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    Hi, I have hp envy 23 monitor. I am trying to connect my external speaker to monitor audio jack but it seems not working. Monitor do have beats audio logo. I have tried different headset but still not luck.


    can you please help!

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  • 04/14/17--14:09: No sound unexpectedly
  • I use a headset connected directly to the PC.  The computer all of a sudden has no sound. Tried a new headset, same problem, so I know it's the PC. It happened upon starting the computer up a few days ago (was fine the evening before).  Any thoughts? Driving me a bit crazy. Thanks, folks.

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  • 04/15/17--10:57: SOUND DRIVERS
  • please sir help me get the drivers for my pc hp compaq dc 5100 os being windows ultimate 7 32 bit

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  • 04/16/17--12:51: IDT audio Drivers
  • running windows 10 64bit 1703    1506.138 wiped out IDT audio settings and will not let you install or fix.


    The new windows 10 is shutting it off.


    Anyone know how to fix.

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    After the latest Windows update, No Sound.

    I followed the troubleshooting guide on HP Support Assistant.

    Any ideas?

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  • 04/18/17--10:29: Poor audio quality
  • I have a new HP with a conexabt hd audio card.  My music sounds very distorted and there is no bass what so ever.  I tried adjusting the enhanecments, but there aren't any listed.  I have also updated the driver, but still very poor sound quality.

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    The CD plays just fine on an external player. 

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    When headphones are plugged in, sound continues to play from desktop's speakers

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    Ny supper expensive computer built-in speakers emit of pops, which is cut-out the sound. This is also happens without any audio activities. If I am using headset no poping efect on headset, but built-in speakers continue popping.

    I called to local HP support (we have two different). They are sending me from one call center to another one.SAD

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  • 04/21/17--16:23: microphone issues
  • When trying to Skype or record a tutorial using the internal mic my voice sounds muted.  Can't use Cortana because it doesn't pick up my voice.Smiley Frustrated

    -I speak loudly and clearly.

    -my Monitor sits about 18" in front of me.

    -webcam cover is removed, no papers or anything else covering the area (I believe the mics are located on either side of the cam.)

    -have kept up with downloads of updated software.


    I purchased a small mic to plug in thinking that if I could at least resolve the problem I would be happy.


    If someone has a solution that will correct the problem so both ways would work that would be awesome.  Smiley HappyThanks!

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  • 04/23/17--12:37: IDT audio Drivers windows 10
  • Product Name: 23-d104er
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
    running windows 10 64bit 1703 16179  wiped out IDT audio settings and will not let you install or fix.

    The new windows 10 is shutting it off.


    Driver sp 71717 is not installed, does not work
    Anyone know how to fix.

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    my PC don't don't make any sound and when I try to open a media file it says " no sound device found " how can I fix it

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    Hello, I recently installed Windows 10 x64 on an HP DC7900. It was previously running Windows 7. Since the OS switch, there is no longer any audio output. There are no external speakers. The device's internal speaker is not functioning. Windows reports "no speakers or headphones are plugged in" which is technically true, but not really a surprise since I am attempting to use the internal speaker. The audio troubleshooting utility also just return the "not plugged in" message. 



    1. Uninstalled and reinstalled the device from the machine. Not successful. 

    2. Downloaded and installed the latest Realtek HD Audio driver for Win 10 x64. Not successful. 

    3. Looked on these forums and saw some similar posts that were resolved by installing an Intel MEI/SOL chipset update.

        Noticed that HP does not offer any Windows 10 drivers for this machine.

        Downloaded Intel's chipset device software and attempted to install it. Install failed on both attempts.

        Wept softly.

    4. Gave up and decided to write this post even though I suspect there's no Win 10 version of the solution I need.  

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    I have an HP Envy 750-124.  I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and somehow the audio drivers got corrupt.

    The Multimedia Audio Controller has a yellow flag.  I looked for the audio driver in Support under driver & software

    but no audio.   There is nothing displayed for audio playback devices.  Where do I get the drivers?  Thanks

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    I have paired my HP Envy PC via bluetooth to a Sony SRSBTX500 speaker.  The bluetooth  device list shows the speakers paired but no sound is coming out of the speakers.  Volume is up and bluetooth is on.  I have noticed this computer having other bluetooth problems as well.

    My iphones have no problem connecting.

    What now?

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    When I plug in headphones or speakers to any jack they dont show up in playback devices and no sound comes out of them. Ive tried many options; disabling/abling the playback devices, moving around headphone jacks, I dont know what to do. And when there are speakers or  headphones plugged in there is a playback device named "Speakers" but it keeps saying 'Not plugged in' no matter what I do.


    Please help


    I would like to use headphones and external speakers please.

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    Dear All,


    I need your help with the following issue below;


    The device does not appear to be plugged in .Check the connection, plug in the device, then click next.


    On clicking next, the following problems were found:  Audio services not responding;  The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged.


    I am pained and sad that a newly bought product (HP Pavilion Desktop - 510-p020 ) which I love as a brand does not come with an in-built sound.


    Is there a way out of this besides plugging in a headphone or external speaker device?



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    I am trying to determine whether the HP Omni 120-1134 Desktop has an internal microphone or not. The specifications at say "Microphone Interface: Integrated 2 channel (stereo array)" and the documentation always says "microphone array".

    Does that mean the computer has an internal mic or just an interface (port) for one?

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    Good Morning All!


    My HP Envy was a bit sluggish so yesterday I performed a Windows reset via Windows 10. This went fine but now my Creative Labs speakers (Audio Jacks only - no USB) will not work.


    The Creative speakers themselves are okay, you can hear them come to life when switching on and off.


    The small speaker icon in the system tray has a red cross. Opening playback devices from this icon does not show the speakers as a choice, only 6 options - all the same :

    Digital Display Audio

    AMD High Definition Audio Device

    Not plugged in.


    I have also checked for hidden disabled devices and still no sign of the speakers.


    I have attempted to update the audio drivers via Windows and this says everything is up to date.

    I have attempted to update the audio drivers from the HP website but the only choice is Window 8 or 8.1, I have Windows 10. I tried to download the drivers anyway but it says the operating system is not compatible? "Your system does not meet the operating system requirements"


    Any ideas what else I can try? Also any info on the sound card / motherboard so I can check with the manufacturer direct?


    Many Thanks,



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    The speakers on my Hp envy 750-110 suddenly started making a cracking noise.  It sounds horrible.  I switched out the speakers but the crackling noise remains.


    How do you fix this?

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