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Desktop Audio topics

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    I did the Windows 10 Version 1709.  The speaker works but when I connect my headset I dont hear anything.  I have a HP Pavilion G6 that worked fine until this update.  I rebooted several times and still have no sound.  I'm pretty sure that my headset is working.  Is there something I'm missing that I should do to enable audio again?  


    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    my cd/dvd player hasnt worked forever. the player itself makes a noise like its trying, all the software and drivers seem to be okay, its just that when you put the disc in nothing happens, after about 10 seconds of the disc spinning it just stops. 

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    I do not see a mic jack input on my TouchSmart300. I'd like to connect a lavalier mic as the built-in mic picks up too much ambient noise. Do I use the headphone jack (like I would with my phone)? If so, the computer does not seem to recognize it. 

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    I updated my desktop to Windows 10 and after that the audioo has stopped working. 

    The jack in the front doesnt work no matter what I connect and connecting the audio from the back of the computer to my monitor doesn't work either. The beats audio is also missing so I think that has to do with the audio not working. I have tried everything I can think off but nothing works. Please help, I just wand audio for my PC 

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    I have a solution, not a problem, but cannot find how to post it on any forums, to help others. 

    Problem was: Win 7  line-in no audio from speakers, but audio level bars are green on the recording tab under the Sound menu.

    My solution is:  If you have Line-In as your default recording device (vs microphone), you must set check the 'listen to this device' in the listen submenu of  'line in' properties. Everything works fine after that.  I think this setting is meant to mute the recording source from the speakers (especially if you are recording from a mike) when it is unchecked.


    Hope this helps someone.

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    I bought this PC a couple of months ago and when recording my voice, which I need to do for work, I've had reports that the sound quality is poor or non-existent.


    I tested this myself through Voice Recorder and can confirm that the sound is poor. The first couple of seconds sounds fine and then  I can only hear parts of words and sound quality is bad.


    Through SoundI have confirmed that the bar at the side of the microphone is turning green when I speak and in properties for that microphone the Microphone Array is not muted and is on full and Micorphone Boost is on full.


    Thanks for your help Smiley Happy

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    Just got a brand-new HP Envy laptop. When I plug a pair of earphones into the laptop, I'm only getting sound on the left side. I've checked several different pairs of earphones with other devices and they worked fine. I've already tried re-installing the Realtek audio driver, but it did not help. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    i cant seem to get any sound from my computer. I tried re-installing the driver from HP support and still no sound. just a code 10 error messgae.


    Ive already checked all connections. also tried the speaker on the monitor and nothing. I also tried other speakers and still nothing.


    I belive my computer has a built in sound card into the mother board, whatever that means. I'm lost in this.

    please help. Robot Sad

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    No audio from s340c speakers. I get sound output from the headphone jack though. I have been all through the "sound" applet looking to see if anything wrong but don't see anything wrong). I see the green bars moving (when no headphones plugged in) but no sound from the speakers. The PC and monitor are now 8 months.


    If I use a 3.5mm jack from my laptop to the audio in jack on the s340c, I get no audio either.


    I assume that if I am getting sound out of the headphone jack but not the s340c speakers, then it would appear to be a hardware problem with the monitor itself, no? In that case, the monitor is under warranty.



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  • 02/13/18--01:29: Audio Bass issue
  • From one day to another, there was no bass in my audio anymore. I immediately thought there was something wrong with my speakerset, so I bouth another set... but the issue remains. Smiley Sad ... no bass.

    Now, without my speaker set, so just using the PC's speakers, the issue is still there, even with a headphone. I already tried to reset all settings and I also re-installed the latest Realtek driver. As far as I know, this didn't happen directly after any update, all I know is that I can hear the music, but the bass is missing. 

    Any experience with this?


    Many THX!


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    After reinstalling Windows 8.1 I have no sound from my speakers.

    I have tested the speakers with another device - they work.

    I have seen that there is an issue with my IDT High Definition Audio CODEC



    When I attempt to reinstall the driver it downloads but then fails to install with this message:




    Please can anybody suggest what I need to do?


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    Hello. I have a HP Pavillion 500-164 tower. An ancient system, but it has been running Windows 10 just fine. Everything is stock, except for upgraded Memory, PSU, and GPU. No issues after I installed that hardware.

    About a week ago, the microphone inputs all stopped working. Playback works fine, any device. My computer has a IDT HD Audio in it. I have tried multiple microphones, front input jack, rear input jack, and even a USB sound card. No difference. The microphones still don't work, no matter which one, where, or what settings I use (Sound Settings).

    I recently installed VB- Audio Cable software for some streaming I needed to do. I installed it about a week or two before these problems showed up, so the first thing I did was uninstall VB-Audio Cable. No effect.

