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    I finally bought a headphone set, but I can't figure out where to plug it in. No 'round' holes. Feeling really dumb. Do I have to buy some kind of adaptor now?

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  • 06/03/17--13:28: speakers sound goes lower
  • Can anyone help regarding the issue of sound for hp pavilion 15z amd processor windows 7. The speakers sound goes lower. I searched forum i applied many steps described nothing changed. And other steps cannot be applied as i dnt have all the task bars mentioned for ex loudness equalization isnt listed.. waiting suggestions

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    I've tried everything there is to fix it.


    PC crashed one night, and then after reboot, my sound is gone. I can see the Sound icon on the task bar, I can increase-decrease sound volume, just NO SOUND. Whenever I try to "TEST" my current hardware (say I use Headphones), I only get "Error! Failed to play test tone".


    Several fixes on the internet, I've tried them ALL.


    Sfc/scannow -> No integrity problem found.

    Services -> Restarted Windows Audio -> Several times

    Registry -> Gave Local Machine Admin access -> No dice.

    Chkdsk, etc -> Nada

    Uninstall / delete / burn / kill etc. Drivers for Nvidia & Realtek High Definition Audio -> Nope.

    Properties / Advanced / change default format (whatever I put there) -> "Error! Format not supported by the device".


    Strangely enough, when I uninstall the drivers, they seem to AUTO-reinstall, as in I do scan for hardware changes and it doesn't ask me what I want to do, they're reinstalled in a matter of 5".


    Also, when I check the driver details, and I get say "C:windows\system32\drivers\hdaudio.sys, I can't delete this file, either as admin, or as elevated cmd & Delete, or even after allocating ownership to my own name.


    Need I go to safemode just to delete this file, and have windows 10 find it again? Dunno.


    Guys, I've spent more than 4 days straight, trying to fight that, nothing works.


    I need something else.


    I will only reformat the pc as a last resort, my son has tons of games in it, I'm afraid I'll lose 50% of that, and my software as well.


    Thanks in advance,

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    I bought an all in one Model #: HP ENVY Curved All-in-One
    Product #: N0B19AAR#ABA

    It gives this annoying pop/click sound every 2 seconds that stops only when computer is turned odd. Tried uninstalling the realtek driver and resetting to defaults...every trick doesn't seem to solve it after reading posts about it. What's worse HP provided only a 3 month warantee and this issue happened to have started right after it expired. Any ideas anyone 

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  • 06/06/17--12:47: 5.1 Audio Omen
  • I'm setting up my computer and want to add 5.1 speakers. I notice that there are only 3 audio plugs in the back instead of 6. It doesn't have the Rear Channel, Side Channel and Center/Subwoofer plugs.  I also don't see any kind of digital output, such as S-PDIF. Does anyone know if this computer has digital output? 

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    I have a m9340f pavilion desktop that has been upgraded to Win 7 many years ago.  I was trying to get a webcam with mic setup and could not get the mic to work.  My audio driver was realtek so I downloaded and installed the most current driver from realtek and now I get no audio from the speakers at all.

    The volume control has the red X and says 'No speakers or headphones are plugged in'.  I've tried many things already: rolling back driver, unistalling reinstalling drivers, setting audio to enable in bios on startup.

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    Bang & Olufsen Sound manager does not detect my LG ultrawide monitor as an audio device.  It is recognized as a playback device and can play audio but when I click on the listening expirence tab it says "please attach audio device".  I've tried with headphones and they are recognized and alow me to change equalizer settings but I simply have no options to change or edit anything that has to do with my monitors speakers regarding audio quality/eq settings through bang and olufsen sound manager.  Given the fact that these speakers are built into the monitor it would be greatly appreciated if I could change the eq settings.

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  • 06/07/17--07:11: Audio Issue
  • Recently I had a virus on my computer and reinstalled windows 10 64bit. 


    The issue is my front jack for headphones isn't working after the Windows 10 installation. 

    My speakers are working fine- no issues. 


    I have tried to update, uninstall and install IDT driver from :



    When I plug in headphones and test them in playback devices they work. I hear the sound. But no music or videos is heard. 

    I tried to make front jack as a default device to use but this changes nothing.  When headphones are plugged in they supposed to be running and speakers should be off immediately. Speakers are working when headphones are plugged in. 


    Used Hp Assistant to download drivers and all of them are up to date I suppose alongside with the Audio IDT driver. 2017-06-07.png

    Any ideas why this is happening? 



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    HI, just got  a new used HP 6005 sff computer. I have spent the last three days setting it up and it has been a bit of a struggle. You have to figure out stuff that it seems has happened to a lot of people but noone has "really" come up with a solution for.


    So, I will tell you what I am doing and need help with. I also just bought a new Asus monitor. I ran a vga cable to new monitor and then the displayport to hdmi to my TV so I could watch stuff from the computer. Well, after a lot of finagling got the two to shake hands (you have to turn computer off and on a few times by the way, noone, anywhere tells you that).

