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  • 01/20/18--14:08: HP Envy sound issue
  • I just bought a new HP Envy desktop. With windows 10.  There is no sound at all. Tried the usual stuff updating drivers etc. If I plug in speakers in the headphone jack the sound works fine. Can someone help? thanks.

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  • 01/21/18--06:59: Audio Issue
  • Since I've bought this laptop ( HP Spectre x360 13 4102TU ), I'm facing issues regarding the audio of this laptop. If I restart it or shut it down the next it starts the audio icon on the bottom right has a red cross over it (sometimes) and the audio doesn't work. I've tried to update it and it works for sometime then it gives up. Windows or HP assistant doesn't help either. I have to uninstall and then install the driver all over again (Driver being from Conexant ISST Audio Driver ver Now up to that it was working and was tolerating all this but after the latest update of Windows 10 where it allows you to switch audio between headphones and speakers from the bottom left speaker icon directly, the headphone doesn't work. Speakers are working fine and when I plug in my headphone that is shown to be plugged in as well but no volume (it's not muted and I've trid sliding the volume levels up and down). Now when I swtich the audio from headphones to speakers with the headphone inserted the speakers still work. And as the windows doesn't seem to see the problem there so I can't even use windows assistant to fix this issue. My laptop is upto date with latest drivers. Kindly provide guidance to fix this issue because I'm out of options.

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  • 01/21/18--08:24: Speaker Issue
  • I don't know what I did so this is no longer set up the way it is supposed to be. I've installed the drivers but still can't get access to the speakers. However, they do work and it seems that speakers/headphones are the same?




    Any ideas how to fix this?


    Thanks in advance,



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    I previously came back from my trip in Italy in summer when my headphones were working perfectly fine but then when I came back i noticed there was a red x on the volume speaker icon ont he bottom right. When i went to trouble shoot it it says audio services not responding and I tried looking up how to solve it I tried everything the solutions were but they havent worked for me I ahve an diea its a virus but I jsut need someyone to help me if  it is ebcause i paid almost 200 to fix my computer due to it not starting up I jsut want to know if im gonna have to pay more for this to be fixed.

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  • 01/21/18--20:33: no audio on envy 23 desktop
  • The envy has been relativly trouuble free up until a week ago after a windows up grade though not immediate say a day or so it wouldnt boot up start propblem it said  the only thing I could do was restore to before upgrade.  everything came back end of story.  week later I think it reinstalled windows update, let it go .  no problem for several days until today .  I was in the computer playing microsoft solataire game when I noticed no sound.  so I rebooted firgure shake it loose.  nothing, kept getting cant find device, when I tried to upgrade driver it would kick back found new driver but couldnt install it.  I went all the way to removing diriver totally and letting windows reinstall to no avail no change.  I even defaulted the bios and that is where I am now.  The only thing that bios move did was clear idt high definition audio codec caution sign.  now in device manager when I click on the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC this is what I get. No drivers are installed for this device., manufacturer unknow. I am streached to my limit any help would be of course greatly appreciated.


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  • 01/22/18--11:35: No audio device installed.
  • I did a complete fresh start for Windows 10 to correct issues I tried repeatedly to repair in normal step-by-step fashion.  My computer is working just fine..except I have no sound.  When I drag the mouse over the speaker icon in the taskbar, the message says "No Audio Output Device is installed".  Upon opening up device manager, scrolling down to Sound, video and

    game controllers...and double left-clicking on that listing, IDT High Definition Audio CODEC is listed below.  Doubling left-

    clicking says that "No drivers are installed for this device".  Clicking on the driver properties, driver details (C:\WINDOWS\

    system32\drivers\ksthunk.sys appears.   When I click up Update Drivers...I get these messages:

    Windows encountered a problem installing the drivers for your device.

    Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them.

    A device attached to the system is not functioning.


    Please Help!!!

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    I finally got around to installing the Fall Creator's Update and my audio hasn't worked since. My speakers and headphones are plugged in the same as they have always been, but they don't show up as an available playback device. I have tried:


    - reinstalling the drivers

    - removing the existing drivers (they just re-appear)

    - extracting the .exe I downloaded from HP and pointing the driver install to those files. The system just tells me that I already have the best driver installed and won't show any other choices.

    - Downloaded the driver from Realtek and installed it.

    - Removed the Realtek folders and reinstalled.

