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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 04/30/17--17:03: Can't change brightness
  • I noticed about a month ago that I can no longer change the brightness on my laptop, through the buttons or on the screen. I tried to google how to fix it but couldn't really understand it

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    Speakers suddenly started making crackling noise.  I changed out the speakers and it did not stop.  How can this be fixed? 

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    I sent my computer for a warranty repair, but when it arrived, the corner of the speaker grill was bended because of poor packaging. I  contacted customer support and the agent told me that I need to send it back for a repair again - the e-mail with my new service order clearly states that it's a free repair. Now 10 days later I got a call from someone else, saying that I need to provide pictures of the box or I will have to pay over 200 dollars for a repair. I was never informed that I needed any pictures and the only pictures I have are of the bended corner that I made right before contacting customer support. I would like this to be escalated to the appropriate department. Making customers pay for your mistakes is not a good practice. The picture of the damage and the e-mail I receaived are attached. The service order number is BJTK2938-0120170425_175353.jpgemail.PNGemail.PNG

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    Beats Audio Control panel is being disabled and probably uninstalled by Windows 10 (I can't find it).  Since it came installed on the computerwe don't have the installation files.  Certainly HP has the installation files somewhere.

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  • 05/05/17--18:47: audio driver
  • Since I ran the new update I'm having trouble finding my nvidia driver for sound. The only thing listed under clicking on the speaker icon is RealTek High Definition audio. It used to offer me either that or the Nvidia audio

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    I just got an HP Eilte x2 1012 G1 and even with the B&O software the audio is weak and tinny,..horrible actually my cel phone is louder and better quality,..I have read all the posts and done everything I can,..device manager and update win 10 drivers,..all upto date from HP Drivers,..HP Troubleshooting not helping,..please advise

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    I have an HP Envy Beats All-in-one 23-n011na desktop that I've been using happily for years. My warranty has expired btw.


    I use my Xbox as an HDMI in source and use the PC as a monitor - it's good. 

    A while ago I noticed I couldn't change the volume when I was using my Xbox, it was stuck on one setting (50%  I think).

    This is annoying as if I want to play when it's late I can't have game sound on.

    I can control the sound easily with the volume rocker when I'm using my PC on Windows, I just can't control it when it's using HDMI.


    Can anyone help me, please?

    Any drivers I might need to reinstall?


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  • 05/08/17--09:15: HDMI audio out

    Hallo all .

    Here is my problem  :


    Just installed a NVIDIA GT 230

    HDMI audio Never functioning at all !



    - XW4400 workstation 4gb ram

    - OS windows 7 64 bit professional

    - Video card with HDMI output NVIDIA GEFORCE GT230  ( HP made ??) 1,5 gb ddr2 RAM

    - Installed last driver available  from nvidia site trought hardware auto search too !

    - No installation problem or " ?" " !" on hardware devices  in windows  peripherals devices

    - Driver installation wizzard installs this audio driver :  NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)

    - Red cross on desktop tray at the speaker icon : " No audio deice installed " .. tranlated from Italian !

    - Onboard realtek audio device disabled from HP  bios in both position/pages

    - Cheking into windows services :  !! Windows audio service not present at all !! 

    - Video card works perfect on my samsung tv on video side.

    - Nvidia managment panel shows " all right no error " and recognizes regularly my Samsung tv as audio speakers.


    It seams as windows does not recognize the audio device on the NVIDIA CARD.


    someone has any idea to solve this !








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    Hello!  I'm not sure if this is the appropriate board, but feel free to redirect me, if necessary.  We are using our HP w2558hc as a monitor connected to a dvd/vhs player for viewing family movies.  It works great!!...except for the volume.  We need more sound.  We have tried different speakers sold for laptops, but the monitor seems not to have the proper ports to receive the cables on the various speakers.

