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    I have the same problem. Are W10 IDT  and W8.1 compatible with HP Pavilion P7-1532 because they are not the official drivers for this model. I would appreciate in response. Thank you

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  • 02/15/17--10:06: Sound Board Compatibility
  • I want to know if the ASUS Essence STX II is compatible with this pc. I'm not sure if windows is 32 or 64 bit. If not can you suggest another quality sound board as I am looking for audiophile quality.

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  • 02/16/17--07:38: RCA digital Audio Jack
  • Yes, i am wondering if the RCA digital Audio Jack on the rear panel of my HP Desktop is an audio out or audio in port? if its audio out, i could use some advice on how to make it work, if its audio in, then im not too worried about it. thank you for the help.

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  • 02/17/17--08:52: Connecting Bluetooth devices
  • New PC with bluetooth.  Can anyone provide guidance on how to use blue tooth with external speakers and send music from ITunes or other sources to them along with external speakers directly connected to the PC?  Is there a limit to the number of BT devices you can ouput to simultaneously.  I have a couple of bluetooth speakers in other rooms and would like to be able to play music from the PC to them.


    Thank you

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    My PC DVD CD burner has developed a fault.  The erase function is no longer available for use with RW discs. 

    It will not work with any programme;  Realplayer, Cyberlink DVD Suite,  or any other programme using RW discs.

    I run Windows 7 64bit on the PC and also run Windows 10 from an external hard drive.

    The erase fault is present on each system.  I assume this means that the fault is within the sound section of the PC.    

    I am not a PC geek and do not understand the technology behind what makes it work.

    Would the problem be down to drivers?

    I would be grateful for any help .

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  • 02/19/17--10:51: Speakers not working
  • hello , my speaker is not working need help , please this is  new computer

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    I have the 17ea plugged into my MacMini using an HDMI cable.  I am not able to get sound using that cable (nothing shows up indicating that as a choice as illustrated on the Windows help diagrams)  


    So I plugged in an audio cable from MacMini headphone jack directly into the audio port provided on the back of the HP 27ea.  


    There are two speakers on the back of the monitor, two audio jacks; input & output (called "sub")  I've checked all the settings in the Utilities, even the Audio Midi set up as suggested.  


    None of my Mac settings display the 27ea monitor as an output for the audio.  When I plug in the audio jack to the MacMini sound does come out of the MacMini from all programs (into headphones, other speakers, etc.) but when I plug the same cable (& I've tried different cables) NO sound comes out of the 27ea.  


    This monitor was sold with the capability of producing sound from the monitor.  But there is very little in depth support from HP for making this happen, especially with a Mac product.  

    I need to know if they are compatible and should work or not compatible and never will.  


    If it should work and doesn't I need to exchange for a new monitor.  


    If it isn't going to work, I need to return for credit and get a different monitor.  


    Please advise.



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  • 02/20/17--00:09: No sound after using HDMI
  • Hi,


    There's no sound on my Spectrex360 ever since I used the HDMI. It worked fine before.  


    I have checked the volume is all the way up and unmuted. I have checked the speakers are enabled and the default setting. In additon, when I try to run a test sound I get this message: error failed to play test tone.


    Cany you help?



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    HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart All-in-one OC

    Product No: H3Z81AA#ABA

    Model No. 23-d027c

    Windows 10


    The following is a screen shot of my sound playback setting. We tried (1) Windows sound troubleshoot, (2)  uninstall/install sound driver, (3) plug headphone to the sound jack on the side or at the line-out at the back.


    Unfortunately, nothing worked to fix the problem. Please advise a fix. Thank you!


    Sound Playback Setting.jpg



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    I have a workstation with issues with audio.

    When we plug a headset there is no sound coming from it.

    The drive below is uninstalled. Do you know how to solve it?



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    I had just turned  computer on and had no sound. Trouble shooter said there was no device installed. I have no trouble with it for since I bought it Mar 2014. I have TWC cable. I tried using a different of speakers and still no sound. No sound from
    CD either. I can't find out from HP when model sound card is installed, but I don't think that will do. I may be the Windows Anniversary upgrade by what I have been reading. I don't know how to check. Help

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    Model P6402F Pavilion, is this system able to transfer music cd to flashdrive?

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  • 02/23/17--11:00: Lost sound


    I had a recent HP check and update with recommended Ralink802.11n Wireless LAN card - that I installed on 2 Feb,


    My sound system has been running well for many years. All seemed to be OK until today when sound doesn't work. However, I don't think the LAN card is relevant, particularly as my system is hard wired and I don't use wifi.


    Checking through the HP test sequence shows the driver as OK and latest version. Also, the Realtec HD Audio Manager screen produces the sound test OK, so my speaker system is in order. However, the Control Panel/Sounds check is silent and Sound and Video screenings are all silent.


    No other changes have been made to the system, apart from automatic Kaspersky and Microsoft updates, the latest Kaspersky one this morning prior to the sound fault.


    I would appreciate assistance with resolving this.




    Problem solved.

    I accidentally came across the reason for ‘no sound’ this morning, which (if not the Kaspersky update) may have been caused by the HP Tune up yesterday. On checking through the Realtek HD Audio Monitor and trying various conditions, I clicked on the ‘Set Default’ button, but not sure exactly under what arrangement? However, this reinstated the sound to normal.



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  • 02/24/17--07:54: No sound at all
  • I cannot get any sound fro my computer.

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  • 02/25/17--11:27: HP cd sound murky
  • I have high end speakers used to be a DJ and every time i listen to a cd from the CD drive the sound is distorted and murky.

    I have tried everything i could played with the beat audio settings replace my cd rom with another one nothing seems to work.

    Soundcard itself is good if i play any files from my hard drive or from youtube or anywhere else it sounds great only playing cd's is an issue ......

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    I can't burn my music. CD will not show.

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    I've successfully added a second monitor to my new HP Pavilion using an HDMI-VGA adaptor cable.

    The problem is I have no sound, either through the on-board speakers or using an external audio system plugged into the headphone jack; if I remove the second monitor, I have sound, so it seems, on the face of it, I have to make a choice between the second monitor with no sound or sound without a second monitor.

    Does anyone know of a configuration setting that I can apply to make both work together; alternatively, is there another way of connecting a VGA monitor that doesn't have this limitation?


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    I accidentally turned off the main speakers in Sound Playback manager.  It now only shows Realtek Digital Output, Headphones and Digital Audio (HDMI).  How do I restore the main speaker controls? 

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  • 02/25/17--20:19: audio problems
  • I loose audio when I stop the audio and go to another audio application.  I use a Samsung C27F591 monitor with built in speakers.  I can get the sound back only if I unplug the power to the monitor and then plug it back in.  I have experienced this problem using an audio cord and using HDMI only and using both at the same time.   Any thoughts on what I need to do to fix this problem?

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  • 02/26/17--07:02: HP Pavilion rejects disks
  • I have a new HP Pavilion which rejects DVD's and CD's. I insert the disc, just occasionally everything works as expected - but usually the player spins up, then stops, the draw re opens, and for a moment the audio plays a couple of random samples lasting less than one second. Updates are automatic so should be the latest version. Whats wrong??

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