    Where should I start to trouble shoot this? I have tried all my microphones on another PC and it worked just fine, so I know that isn't the problem. I have tried plugging the USB sound card into different USB ports (that work just fine for every other USB thing I plug in). The USB card was Amazon recommended 4 out of 5 stars customer reviews. Just today I put in a (Amazon Link) Ceative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX sound card.  Still doesn't work. I am completey stumped.


    I can only think of two other things I could do. Completely format the entire computer or to blow the computer up and buy a new one. I'd rather do neither one of those.

    Suggestions please! Thanks!

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    So I have an unique issue that I haven't been able to resolve and have tried other forums in the past. My computer comes with Beats audio surround, and even though the speakers within my PC are honestly awesome...I got "bass" speakers to plug into the "Sub" port in the back of my all-in-one over a year ago to add to the bass in the music I listen to. I had no problems at all...basically I could hear music through the speakers built into my monitor alongside the sub and speakers I had plugged into the back externally. My sound experience up until my current issue was awesome!!


    A couple months back I had to unplug my computer and move it to a different outlet in my apartment. I did shut off and disconnect everything, and then reconnect and plug everything back in before turning my computer on. Ever since I moved my computer and all my other equipment with it (literally 10 feet) to a different outlet I CANNOT get the "sub" port in the back of my monitor to work. 


    I have troubleshot this issue a ton. First thing I did was check all my wiring, make sure everything was plugged in and on and connected. No issues stemming from that. I went into settings and tried to troubleshoot my audio to see if that would fix the didn't.Right now the only way I can listen to my external sub/speakers is by having them plugged into my headphone jack on the left side of my monitor,...but as you can imagine this makes it so the sound comes solely through my external speakers and not through my internal speakers..meaning I have to choose between my sub/speakers or my monitor for sound. SInce I'm a gamer this can be a bit annoying. I do have a usb headset, but even still it would be nice to not have to choose between my speakers.


    I am not honestly sure how much of this has to do with Windows 10 (when I bought this PC it was a 8.1 and I upgraded when 10 first came out and was free), or if it could be hardware/driver related. So far it seems that anyone that has tried to help me has not even understood what I mean by "sub" input jack in the back of my monitor. I don't know what to properly call it. It is simply labeled "SUB" and it's where I used to have my sub plugged in with a standard audio jack.


    I know this is a wordy forum posting, I just want to be as concise as I can. I know it's a long shot, where I am no longer under warranty I'm limited with what I can affordably do to fix this issue. I'm really hoping someone might understand what I'm talking about and is willing to guide me through any other ways to troubleshoot this issue. I have spent hours troubleshooting with no luck so far. I would greatly appreciate any help at all.

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    How can I get my drivers back? Need the correct Driver

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  • 02/15/18--05:02: HP 500B MT - Audio PC
  • Hi,


    I am currently building an audio pc which is replacing an existing setup.


    I have the HP 500B MT (Sat in stores) and I'm looking at using this.


    Currently upgraded to Windows 7 (64bit).


    I require 3 sound cards for the project; although not being my strongest point; unsure of what sound cards to actually get. I was thinking more 2 cards, and an external usb sound card?


    Any recommendations would be great!



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    HD Audio yellow exclamation mark on the driver at the device manager of my w7 laptop. Initially, I could hear sound before the exclamation icon appear, and x-icon on the speaker, when I place the cursor on the speaker icon it displays messahe " No Audio device is found".

    Kindly assist me the experts in the house

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  • 02/19/18--07:40: Beats Audio Missing
  • Hi had some virus' so done a clean stall of windows 8.1, beats audio is missing how would i get this back? thanks!


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    I own a HP Pavilion all-in-one computer. Recently, the audio coming through my earbuds/headphones sounds really quiet and distorted ; unfortunately, it didn't happen after any big update (to my knowledge), just all of a sudden, so I'm not entirely sure if it's a driver update issue. Sound comes through the speakers perfectly fine. I have standard Realtek HD Audio.


    I reinstalled my audio drivers anways and that didn't seem to do anything. It isn't an issue on the earbuds, since I tested them on other devices, and the earbuds worked just fine on those devices.


    Is the audio issue related to the headphone jack? Or something else entirely?




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    HI...  Having trouble with the mic.   After recording, I can hear the computer..   Is there anyway I can prevent that?





    Figure it out myslef........thanks anyways

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  • 02/21/18--05:48: HP Audio Task Bar
  • On my new laptop there is an HP bar at the top of my screen that I cannot get to go away.  I have contacted our tech department and consulted with my co-workers.  We cannot figure out how to get rid of it.    At one point I was able to click on the arrows to make it smaller, however, that is no longer working.   It gets in the way and slows down my work production since it covers up my tabs.




    Hp Task Bar.jpg

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