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    How do I connect external speakers to an HP All-In-One computer. There are no speaker out connections

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    windows 10 update and headphone jack no longer works. i've tried downloading many drivers however either none will finish loading or do load bt don't fix the issue. the speakers still work, not very loud though they do work. i looks stupid carrying my laptop around at my ear to hear it working, with no headphone jack working makes the unit a $1000 paper weight in trying to use it on a plane. 

    any help would be appreciated.





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    Hello. Where to find or install the drivers for Beats audio drivers for windows 10?

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    I have had a running Windows 10 on my HP before an unfortunate HDD failure.


    After this I have made a clean install even with the back-upped drivers of the working setup before the crash.

    Whatever I try to do however, I have no sound at all.


    There is no sound from speakers, system sounds or headsets.

    The speakers work fine on another PC so do the headsets.

    Even system sounds do not respond at all.


    The troubleshooting of Windows 10 attempts to reinstall the driver and a default one, you can shortly hear a sound in the headset when the drivers are implemented, however directly after that all sound is gone again.


    Changing settings in IDT high definition audio codec had no results.


    There are no error reports given either.

    Starting up the services of audio that I could find had no results either.


    Has anyone had any issues like this before?


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  • 05/10/17--07:19: Audio Jack Spares Number
  • The Audio jack went bad on a z840.

    we are trying to locate the Spares number, the one i found on partsurfer 738203-001 turns out to be a cable.


    if i can have the full Parts list with the Spares numbers that specifies the Audio Jack. is it a whole assembly? 


    We are a HP Self Maintainer



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    When I plug in headphones or speakers to any jack they dont show up in playback devices and no sound comes out of them. Ive tried many options; disabling/abling the playback devices, moving around headphone jacks, I dont know what to do. And when there are speakers or  headphones plugged in there is a playback device named "Speakers" but it keeps saying 'Not plugged in' no matter what I do.


    Please help


    I would like to use headphones and external speakers please.

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    Dear All,


    I need your help with the following issue below;


    The device does not appear to be plugged in .Check the connection, plug in the device, then click next.


    On clicking next, the following problems were found:  Audio services not responding;  The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged.


    I am pained and sad that a newly bought product (HP Pavilion Desktop - 510-p020 ) which I love as a brand does not come with an in-built sound.


    Is there a way out of this besides plugging in a headphone or external speaker device?



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    I am trying to determine whether the HP Omni 120-1134 Desktop has an internal microphone or not. The specifications at say "Microphone Interface: Integrated 2 channel (stereo array)" and the documentation always says "microphone array".

    Does that mean the computer has an internal mic or just an interface (port) for one?

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    Good Morning All!


    My HP Envy was a bit sluggish so yesterday I performed a Windows reset via Windows 10. This went fine but now my Creative Labs speakers (Audio Jacks only - no USB) will not work.


    The Creative speakers themselves are okay, you can hear them come to life when switching on and off.


    The small speaker icon in the system tray has a red cross. Opening playback devices from this icon does not show the speakers as a choice, only 6 options - all the same :

    Digital Display Audio

    AMD High Definition Audio Device

    Not plugged in.


    I have also checked for hidden disabled devices and still no sign of the speakers.


    I have attempted to update the audio drivers via Windows and this says everything is up to date.

    I have attempted to update the audio drivers from the HP website but the only choice is Window 8 or 8.1, I have Windows 10. I tried to download the drivers anyway but it says the operating system is not compatible? "Your system does not meet the operating system requirements"


    Any ideas what else I can try? Also any info on the sound card / motherboard so I can check with the manufacturer direct?


    Many Thanks,



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    The speakers on my Hp envy 750-110 suddenly started making a cracking noise.  It sounds horrible.  I switched out the speakers but the crackling noise remains.


    How do you fix this?

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  • 04/30/17--17:03: Can't change brightness
  • I noticed about a month ago that I can no longer change the brightness on my laptop, through the buttons or on the screen. I tried to google how to fix it but couldn't really understand it

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