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    S6500 wireless mini speaker not charging. I also try other USB cables but it is not working at all.

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    Hi.  I just bought a new HP Slimline 260a010 desktop.  The only issue is I cannot get sound working through external speakers.  I tried two different sets of speakers, both know to work on other computers (desktop and laptop).  I ran the troubleshooter and it did not help.  I am plugging into the stereo 1/8" jack (green) in the rear of the computer.  What is confusing is that when I plug my headphones into the same jack in the back I get sound.  Please advise what I can try next.

    Thank you.

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    I have the same problem, but I can't do anything because it won't even load the login screen while flashing.

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    While away on vacation my desktop crashed. Tried to restore to a point where it had worked. All Restore Points before the crash were gone. Did a clean reinstall of Windows 10.


    The desktop audio is connected to a receiver and a TV. After the reinstall there was no audio output from the desktop to the receiver (Problem 1). The only audio device that appears in Playback Devices is NVIDIA High Definition Audio and playback for that is through the TV speakers. This is with a really low volume, even with all possible controls set at 100% (Problem 2).


    Attempted to uninstall and reinstall the ITD Codec driver. Got this message:  Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. A device attached to the system is not functioning.


    I tried sp55652 and sp63932. Neither one worked.


    Can you help with both Problems 1 & 2 noted above?

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    Can't increase volume or decrease  volumne and can't mute sound not respond.

    but can adjust bright up or down and mute sound. 

    How to resolve it.


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    Looking at the motherboard specification it states that the integrated audio provides 5.1 channel audio support. However there is only a single 3.5mm stereo output on the back panel. How can the 5.1 audio be accessed?

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  • 05/16/17--19:16: Audio Issues after Update
  • On May 13th, I performed an HP update to my laptop (Update: Conexant - MEDIA  After this update, the audio on my computer shut off and for the past days keeps going on and off.  Also, when audio is off some videos with audio won't play.  I have contacted HP customer support twice on phone to fix this problem; however, in both cases when it was 'fixed' the audio goes off again after 1-2 hours.  Are there any suggestions on how to solve this problem?      

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    After my beats audio control panel's equilizer was not working, i thought to update my audio driver thinking that'll help me. But after a negetive outcome, my bears audio vanished from the screen and the control panel. please assisst me for the same. I need that control panel as soon as possible.

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  • 05/20/17--22:35: No Sound
  • Have an HP Envy Phoenix 860-014 connected to an HP TV/monitor with HP Z34c-4 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) speakers that quit working. Sound playback window shows the fluctuating green sound level bars. I haven't found any way to troubleshoot these speakers. I had a similar problem lastweek on another desktop and was given a link to download an "sp" file that fixed the problem. Is that the answer here or is there something else I need to try?

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  • 05/20/17--23:18: Problem with audio
  • Hello, recently I've reset my computer and after finish setting up the computer, i realised that there's an issue regarding the audio; when i plug my speaker into the computer it still says no audio output device is installed. I've tried to go to device manager and the driver software, however when installing halfway a message pop up "Window found driver software for your device but encounted an error while trying to install it". I tried to open cmd and typed sfc /scannow but it says that nothing is wrong. I 've tried to go to BIOS, apply default and exit, but it didn't work. I've tried to troubleshoot it but they can't find the problem. i've opened the HP PC hardware diagnostics UEFI,  my version is 4, so  it didn't have the component test. My computer came with window 7, but I've upgraded to window 10. The speaker isn't spoiled. My computer doesn't have a build in speaker. help!!! T_T

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    Hello, sound stopped working on my computer 'out of the blue'. I never had this issue before: H9-1150

    I tried all the self-help troubleshooting; Windows did not detect any problem. I tried reinstalling the driver from what was on the computer with HP support assistant; it did nothing (still has 'no sound' by taskbar icon). I then downloaded the original driver from HP site, and after installing it, gives error message 'Your system does not meet the minimum requirements for this update. Update has been cancelled (9996)'.

