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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 02/27/17--12:00: hook up external speakers
  • Just got a new computer & need help on how to hook up external speakers.


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  • 02/27/17--12:05: Karaoke Blip in Hoster
  •  I run Hoster Karaoke on my laptop and recently a lot of my songs are sticking. Just a very short blip but it stutters sometimes 2 or 3 times during a song. There isn't too much of a loss of sync between words and music but my worry is if it gets worse or just stops all together I am gubbed, anyone out there with advice. I have AMD Radeon driver installed and latest update has been installed too, so it's not that.

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    After reinstalling  Windows 10 on my all-in-one, I discovered that I have no audio. The icon says "No audio output device is installed", and I already tried removing and installing drivers with no luck.  Any advice?

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    I've been working on my new HP EliteOne 800 G2 23" all in one computer, and I'm noticing a slight crackle/static noise when I'm clicking on things with the mouse where you would typically here the little chime.  It doesn't happen all the time, but it seems like going to a site with a lot of video can set it off..... 


    For instance, when you would typically hear the Windows chime when you click on Cortana, there's a little burst of static, like a feedback sound for a quick second..... I'm not sure I'm describing it right, but it seems to be coming from the internal speakers (Bang and Olufsen).


    The computer is very quiet.... but I've been noticing this lately, and I'm wondering if this is a big deal, or a quick fix?  BTW, I don't have any smartphones near the computer.... just modem and printer, but that's how I've always had my computer situated.  I don't know if the drivers are all updated or if that would even matter? 


    Please let me know what I should do????  Thanks.

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  • 03/03/17--19:06: microphone
  • hi....

    does anyone know if there is in fact a microphone already installed on my desktop... i thought there was one if so, its no longer showing up.... what do i need to do... i went to device manager and nothing there but a line-in is enabled but not microphe icon shows up.


    thanks for feedback

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  • 03/05/17--06:24: Bluetooth Headphones
  • I'm trying to get my bluetooth headphones to work, and I'm having the most common "lack of driver" problem, but I can't find where to download the right driver :/
    I found other solutions here but I just links me to the generic "find your driver software!" page and doesn't tell me which one I need, which is not helpful and just stressing me out. Can someone just link me to the right driver and tell me how to get it to work? Literally nothing I can find anywhere is helpful, and I spent 30$ on the **bleep** headphones so I didn't have to deal with a wire knocking my stuff off my desk.
    Thanks or no thanks in advance!

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    my laptop is not loud enough! tried almost everything. Please help!

    Product number: e5u46ea#abu

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  • 03/05/17--14:59: Speaker noise during Skype
  • I'm an IT in the Treasure Coast, FL area and a client of mine purchased an HP 22-b016 All-in-One on February 17 of this year from Staples. I got it set up for her and everything was great until a couple of days ago when she called to tell me that whenever she's using Skype, the sounds and voice of whoever she's talking with crackles and distorts. This problem only began to manifest itself a couple of days ago.

    Calling myself from her computer, sure enough the audio sounds robotic. I have tried:

    1. Turning off "Automatically adjust speakers/microphone" options in Skype.

    2. "Disable all sound effects" for both the speakers and microphone.

    3. Turned "Microphone Boost" all the way down.

    4. Reset her modem. She gets about 30 mps so I know it's not related to poor bandwidth.

    5. Updated the speaker and microphone driver to the most recent version.

    6. Installed the newest version of Skype on her computer.


    The first three corrected the problem for about ten seconds before the sound became distorted again. Oddly, the Windows voice recorder picked up my voice and played it back crystal clear; video and music online and local are equally fine. It's ONLY with Skype calls. Even the Echo service is affected. A spare (and much older) laptop she has, with the same aforementioned settings and versions of everything has no problem.


    I have never seen this problem before and she is adamant about getting it fixed. The two-week return period at Staples has expired and I'm not sure what else to try. Chipset maybe? If this isn't correctable I can only chock it up as some kind of hardware defect and try for a manufacturer's return. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do not have any sound.  Volumn is up.

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    I have three identical HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF Desktop PC's. 


    On two of the three, the system speaker works perfectly. 


    On the third unit, the audio output of the system speaker is bartely audible - with all audio controls set for maximum volume. 


    All audio and device drivers are the same.


    OS is Windows 7 Professional SP1.


    These PC's were refurbed by Joy Products and I purchased them in January 2017.


    I have removed the device and allowewd it to be found and reinstalled -- no change.


    I have updated the device drive - no change.


    I am curious as to why the SYSTEM SPEAKER is not listed in 'audio devices' .


