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    My speakers have been popping since February.  I continually change the Default Format in the Sound Panel/Advanced for a work around but I should not need to.  HP knew that is sold defective computers with bad speakers.  These should have been replaced.  What are you going to do to fix this problem HP.

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    I have problems with my microphone, then one morning the microphone and audio output (built in Beats audio) no longer works.

    If I go into the control panel there is no hardware present under microphone or audio, although a driver still appears to be installed.

    Nothing I download appears to be compatible with this computer.

    Beginning to panic as I use skype to keep in touch with my research supervisor and have no audio or microphone.

    Could it be linked to windows 10?

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    I have the same problem as others. No Beats Audio after Creators Update. We have an HP ENVY Recline TS 27-k150xt 

    Product number is E7N94AV#ABA

    The links given for the notebooks won't install. Any help will be much appreciated.

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    I had a system crash and reinstalled Windows 10 on Pavilion 500-492qe.  Original OS was 8.1.  Computer has no sound coming from speakers.  Ran diagnotics and computer passed all tests.  Attempted to download updated driver with no success.  Solution seems to be update the bios.  Current bios shows SSID for motherboard of 2AF7.  When i use the HP tool for updating the bios under Win 10, it shows one update but for a different SSID for motherboard.  If I look at the updates for Win 8.1, it shows 3 updates with one being for the 2AF7 SSID.  My problem is that the instructions for updating the bios indicates that the SSID must be the same as the current SSID, but that does not solve the problem (tried updating under 8.1) and it seem illogical to update based on win 8.1 rather than Win 10 which is what I am currently running.  Should I use the win 10 update even though it does not match the same SSID as is showing on my current bios or is there some other change that I need to make?  Need help.

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    After the recent Windows 10 Creators Update, The beats audio control panel has been removed from my laptop and can no longer be used.


    Please assist in its return.




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    Either the F8 key or volume up on the side of my laptop is stuck and the volume raising to 100 keeps poping up on  screen, making it not possible to mute or lower the volume. 

    I've tried resetting and updating the sound drivers and running the troubleshooter for audio, but neither of those worked because I think the physical key got stuck somewhere. Is there a way to just disable these keys? I can just use my headphones or mouse over volume if I want to change it. 



    HP ENVY x360 m6 Convertible

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz 8GB

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    So,we sent our PC in over a year ago when it was still under factory warranty to have the issue looked at. You guys ended up replacing the sound card. A little over one year later it stopped working again. Our kids play downloaded games on it fairly often and we tried everything imaginable to check for what and why it stopped working and so far no luck. What else can we do at this point?

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  • 09/05/17--07:38: Volume button on laptop
  • Moved to Notebooks, Boot for better response

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    Hello all.


    I bought my Pavilion x360 few months ago and i noticed some noise coming from the laptop. It didn't bothered me at the moment and i though they come from the ssd.  I said ok, no problem, because i was going to upgrade my ssd anyway.

    After i bought and installed a Samsung 850 evo 500 GB ssd m.2, the noise is still there but not that loud.


    In a normal enviroment you can't hear it, but when i go to bed, because is very quiet in the room, the noise in there and is bothering me, very anoying.


    There is another thread here : 



    but to mention that i can hear the noise in both upper corners of the keyboard, from witch i assumed it comes from the speakers.


    The noise is not present if the computer is in bios mode.


    I recently uninstalled "intel rapid storage" and downgraded "intel management interface" to driver version 9.5 because my laptop was freezing (but this is another story) and i "heard" a small improvment, but the noise is still there.


    Is anybody here with this issue?


    Can anyone help me to get rid of this annoying sound?


    All the drivers and windows are up to date.


    Thank you.

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  • 09/06/17--23:41: missing sound beats audio
  • I have just updated from win 8 to win 8.1 and now there is only a metallic sound, no beats audio.
    so i missing the app from beats audio and audio from there
    have tried the different links on the page but they do not work anymore so what do I do ???