    The video comes out great on both devices (by the way, the video is way way better on the TV, whoever keeps you telling you to get monitors is just yanking your chain), however, there is no audio coming from the TV, in fact there is no hdmi setting in the speakers area either.


    Before you tell me to get the latest drivers and software, we, have done this a few times and still a no go. So, is there a special driver you need for sending HDMI audio down the line to the TV? I have heard and read that this is a major issue, as HP keeps telling everyone that they surely can get audio, but from hours of research noone has assured that possibility. First of all, isn't that what displayport is there for, Hmm, hope so?


    Well, thanks so much for listening, let's get this issue ironed out as there are a lot of displayport users out there, hope you can assist me, OH, the integrated video care is ATI Radeion HD4200, but you probably knew that , RD

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    Wow! I don't know what the hell is going on. I put in my  serial number AND product number right off the side of the HP desktop and this is what I get back. I need to download and reinstall HP Beats software but can't get to it because of this. Anyone have a solution?







    This is the message I get back:


    Sorry, no results match your search for "4CE22604KH"

    We were unable to determine your specific product. Try one of the following options:

      Try again using one of these tips:

    • Verify correct spelling, including spaces
    • Enter a full product model name.Example: "HP Officejet 610", "ENVY h8-1480jp"
    • Enter a product number.Example: "C5314A", "p6-2120t"
    • Enter the product serial number found on the bar code sticker attached to your product

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    I have a Phoenix Envy [Model: 810-215a] desktop pc and it is not recognising my headphones when they are placed in the audio jack at the top of the pc tower. I have checked the USB slots next to the audio jack and they are functioning correctly. My drivers are up to date and I have tried enabling and disabling from the windows audio control panel.  I'm also using beats audio software amd windpws 8.1, if that helps. You would be an absolute legend if you can solve this problem. 




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    after resetting my windows 10 hp envy touchsmart 15  headphone jack is not working any help  to solve this issue, in build laptop speakers are working fine.

    when i want to use headphone  sound doesn't come through headphone it plays through laptop speaker

    after resetting i lost beats controller pannel too

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    I downloaded windows 10 during the free download period my audio was working fine before hand then the audio jacks stopped responding I updated the drivers to the latest it reconizes the jacks but says there is nothing connected even though I have never removed the speaker wire. I have checked the bios it says audio is enabled current Vir. 5.16 6/3/10 but I am unable to flash since hp hasent updated the bios to support windows 10.  the sound comes through perficlty on HDMI via my TV. Is there any way to get my jacks to work again.

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    I have a Pavilion p6232p, Windows 10 64 bit.
    Video card is nVidia GeForce GTS 250 with 1gb video ram.

    The video card has 2 DVI video outputs, and comes with a DVI to HDMI adapter dongle.

    Unlike standard DVI, this video card will actually pass through audio, if using the included DVI to HDMI converter dongle, to a PC monitor.

    To do this, I have to attach a cable from the video card to the internal spdif port on the motherboard.

    The problem I have is that the supplied cable from the video card manufacturer has a 4 prong connection to the spdif for a motherboard, and the Pavilion p6232p, while having a space on the motherboard labeled "spdif 2" has a 3 prong port.

    I've tried attaching the 4 prong cable to the 3 prong spdif port on the motherboard, in more than one way, but get no audio.

    Is it not possible to do this with the motherboard? Does anyone make a cord that would be compatible?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 06/12/17--00:47: IDT HD sound
  • скиньте аудио драйвер для моей модели dv6-3125er  виндовс 10 64 раз

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    The sound on my HP Omni 120-1134 has not worked since upgrading to Windows 10 Home x64. The troubleshooter doesn't solve the problem. I installed the latest Realtek HD Audio Drivers (2.73), but that didn't solve the problem either.

    Would someone with an HP Omni 120-1134 and Windows 10 x64 tell me what audio drivers you are using?

    Unfortunately, HP does not updated the Software & Drivers page for the HP Omni 120-1134 for Windows 10. It just left us this message.

    "HP does not provide Windows 10 drivers on for HP computers sold prior to August 2013. Check Windows Update in Windows 10. If no updates are available, you can check specific devices in Device Manager to see if a more recent driver is available.”

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    Trying to connect a Yamaha tape deck to the all in one computer.  I am not sure where to plug in the RCA cables.  I have a mini jack on the RCA cables from the tape deck.  The computer is not recognizing the connection when I plug it in to the SUB jack.  Am I plugging it in to the wrong area?

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  • 06/13/17--22:55: sound problem
  • when i use headphone , desktop speaker sound here other people in my room

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    I'm having audio issues with my pavillon g6 1b81ca. The sound is muffled and I can barely hear anything. I tried to download the audio driver on the hp website but they only have the windows 7 64-bit audio driver. If I use this driver will it work ? If not how can I get the appropriate windows 7 32-bit audio driver.

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    How do I connect the 3 outputs of a 5.1 speaker system on the above mentioned system?  There aren't enout audio outputs.  I see it may require additional hardware, but there is no description as to what I need.

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