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Desktop Audio topics

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    I'm getting sound through both my headphones and the PC speakers.  I've tried numerous adjustments to the audio settings but nothing seems to work.  My PC has AMD Radeon 7650A graphics.  I'm assuming that audio is provided by that chipset, but I know very little about graphics/audio.  In any case, I would greatly appreciate any help resolving this.

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  • 06/16/17--05:13: Microphone Jack
  • HI,


        Where is the audio jack for this Desktop Series? Thank You for stopping by. 

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    I did a clean install of Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit in order to upgrade from Vista.  The onscreen sound icon now appears, and I can adjust the volume from my keyboard or on-screen, but the phsical volume control buttons and mute button on the right side (facing monitor) and home button (front of monitor) no longer work.  There are many posts about the on screen sound not appearing or keyboard volume buttons not working after a windows 7 upgrade, but this is not that issue.  I have allowed device manager to search and install the audio drivers, but no luck.

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  • 06/17/17--03:26: Static Noise
  • I need to get rid of static noise in the speakers in the monitor. When I talk to my friend on skype, I can't hear anything he's saying because of the static noise. Please advise. Thanks Smiley Happy

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  • 06/17/17--23:43: Windows 10 update
  • I updated Win 10 a couple of days ago (June 16) and the line out for head phones and speakers (front and back) no longer works. Microsoft went onto the computer and said it is probably a hardware problem and win 10 shouldn't be used on Z400s anymore.  I have reinstalled the graphic driver with audio driver (Nvidia) but not change. The internal speaker works on the computer but the line out 3.5mm jacks no longer give audio for external speakers or headphones front or back. Should I revert to Win 7? I'm running Adobe CC suite.


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  • 06/18/17--09:18: headphone jack won't fit
  • The nomal 3.5 headphone jack won't fit, I bought a 2.5 headphone jack adapter and it's too small. 

    Can you please fix this for me thank you

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  • 06/18/17--19:28: need windows 7 sound driver
  • I had to remove my audio driver because of virus in it. I tried updating driver to fix but it did nothing. there is an "x" on my speaker icon on task bar. Pls help ive been working on it for cpl days and am right back where i started. my computer is a Compaq Presario sr1000, 64 bit, with windows 7 home premium on it.



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  • 06/19/17--02:19: Front audio connector type
  • I have an EliteDesk 800 G3 Tower and recently installed a PCIe sound card. I would like to have the option of useing the front 3.5 mm audio jacks so need to connect them to my new sound card. The card has headers for both AC'97 & HD AUDIO but the connector HP used to connect to the motherboard is neither. It has 11 pins (one row of 6 and a second row of 5 - with one missing). Can anyone tell me what type of connector this is?


    If I can identify the connector I can research my options but don't have enough Info. to do that yet. I have checked every HP hardware guide I could find and even though it is depicted on the board images it is never actually described.


    Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

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    I had no audio on a TV connected by HDMI.  I probably uninstalled an audio driver that I shouldn't have and now the Troubleshooter shows 'Audio services not responding' message.

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  • 06/19/17--13:49: Sound chip broken ?
  • Hi,

      some days ago i decided to try a video card in my computer. In short, i have had big troubles with making this card working ( after repeated booting and rebooting ). In the end, i pulled out this video card and switched back to onboard video. Then i realized that i have no sound: onboard speaker is not working ( i can hear some fade crackling when pc is booting and thats it ), and also front and rear audio jacks seems to be dead.

      I dont think its about Windows because i did tested sound with HP PC Hardware Diagnostics in BIOS and is giving me an error code. I did even an BIOS update and still no luck.

      First, i want to know if there may be something i can do, or it is clear that the onboard audio is dead and buried.

      Second, a pcie audio card will solve my problem ?

      And third, maybe a dumb question, lets say i have an monitor with speakers, connected to the computer with hdmi cable, could solve the problem.


    Many thanks 

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    I have a user who's system is not playing any audio in any web browser when external speakers are plugged in. I've removed and reinstalled the audio drivers, flash and java. Make sure the browsers are up to date (IE, FireFox).  The volume mixer shows there is audio playing, nothing is muted that I can see. Any sounds/music from the local machine or phone/flashdrive play. If I unplug the speakers the web audio plays throught the internal speakers. As soon as I plug them back in it shuts off. As far as I can tell there have been no changes other then MS updates and she dosen't pay attention to when they run.


    It apprers that the audio is just not being routed to the external speakers, just can't find where that is.


    Thanks for any info.

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  • 06/21/17--14:44: Adding an internal speaker
  • Although this is an older desktop, it came with the violet MB but no internal speakers. Anyone familliar with this board enough to point me to the correct connector to add a small speaker. Not wanting to add a sound card.

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        I need my sons to use the computer for doing homework quietly using their headphones while I do other work but when I plug in my headphones to the headphone jack of my computer, sometimes it works and other times you can hear the audio on the headphones and the computer itself (both ways).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy


    Thanks in advance



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    My old HP monitor died, and I purchased a newer model.  (EliteDisplay E190i)  I have a pair of harman/kardon speakers that easily connected to the old monitor; however, the newer monitor does not have the same connection access.  How can I hook up my old speakers to this newer monitor?  What kind of cable or adapter do I need?  Thanks!

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    The software I'm considering, basically a speech to text program, requires a high quality sound card, that it could record at 16 bits. 


    As far as I can tell, it runs on IDT drivers. 


    Motherboard is the HP "Cleaveland" 


    So if you could let me know, where on the ladder of quality this sound card falls, I'd appreciate it.


    Thanks in advance,



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  • 06/22/17--15:36: Non Leaving Blue Volume Bar
  • Well even though the pc is old I kind aneed it... But after i got a new moniter its volume bar never goes away and it interferes with everything in the bottom mid of the screen.

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  • 06/23/17--04:11: Microphone Jack
  • HI,


      Where is the Microphone Jack for this Desktop Series? Btw, thanks for stopping by. 

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    Hi Everyone,



    I'm having some extremely horrible distorted sound issues on the HP ELiteDesk 800 G3 SFF running Windows 10 (x64) with the latest  driver installed: 



    Conexant High Definition Audio Driver Rev.A


    I've also tried the default Windows Audio Driver and it's having the same results.


    I've tried disabling all sound enhancements under the Playback Devices, among a number of other things but nothing seems to resolve the problem. This is happening on multiple systems with the same build type.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    any tips on how to get rid of sound lag when watching videos. currently using power beats bluetooth wireless headphones connected to my omen desktop. wondering if the sound lag is a driver issue or a slow internet issue. thanks

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  • 06/24/17--13:00: motherboard id
  • I have no sound. I tried everything possible like dowloading new driver, reset the computer, check the BIOS, .....

    no sound on internal or external speaker.

    I now believe the culprit is with the mother booard and I need the id for a replacement.


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