    - Rebooted after and between all of those steps.


    No luck.








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  • 01/22/18--17:53: No sound on computer
  • Hello! I was having problems with my computer not responding so I did a system restore.  When it rebooted, there was no sound coming from the computer. I did several times of troubleshooting: reinstalling drivers, system restores, and system recoveries. I have run hp support assistance but all I get is that the driver can't be installed because a device attached to the system is not working.

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    this problem has existed for over a month where the realtek audio hd speaker/headphone no matter what i plug into my pc only plays through one ear. I also tested the stereo speakers/headphones and it plays the left and right sound on one ear, what do i do? 

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    so everytime windows ten updates it eliminates the playback device speakers or headphones in place of high defenition audio device. which works with HDMI cable. My tower does not have a HDMI output anywhere on it. and the audio jack is disabled as well so I get no sound at all. any help?

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  • 01/23/18--09:29: Very low audio on my pc
  • My HP Split is experiencing loss of audio.  The audio is there but even at 100% volume it is very hard to hear from the laptop speakers. Kindly assist with a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance.

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  • 01/23/18--11:52: Blue Tooth Drivers
  • How can I download Blue Drivers to my upgraded Elite 8300-- now with Windows 10 x 64 bit?   I tried HP Support, and can not get help to recognize my machine.   maxthefax

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    Tried SYSTEM RESTORE for a minor glitch and WINDOWS10 crashed. Blue screen came up giving me 2 options- reload widows and either lose all files or keep files. Chose the latter but since then have had no SOUND. There is a red cross over the sound icon. Have worked on a Windows 10 forum but they cannot solve. In Device Manager, remove card and let windows install it. But it comes up with a yellow triangle over the IDT High definition Audio Codec option with a message "no drivers are installed for the device". When I try to manually install a driver, can't find one for Windows 10. Please help.

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    This problem is only in this tool, not in PC. Audio in PC works fine but this daignostics tool not be able to handle any sound in my PC.

    I just installed this tool and checked how this work for, if I will need it in any day.

    Version of this tool is 1.1.0

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    My internal microphone has never computer is 6 months old.  The troubleshooter steps do not fix the problem.  I have followed steps suggested to others who have had the same problem but they only fix the issue for a brief moment, then the settings automatically revert to "mute".

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  • 01/25/18--10:44: audio problem
  • So my problem i have theres no sound and im not sure if im not setting it up right or this computer dont come with speakers built in can anyone help me its a        HP Pavilion 570  montior bundle

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    I have a problem after a recent update (I think it updated, I'm not sure). My computer says the error is a Code 19 error and when I went into the event viewer to look at the event/change long of the audio drive it says:

    Device HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0280&SUBSYS_103C2B45&REV_1000\4&1A6278E5&0&0001 was deleted.

    Class Guid: {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}

    Which occurred on 2018-01-23 at 3:00:01AM and the Event ID is 420


    Afterward at 3:00:12AM the same morning, 2018-01-23, it registered an Event ID 430
    Device HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0280&SUBSYS_103C2B45&REV_1000\4&1a6278e5&0&0001 requires further installation.


    I've tried every "simple" solution to the driver error such as:

    • Restarting the PC
    • Attempting to update the drivers automatically (it repeatedly told me every attempt that "The best drivers already have been installed.")
    • Manually Installing drivers from the RealTek and Intel websites (Having to delete the old driver or overwrite it every time to no avail, nothing worked.)
    • Installing drivers via HP Support Assistant
    • In between every installation I restarted the PC

    Nothing worked at all, this is what my sound devices look like:



    I tried reinstalling all the drivers with a warning sign/! on it, nothing worked, even when restarting the computer after every installation. There were also chipset updates on HP Support Assistant but after installing all of those, still no change again. I have no idea what to do or what to fix at this point, I cannot afford an external hard drive at the moment so I have no driver to backup my files/computer to at the moment.


    Please help


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    After clean install windows 10 pro , couldnot see anywhere Bang & Olufsen Audio Control Panel but audio device working well and lastest update working fine. Only sound system control seen via realtek high defination audio control.


    Anychance to see Bang & Olufsen Audio Control Panel  again or not, this reflect my audio sounds or notting change


    What you suggest need to dowload Bang & Olufsen Audio Control Panel or not (also couldnot find anywhere)


    Please to hear


    Best Regards


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