    Obviously the requirement point is a joke, as it is a quad-core... so there is obviously a problem. Any info is appreciated, TY


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    Hello everyone,


    I struggle for a couple of days to fix a issue with my audio system at my all-in-one desktop 520-1030uk. I followed all the steeps from HP ASSISTANCE and different websites and couldn't fix my sound system. One solution was to uninstall the device(sound) from  device manager and to reinstall it. When I tried to reinstall it on HP website, the answer was that my warranty expired. So what should I do; To buy a new PC? I'm mucking  of course but I expect help from  HP technical support. Thank you 

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    I need to connect  a speaker to  my  Pavillion All-in-one and need a diagram  showing the location of the port.  I  also need confirmation that the sound from a USB vinyl record player will operate w/sound with this connection.

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    I am having issues with the audio output from the front 3.5mm jack on my pavilion 500-131a running win 10 64bit. 


    The rear output is going to speakers ok.


    When going to the audio output from the tray I can see the speakers and also hi-def spdif  (idt codec) showing ok.


    I plug in my headphones into the front port on the PC and the headphones get detected but when trying to playback audio it still comes through the speakers.  I have run the full troubleshooter including restarts and bios checks. I have tried to set the headphones as the default device but it won't let me. I unplugged the speakers. still unable to select headphones. It automatically defaults back to the spdif interface. 


    I have tried different headphones with no change and they all work on other devices. Still detecting the device just can't change the default output to the headphones.


    When I run the test tone through the sound control panel I can get the stereo sound check to come through the headset ok. 


    Using VLC if I go to the audio settings I can change the output to the headphone and I can get the audio but if I try anything else such as a game or youtube via chrome or IE  get no audio. 


    please help I need the front audio jack to work.





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    I have attached a DVD Player to the spare HDMI Port on my All In One and it plays the DVD fine but I cannot get any sound from either the PC speakes or the attaches blue tooth headphones can anyone tell me if there is something I need to change in settings to switch the sound from the PC to the Second HDMI Port.


    The DVD player has no ports or sockets to attach anything too.


    The HDMI cable is a good one that support ARC, 3D, Internet so it is not the cable


    Any help appreciated





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  • 05/25/17--12:46: Bluetooth Devices
  • All my audio devices that use to connect to the computer are not connecting.  Bose speaker, phone.  I tried fixing but cannot find the proper solution.  Need some expert help.  Please provide as soon as possible as I am sitting here getting more and more frustrated.

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    My computer is hooked to my reciever via TosLink cable. When checking audio options only 2 channel options are available on the digital output but if I switch to analog I have 7.1 surrond and DTS. My Problem is there is no way to hook each channel seperatly to the reciever so digtal output right? But under sound when i select digital out it only shows 2 channel options as previously stated. What gives?

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    The Windows 10 Creator update eliminated audio output to my subwoofer (an HP Pulse subwoofer, model no. LZ9295AA, connected to the subwoofer jack on the back of my Envy 23).  The subwoofer itself is not the problem. 


    A similar problem occurred when I updated to either Windows 8.1 or the original Window 10 (can't recall which). It turned out that the subwoofer output in Speakers/Headphones Properties > Levels > Balance was suddenly being routed to the center channel instead of the subwoofer channel. Now, however, it's not routed to either channel.


    Speaker Setup still shows that I'm configured for 5.1 audio with L and R channels and a subwoofer, but no sound comes from the subwoofer when tested. 


    The only "solution" I've found out there on the web is to go into Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers > IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and update the driver to High Definition Audio Device.  This simply results in a stereo L-R configuration, with no option for 5.1 audio. 


    Beats Audio has long since disappeared from my system, but as I recall from the problem I'd had earlier (the subwoofer sound being routed from the center channel), it was no help. 


    Please help/advise. 

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    My win10 desktop HP computer came with both Realtek audio and AMD installed, do I really need both of these? if not, which should I keep? audio.JPG

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    Pavilion p7-1370t -- but new motherboard
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    The Windows 10 upgrade bricked my computer's original Foxconn motherboard.
    I had a computer shop replace the ruined board with an Asus board, and of course they installed new chipset drivers.
    The restored Windows 7 OS runs fine.

    However, Beats is gone.

    HP Support Assistant/Audio and video shows this:
      Device:         Intel(R) Display Audio
        Status:       Enabled
        Driver:       IntcDAud.sys

      Device:         High Definition Audio Device
        Status:       Enabled
        Driver:       HdAudio.sys
        Version:      6.1.7601.17514

    Beats Audio Control Panel opens, but the controls in "listening experience" are inactive.

    Can I install Beats to run on the Asus motherboard?

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