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Desktop Audio topics

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    I have lost HP software like Recovery system.

    And also the Beats Audio software.How can I set up this one?

    I have used 

    C:\SWSetup\Drivers\Audio\IDTsetup   this path to reinstall IDT driver. How can I check if all the speakers are working or not?


    How can I  reinstall that?

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    I have the same problem. So far, the replies have been nonsense. What is with this one. Redirect the OP to Microsoft forums then ask if that solved the problem. Purlease. Is that a joke reply.?

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    Oh, I, also, cannot get any sound on my computer.  I re-installed windows 10 to day because of windows problems.  Now I have lost my sound.  I know my speakers work because they creat a noise when I touch the connector to the insert hole.   My head phones do not work either.  I have tried to up grade the drivers several times.  I think the sound driver is corrupted but maybe not.  I am having more problems now thanm before the reinstal.  I can't even get to the volume contro.  When I click on the speaker icon it does straight to scan.  It couldn't detect any problems.  Right click and go to sounds it looks alright??  I click on a notification but the test button doesn't work.  I click on playback and no devices are shown.  Same with recording devices.   I am not good at this stuff but I am completely lost.  Oh, no sound at/on any web site

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    I bought this monitor not paying attention to the fact that it has no speakers. So i am just wondering what speakers are compatible and which are the best to use for it.

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    Okay so I have recently purchased the hp omen 870-224 and has experimented with different speakers and headphones, and they all sound- bad. The audio products do sound amazing but it just occurs that on this desktop is bad so how do I fix this?

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    I own a HP Pavilion Desktop 510 -p030 machine. The machine has one PCI-e slot. After I installed a sound card in the slot (Sound Blaster by Creative Labs), and installed the drivers for the card, video would no longer play on the machine if I connected hardware such as a headset to the corresponding port on the card.


    I suspect that by default the PCI-e slot is configured to "accept" only a video card. Does anyone if it is possible to re-configure the slot to accept a sound card?

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  • 12/16/17--03:20: Cracking sound from speakers
  • Hi,


    There is a cracking backgrond sound coming from the speaker when playing any video or sound file. This is regardless of the source (internet video, files, music apps...) and when the external speakers are linked to the PC the problem persists. I tried already ALL options with driver updating and the problem still persists!

    This is very annoying and seems to be a software issue, and the machine is only 6 months old.


    Anybody help with this issue?





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    I am stumped. The Equalizer part of Beats does not work anymore after the latest update. I've tried everything to locate the correct driver. I've done it before but I think the restoration driver was Win 8 but I don't see it as available anymore. Help!

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    Good night friends!


    On July 20, 2017 buy an All in one Hp 24-b211ns. For a week I have been receiving error messages on blue screen (3F5) and when testing components I have audio failure:
    When you start the computer and listen to audio, you hear with clicks and imperfections
    Has anyone had this type of failure ?.
    Is there any possible solution?
    Thanks for your help.


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    Does this model have an audio inoput jack only, or can it handle input and output with an adapter ?

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    God morning.

    My desktop PC has serial number [Personal Information Removed] product No. KP721AV.


    I live in Italy and I am a chorus musician, and for my recording and playback works I use my computer's sound system mixer.


    My PC was originally with Windows 7 home edition operating system, an after I migrated to windows 10.


    It is equipped with Realtek High Definition Audio hardware + a fully functional Soundmax sound mixer from win7, but the latter is systematic deleted with every update of win10,.... and I remain without a mixer.

    My question is: how I have to do to get a Realtek audio mixer (or may be Soundmax) that does not disappear at every operating system update ?

    Many thanks

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  • 12/20/17--18:30: No audio !!!
  • No Sound tried updating driver to no success. Tried uninstalling and reinstall and nothing is working after Windows latest OS update

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  • 12/22/17--09:31: Wave600 desktop No sound
  • I get no sound out of my speakers OR my headphones.  WHen playing music, the levels jump, like its playing, but nothing comes out.  I tried updating the driver and still nothing.  The computer is out of the box.  I have a dual monitor setup, one out of the dport and one hdmi, both disabled for sound (they have no external speakers).  Please help.  Or HALP  Thanks

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    Anytime I plug headphones into my headphone jack on my computer, it doesn't immediately work. I have to move it around a couple times to get audio to come out the headphones. The headphones itself work fine, I've tried it on different devices.

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    My screen went really pixilated all of a sudden so I panicked and factory resetted my PC, and I thought i would have the original qualities of when I purchased the computer but it wiped my PC clean. I have an envy23 all in one PC and it came with beats audio, but after the reset that disappeared and it seems to be using crappy default audio now. Is there anyway I can restore my beats audio back? And I also lost my cyber webcam program. When i first resetted it said no audio could be found but after tweaking around I got the regular audio to work. Also it says one of my speakers is not plugged in, but its an all in one computer so???? Capture.PNG1.PNG

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    My friend gave us this computer and he said the sound worked when he had it. realtek is the audio device. ive ran test after test, disabled, enabled, unistalled, re installed. still no sound at all. error message keeps reading no pheriprials are connected. the only device i have option to enable in sound settings is reltck digital output high def audio. the other options are unchangeable. i have updated driver after driver tried to get new me please i am at wits end. i have enven system restored point as early as i could to no avail. stll no sound


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  • 12/27/17--09:41: HP Audio Switch Box
  • HI


    I am having the same problem that there is this dashboard audio icon that is at the top of my PC screen and it will not go away. It does not allow me to click on it. I did control-alt-delete Task Manager and found an HP Audio Control function listed - it was not active - but I closed it anyway. I still cannot get rid of this and it is blocking viewing of tabs in my browser. The only thing I need to try is reboot but I don't want to do that. 


    Can you help me?



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    I have an Altec Lansing ADA995 surround sound system.  Just purchased a Pavilion 570-p041 desktop and cannot seem to get the surround to work.  Only 2 speakers at a time will work.  The color codes from the back of the woofer do not match the color codes on back of PC.  Any suggestions?

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  • 12/31/17--07:22: H57h manual
  • Hi,
    Could you tell me which plug i take out and fit onto my new sound card i have fitted, to connect the front panel mic & headphone sockets connected? - The motherboard is a H57H

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  • 01/01/18--10:07: Frontal headphone jack
  • I own this desktop for a while now. A long time ago, the audio jack on the front had already malfunctioned, causing the sound to only come out on the left side of my headphones. So i plugged my headset into the dual jack that had both the microphone and headphone logo on, and it worked just fine. Tonight, i turned it back on after an update, and accidentally pulled my headphone cable out. I tried plugging it back in, but found that the sound didn't go into the headphones, but through the speakers. I tried everything i knew, but it still won't work. When i opened the sound menu, it said that my headphones weren't connected even though i had been using them like that for a few years now. I don't know if it's the audio jack that doesn't worn anymore, or if it's simply the computer's age. My step father bought it from his workplace about 4 years ago or so, and i don't know how many years it had already been used. If anyone has any suggestions, please reply. I don't want to buy a new computer yet and get rid of all the memories i shared with this one, but it looks like he might bite the dust soon..

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