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    I recently bought the Spectre x360 Convertible Laptop 15 inch and have had it for just over a month now. Until now, everything was working perfectly fine and I had used my headphones in the headphone jack multiple times with no problems. For some reason, yesterday when I went to plug in my headphones, they would only go in about a quarter of the way and stop. I looked into the headphone jack and could see the hole was slightly disaligned from the external computer hole. I pushed just a little bit harder and my headphones went in fully and the holes had realigned. But, when I tried to use my headphones, the sound would not play through my headphones, and would only play through the notebook speakers. I know my headphones are not the issue, because they work fine on other devices. I did a power reset of my computer, and went to update audio drivers but all drivers were already up to date. I used the windows troubleshoot tool which said it fixed something, but did not fix the problem. When I pull up the sound window, the headphones are not detected. Someone please help me!

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    The audio from my laptop use to be crisp and clear, but now I cant seem to find the beats audio anywhere and now the audio is low and just bad. Any suggestions or help?

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  • 09/08/17--06:59: Sound from computer to tv
  • I am using a vga cord from the computer to tv. How do I get sound? Just use a separate audio cable from the computer to the tv? I don't see an hdmi connection on the computer.

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  • 09/08/17--07:29: Back Panel Picture
  • Hi!


    I have an HP Pavillion HPE h8-1380t and I want to install mike/speakers to the back.


    Where can I find a picture of the back panel?


    Thank you!


    Doctor T


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    Microsoft just pushed thru a "creator update" for Windows 10 which tanked my sound quality.  It is now super tinny and hollow sounding.  Everything I've read in the formus indicates either an issue with my audio driver and/or the Beats Audio software was removed during the update....however none of these suggestions were specific to my model.  Based on what I saw in other posts I have downloaded and ran the following programs/driver updates however they did not resolve my issues:





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  • 09/08/17--09:03: Audio and Video out of sync
  • I bought this computer a few months ago, and as soon as I was on it for a while I noticed that the audio slowly becomes out of sync with videos when I watch them.  The longer I watch a video for the worse the problem gets, and if I pause the video for a bit they will be in sync again when I press play but then slowly start to become out of sync again. It stopped for a few weeks after I left my computer at home and came back from vacation but has slowly started to happen more and more frequently again and isn't helped by restarting or shutting down the computer. The problem happens with both chrome and internet explorer and still happens when all of my chrome extensions are disabled, so I don't think it has anything with chrome or my extensions. I'm beginning to get really frustrated with it because I often have to watch videos for my classes and it really throws me off when nothing is in sync.

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  • 09/09/17--05:52: Help w/ Audio



    I am a newbie using an HP Pavillion HPE (h8-1380t) running under Windows 7 Pro (64 bit).


    On the top of the PC, near the front, there is an input for a headphone and an input for a microphone. I use these two inputs for a combined headphone/microphone. And, it works well.


    On the back panel, there are six audio inputs:



    Rear speaker out

    Side speaker out




    I want to install a stand alone microphone and stand-alone speakers for recording MS Power Point presentations. I have not bought the microphone yet but I do have a set of speakers (Altec Lansing BXR1220) that has a single male plug plus a USB connection for power.




    1) What type of microphone do I buy?

    2) Where do I plug it in?




    3) Where do I plug in the Altec Lansing speakers?




    4) How do I configure Windows?


    Thank you!


    Doctor T


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  • 09/09/17--06:22: HPAudio Switch lemProb
  • Hey Guys i Having Almost Same Problem With this Hp Audio Switch ,when i see this shortcut icon on my taskbar right side on bottom ,after doing right click on it ,it is showing bluetooth menu with two option ,1:Manage Blutooth Device and 2: Exit .any one know why this HP Audio Switch giving this option for blutooth.....Smiley Frustrated my cortana also stoped talking to me ,she listen my voice and replying only  from showing  msg on screen ,i am using windows 10 version 1703 ,everything is upto  date ....Smiley Sad


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    Добрый день! не могу найти драйвер для аудио помогите найти драйвер всё испробовал не помогает. 

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  • 09/09/17--12:14: Question and help
  • Hi. I have a problem with my Pavilion 2009m . I need replace Audio. What do i do?

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