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Desktop Audio topics

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    My Beats Audio Card quit working after Windows 10 upgrade on my Pavilion p7-1227c.

    I get only 2-channel stereo but the 5.1 audio card no longer works. 

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    Is it possible to just replace the on/off volume control?  The switch will not hold the on position.  Thank you. 

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    Model 27-k150xt (HP Envy 27) with   IDT High Definition Codec.


    I updated to Windows 10 pro from Microsoft when the upgrade was free about 5 months . version 1607 build 14393.576.  I never noticed the issue until yesterday.


    Plug in a headset known to be working fine on other Windows 10 devices, but sound continues from desktop as well as headset.   Other headsets produce the same results.   I know this was not an issue when desktop was windows 7.


    * Tried steps online for setting default to headset. No luck. 


    * HP site says my drivers are up date. 


    * I've tried installing a driver for IDT I found online, but says I'm already up to date

     when I run it or that not compatible with my hardware.


    * Windows Update is current.


    Worth it to pay for HP help?


    Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated.



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  • 12/22/16--01:54: Externalspeaker connection
  • How do I connect external Bose speakers, speakers are about 10 yrs old with plug in jack.

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    I have two great computer speakers that use digital output.  The Omen Desktp 870-130vs offers only analog.  Is there room to put a sound card in the unit and is there a how to video?

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    The speakers are CONSTANTLY making a clicking sound and the audio skips when clicking noise happens...which is every other second. I have disabled sound drive -- it works but no sound. I then unistalled and reinstalled the driver -- no luck. Most troubleshooting guides say to unplug speakers but I can't they are internal and there is nothing new or additional on this computer.


     I have troubleshooted everything that HP suggests and it just keeps ticking...I am being driven mad with this incestant ticking noise -- please help!!!

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    Hello there,


    I recently bought a HP Pavilion 23-q105na all-in-one PC, but from the moment i turn the computer on there is a random clicking sound, like a dripping sound, it is so annoying, I've tried everything to get rid of this sound, and i cannot get through to HP post sales.


    Please help!!!



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  • 12/23/16--10:31: HP Wave Microphone
  • Internal microphone will not get acknowledged, got this unit to work with Cortana.  No go without mic working!  Downloaded all the latest drivers, two reboots, still no mic.

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    How do you install a microphone to this computer and what cables do I need?

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    so last year I foolishly upgraded my windows 7 with the free windows 10 upgrade after doing that I didn't notice that my beats audio driver & software interface were gone, today I wanted to adjust my audio settings, but my BA isn't there, is there a link here on HP site where I can re DL the software & driver?

    I've looked around & come up blank

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    Trying to plug a 4 pin headset into the headphone jack so can chat online.  I can hear my friends but they can't hear me. Also while my headset is plugged in, I can hear them perfectly but it creates an echo for them. I have tried 2 different 4 pin headsets and the same problem occurs but the headsets function correctly when plugged into xbox one or iphone.


    The pc has a headphone jack and a microphone jack but does not have a headset jack so don't know whether I need new headphones or whether there is a way of connecting my existing ones which are meant to be pc compatible.

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    Hi guys,


    I recently got a new pc. the HP Compaq 6005 Pro Small Form Factor PC. What I've realized is that the headphone quality is rather poor when I listen to music or watch videos. The same headphone sounds great on my previous laptop. The model of this laptop was:  HP dv7 2250ed. I don't know much about computers or laptops, but could it be because of the soundcard? Could the soundcard in my HP laptop be much better, which makes the quality better?


    If so, what could I do to improve the quality (an amplifier maybe?)



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  • 12/27/16--11:08: Speakers not working
  • I have an HP Pavilion Slimline that came with harman/kardon speakers.  They no longer work.  The troubleshooter tells me the device is not plugged in, when it clearly IS plugged.  However, the troubleshooter also thinks the device is a "headset" -- so is there a setting somewhere that has gotten changed?


    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Updated my Raedon driver after reboot lost all sound.  After reinstalling the sound card and audio input output and updating all the drivers I still cannot get sound from my speakers.  When I go into the sound from control panel I cannot choose the speaker and it uses the digital output as the default device.   Speakers show they are not plugged in and I cannot manage any of these devices.  I am stumped and not sure what else to try.  All drivers have been updated and I can"t configure or manage any playback device.

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    I just bought a HP Pavilion 23-q105a, which run on Windows 10. The last PC also ran on Windows 10.  I want to record my vinyl records. 


    On the last PC, I had the turntable connected to the mixer and then connected to the PC. I also had two sets of speakers attached for output.


    The old PC had a microphone socket as well as a headphone socket. The new PC only had a headphone socket so I bought a Dynamode USB Sound Card 7.1 adapter.


    I haven't changed the configuration of the cables, but I did check them over to ensure that everything is working as it should.


    So, I can't configure either of the sets of speaker and there is no audio coming through from the turntable/mixer.

    All drivers are up to date, as far as I have been able to check. I should add that the Dynamode support page seems to say that the software is compatible for up to Windows 7, but I am pretty sure that the packaging said it was compatible for Windows 10.


    It would be tremendously helpful to have a step by step guide as if I were a complete idiot/novice. Can anybody help?


    Thanks in advance


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  • 12/28/16--18:47: HP 6510f Desktop PCI
  • Can I use a PCI audio card in my PC?

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  • 12/29/16--10:33: Speakers / Head Phones
  • Why do my speakers still play when I plug my head phones in?

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    My all in one Envy PC desk top keeps mutting it self there are check mark on the realtec audio box when i pull it up microphone ,sterio,speakerphones all have a check mark beside it and when i go to sound it shows it has mutted it self when i talk it shutts its self off wil only stay on fr few minutes


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  • 12/30/16--15:16: IDT Pavilion 500-056
  • I have an HP Pavilion 500-056. I upgraded to Windows 10 about 8 months ago, and there was an issue with the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver. I didn't do anything with it since I was using HDMI and getting sound through my monitor. Now, I purchased a Logitech Z506 5.1 speaker system, and cannot get the driver to correct itself. I've tried updating to through Control Panel, uninstalling and reinstalling, and even had Microsoft tech support take a look at it.


    I get sound through the headphone jack on the front, but nothing through the jacks on the back. My PC is equipt with Beats, and I want to take advantage of the surround sound. I'm running the speakers off the headphone jack for now, but only get front right and left (no center, rear right or left, and no center). I know this is the nature of the jack.


    I simply need to know where I can download the driver directly and install it that way.

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