter, plug it into an open USB port, and that my speakers will work.  Can anyone confirm that this is correct?

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  • 11/02/16--20:14: Audio drivers
  • Recently I did a clean install of windows 10 pro onto my HP Compaq 8200 Elite Convertible Minitower PC I am not having an audio issue that I have not ever had to deal with before.  Normally under the audio's diabled items there is atleast one option that will let you record nothing but the streaming / browser audio, like when using Audacity.  This option is missing now.  I thought that it was simply a missing driver untill I did a hardware check and it didn't find anything.  also the only options on the drivers drop downs for this machine has nothing for windows 10.  8 is the best they have for any type of drivers.  ANY IDEAS?  I use this feature a lot.

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  • 11/05/16--16:31: Audio Problem
  • I purchased a brand new computer on October 11th. It is a HP All In One 27. Since then I have had a problem with my sound and I cannot resolve it.


    The sound crackles a bit when I watch youtube or use windows media player or listen to anything other than Apple ITunes. I have checked all the drivers, they are up to date. I uninstalled and reinstalled the realtek drivers. I tried connecting external speakers, the speakers gave the same sound too. The real problem is anytime I move the mouse around, the problem is the worst.


    I dont understand why ITunes sounds fine even with the volume all the way up, but everything else crackles like mad.


    I think there is something going on, but the mouse makes the problem worse.


    I really dont know computers other than to operate them. What is the difference between realtek and bang olufsen? What should I be using?

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  • 11/05/16--18:18: recording speaker sound
  • I am unable to record speaker sound on any of the software I have for recording audio.  The microphone records OK but the speakers don't, regardless of which input settings I use.    I have used mainly audacity and Voice recorder.   Blueberry express recorder will record microphone OR speakers but not both.

    Internet is ADSL via ethernet cable.

    The tech people at BB suggested HP have a blocking mechanism that prevents microphone and speaker recording

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  • 11/06/16--08:54: audio driver problems
  • Ever since I upgraded my computer to windows 10 last year I've been having audio driver problems.  There are no windows 10 drivers at all to install from the HP website. The original sp55652 windows 7 driver will not install so I have been using the sp70787 windows 8 driver but this causes system instability.  Quite frequently the audio driver will crash the computer and make it unresponsive to the point that I have to do a hard reset.  This happens at least every 2 days but sometimes multiple times a day.  I know this is the problem because I've eliminated every other possibility.  If i use the generic windows 10 audio drivers the sound is terrible and the front headphone jack doesnt work.


    Any suggestions?

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  • 11/07/16--09:52: HP Compant 2.0 Speakers
  • I just installed these new HP 2.0 compact speakers today but they making a buzzing sound.  Any way to fix this?

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