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Desktop Audio topics

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    My system was originally 8.1, it was updated to Windows 10. The Beats Audio was missing for a while. That got resolved. Now, I not only am missing the beats audio that came with the system, but I have no sound at all. There is a red x over the volume button. I have tried to uninstall nd reinstall. When I attempt to update the drivers the message appears as, "No Audio devices are installed". The same speakers and headphones are in use, and plugged in. I am at a total loss. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

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    Na de upgrade naar Windows 10 mijn volledig geluidssysteem kwijt. Hoe kan ik dit terug installeren?

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    Hi there,


    I recently reset my HP TouchSmart 600 due to it consistently crashing and bootlooping. Since the reset, the volume up and down buttons do not work. I can adjust the volume on screen, but the physical buttons on the side of the monitor do not do anything. I hope there is an easy solution to this.



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    I have no error messages. Just want to upgrade to attach my 5.1 system

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    After an update from iTunes (sorry I don't know which one, it was a while ago) my sound stopped working. I have run diagnostics, and everything shows up as working properly. I followed the whole HP troubleshooting menu to restore sound and nothing works. The only thing I haven't tried is restoring to factory settings, which I'm not sure how to do. Anybody know what I should do?

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  • 06/25/17--21:04: Internal Mic Not Working
  • My microphone integrated into my HP EliteBook 8540w stopped working. It had a similar issue a bit ago but  it mysteriously resolved itself, now it's back. Under Hardware and Sound it says the device is functioning properly but won't pick up any sound I make when I test it. I tried reinstalling my audio driver but no luck, any ideas?


    *Update: After trying to update my driver, the device "Integrated Microphone Array" isn't under the recording tab in Sound:

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  • 06/26/17--18:05: HP Omen Speakers not working
  • i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz

    16.0 GB RAM

    2 TB memory


    I've had this problem since I first got this laptop. Speakers work fine until the fans start getting faster, then they cut out and stop working altogether. Usually when I'm watching a movie or playing games. The audio works if I have headphones plugged in but the speakers in the laptop don't work(Bang& Olufsen)



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    I have connected my new HP All-In-One PC with a second HP monitor via a HDML cable and lost my audio.  Audio works when monitor is disconnected.

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  • 06/27/17--23:39: sound problems
  • i can't adjust my sound. i've tried to use FN f8-f9, but the sound is still the same. i can't even mute my computer. please help! 

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    I have installed AVG antirus recently as well as Find Junk files

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    My HP Z800 workstion onboard speaker suddenly stop working after i cleanup my window and registry with CCleaner. 

    I have done things below: 


    -  reinstall all the audio driver from HP support.

    - check onboard audio enable in BIOS.

    -  set speaker as playback default device.

    -  volume control green bar still show movement when i play audio file.


    please help me to solve the problem, thank you!

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  • 06/28/17--19:12: HP 5187-2105 Speaker mounts
  • I know this isn't the proper forum.  But I didn't know where else to post it. My dad had a computer with these speakers. I would like to mount them to the headboard of my bed. I play sounds to help me sleep. 


    Can anyone recommend speaker mounts that will fit and secure these speakers to the headboard?


    Thank you



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  • 06/29/17--04:08: My mic will not work
  • I am trying to set up Cortana and the mic is not working.  In fact, I do not even kow where mic is


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    My company just exchanged my old PC and now I own a HP Elitebook 800G3. Beside working on it :-)  I also want to listen to music, but my high end ear plug sounds horrible on this PC. There is nearly no bass at all.


    I checked all the settings and even the driver: It's "Conexant HD Audio" Version which is the latest available dated May 23, 2017


    Can anybody help and get me back my beloved sound quality of my old PC?


    Thanks a lot in advance


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  • 07/01/17--14:19: No audio
  • The speakers just stopped working today. I have checked the audio settings and everything seems to be  set properly.  Is there something I might be missing? I hate to think that they have stopped working forever. I had to return my first Envy for a monitor issue and would hate to think  I need to  send this one back in for repair.


    I'm thinkingit might be a software issue due to the fact that, while playing music, I don't see any volume  response from the playback device in the Sound window.

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  • 07/02/17--13:03: No audio from speakers
  • For some time I have been unable to get any sound from my speakers or headphones. These devices are working as I have tested them on other devices. There is no audio but the audio tool down at the bottom left shows levels whenever I play anything.


    I ran the internal HP test for audio with no sound from the speakers, resulting in in the message:





    I have uninstalled my audio drivers and reinstalled them with zero success. Not an expert in PCs by eny stretch (and therefore beg your patience) and am now at my wits end. Can anyone help?

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    I am wanting to have a headset (with both a mic and obviously the headphones) AND my stereo system working at the same time. There is a plug in on the top of the computer where I can plug my headset in, but when I do that, it instantly takes over ALL audio, and my stereo stops working.  I am wanting to be able to use the headset stricly for the communication device and keep the stereo/speakers working like normal. Is this possible?  

    The headset can either be a single jack plug or I have a adapter where i can split into two. I can either plug the headset into the plug at the top of the tower OR i can split w/ the adapter in the back, but if i do either of these, my other speakeres stop working.


    When I go into the sounds option, it's not showing multiple playback devices, it's only showing the one as "speakers" and if I plug in the headset or unplug, it doesn't change the playback device.


    What can I do to make BOTH work at the same time?


    I have the HP omen 

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    I have a HP EliteDesk 800 G3 and I have good quality headphones plugged into the headphone socket.  The audio quality from the PC is terrible.  There is no bass and the frequency response is poor.  The same headphones plugged into my mobile 'phone sound far better than when into the HP PC.  I've checked every setting I can find and there appears to be no way to improve the sound quality from the PC.  Does anybody have any advice?  I really don't want to have to purchase an external sound device.



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    since last windows 10 update, i have lost my line-in and mic-in devices.  result, no way to record from outside source.

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    I have Beats Audio.  After the installation of Windows 10,  I lost stero, returning to a tiny mono.  Someone on the forum provided a patch which returned Beats Stero nicely.  Today, 7-6-17, an extended Windows 10 upgrade has again disable that Audio, I am once again left with a tinny mono on the laptop speakers; however, headphones are fine, so the problem is limited to the laptop speakers.  Unfortuantley, I am very ignorant about these kind of things and and cannot see, after exploring a bit on the laptop, how to recover the Beats Audio sound.

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