    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Not sure why icon that controlled voume slide disappeared. Can't control volume from monitor.  Would like to know how to get it back. Thank you for your help.

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  • 03/08/17--11:02: can't reinstall audio driver
  • I needed to do a factory reset on the PC.  After resetting, there is no sound.  the only device selection option is "AMD HDMI Output"  I attempted to download and install  the driver several different ways - including run as administrator, and through the "secret" administrator account.  I get an error that the certificate is blocked, and i need to unblock the publisher.  However, there are no blocked publishers, and i can't seem to find any way around this.





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  • 03/08/17--18:13: HP ENVY 700-230QU CTO
  • Hello All. I have a desk top HP ENVY 700-230 QU.  After Windows 10 forced itself, the beats audio disappear. I do have a sound but it is just generic. No settings to play with.


    I have searched this forum and there are so many different instructions I am not sure which one is for my computer so I did not attempt to do it. In the device manager  under Sound, video and game controllers, the IDT High Defintion Audio CODEC  driver version is: 6.1064960 if that is of any help. I bought this system from HP brand new with Windows 8.1,  I am out of warranty and they (HP) guys do not want to talk to me, (so this would be my last HP).


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance




    Sorry all I think I posted in the wrong section, My apologies.

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  • 03/09/17--14:22: How to burn a music disc
  • I'm trying to burn a music disc on my computer. I just purchased my computer not even a week ago. I have memorex CD-R type cds. I am using the windows media player to do so. I put in a brand new cd and hit burn but it ejects my cd and tells me to insert a blank disc. They are brand new. No idea what to do.

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  • 03/09/17--18:19: Realtek line-in
  • My Realtek line-in goes to zero after a few seconds. This started happening back in January. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Realtek drivers about 20 times. Right now the driver is The original driver was

    I thought there might be a virus, but have Microsoft Secutity Essentials, not that it's perfect. Do you have any answers?

    There are no error messages. I have a wireless internet.



    Doug Hamilton

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    please help me reinstall drivers for my beats by dr dre sound card on my HP desktop

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    Before I explain the issue:

    -Started windows 8-Then updated to 8.1/10


    I recently bought a new pair of headphones (Hyper X Cloud Stinger ) that required the 3.5mm 2 adapter to the front and or back of my Pc, when plugged in it did not show up on my pc or do anything for that matter. This confused me as beofre this I had a good working Headset known as the : Gioteck Ex-05 Wired (}

    This headset as you can see has a usb, I'v noticed that when you plug the usb out you can't hear. (idk why that is but it probley helps identifing the issue}

    Next I thought it was Driver issue so I tried redownloading and updating IDT audio but then it said it cant update as it didnt meat the right requirments.

    I'm so confuzed why headsets don't work in the plugs ( I wasnt aware for the longest time becuase the Gioteck worked)


    _Any thoughts, all help is appreciated

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    This is probably the must annoying thing ever. Hp, I gotta say... I'm disappointed. Your website is buggy, your support is trash, and there are tons of problems with this monitor. First of all the problems, the speakers have this horrible static that happens somewhat randomly but increases with more volume. This renders them basically unusable when they do this and really drives me nuts. Because my naive ass thought that very little monitors had speakers, so I went with this one because of its identifiable speakers. Now, I realize my mistake, with all the problems following "I'm disappointed" and how I use this for gaming (Again my naive, stupid ass). The second problem is sometimes it just randomly goes to a black screen (the monitor is on) and I have to restart my PC to fix that. (Not sure if this is a monitor problem...) These issues drive me nuts and with the lack of support, it's even worse. Trust me, it's not a driver problem, so don't say that. I reinstalled the drivers 2 times. If anyone knows a fix to these issues please tell me, otherwise, I'm going to try and sell this to get a gaming monitor. Thanks for any help.

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    after installing my msi r7 240 my audio stopped and none of the audio port on the computer worked. when going into playback devices the only one there is the hdmi audio but i need my headsets

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    After importing Driver Pack (sp79189) to SCCM 1606 and installing a new HP Elite Desk 800 G3 the sound is not working.


    If I check Device Manager, all drivers seems to be installed successfully. 


    I also created a SCCM Package to install the Connexant Audio Driver separately (Sp78903) . I used the following command: setup.exe -s 


    SCCM log told me, that the driver was installed successfully, but the sound is still not working.


    If I install the driver manually, the driver will install successfully and the sound is working.


    I also realized that HP Audio Control Tool was installed then. With SCCM there is no Audio Control Tool. 


    It would be great, if somebody can help me. Thanks in advance.



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