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Desktop Audio topics

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    So i have a 

    HP 27sv 27-inch LED Backlit Monitor

    and it has a audio jack and microphone jack and i got a headset and pluged both in and it works for the audio but the microphone isnt detected when  i look in the mic and audio setting on my pc and it only shows the monitors audio.

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    Hp Envy deskcop pc - beats audio software ( window ) downloud

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    Hi, i realize the model PC i have is an older slimline & the integrated audio is going out.  Is there an aftermarket option i could purchase as a soundcard to help increase the life the old PC?  not sure of how many slots and what type of PCI slots i have in this box, haven't look inside the box yet. 

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    After updating my computer to windows 10 the volume decreased; it's in maximum and i'ts like 20% before (when i was in windows 7 ) i searched in internet i have tried everything ; and it still the same.

    Could you help me please 

    Thanks Smiley Wink

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    I've installed the CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack x64 that came with my CSR 4.0 bluetooth dongle. I can connect to  my bluetooth speakers and headphones, but  there is no sound. The Device Manager states that the driver is not correct and can't find it automatically . Can anyone provide a link to the correct driver? Thanks.

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    Windows updated yesterday. Now my microphone does not pick up sound. Everything is updated, it is set to default. Troubleshooter does nothing. Everything says it is working properly. I have tried two different microphones, neither pick up sound.

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  • 05/15/18--19:47: HP All in one audio i/o
  • Hello everyone!


    My GF got a new All in On PC and yesterday we tried to play online and installed TS3. The problem started when I talked and heard myself back, perfectly, clear and loud. She was using an iPhone hands free set.

    I could hear everything she was doing on the PC: games, windows sfx, and obviously my voice. Every sound her PC plays I can hear it perfectly.

    We tried decreasing sound amplification to 0db and it didn't work. I could still hear every internal sound perfectly and just her voice was lower.


    I know you are thinkin "disable Stereo Mix" on sound device properties. The thing is; it's disabled by default.


    This PC has this 4 pin input headphones/mic, so getting a proper headset with separated jacks is not an option, sadly. And connecting regular headphones just disables the built-in microphones.


    I hope you can help me fix this annoying issue!


    Thanks in advance.

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  • 05/15/18--22:35: No sound from all in one PC
  • I have no sound. I just upgraded to windows 10. I have followed the instructions and installed  and updated the sound drivers through Device Manager.  I get a message saying that the drivers are working properly but I also keep getting a message saying that There is no playback device installed.  I think I need to install the actual integrated speakers but I don't know how.



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    i just got this a few months ago and there is not sound device installed. anyway i can get one installed ?

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    For some reason I can not get My PCs sound to connect to my bluetooth audio device.  It shows it is paired in windows settings, and on the device, but not in the sound settings.  It will not connect in the sound settings.  I have tried removing, and rrepairing, removing, rebooting, and repairing, I have removed it from the device manager and repaired.  Nothing seems to work.  I feel like there might be a setting somewhere in the sound setting I may be missing, but can't think of or find it.

    HP support 1.PNG

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    Not even sure if the audio section is the proper place for this to be posted.  As the subject says I purchased an HP Envy Curved All-in-one not long ago and I'm having issue with the circular volume dial.   The issue has been interminttent since i recieved the unit.  The thing is, I have other ways of changing the volume so it's not the end of the world. I generally forget all about it until something reminds me or having a volume dial would have been useful.   


    I intially thought this was related to me always sleeping my machine and hardly ever restarting or shutting down.  As the dial does seem to randomly work from time to time I haven't yet pinned down what causes it to stop working. And even though I'm having no audio issues and can change the volume with my keyboard or from the desktop volume icon it just bugs me to pay this much for a machine and have already decided to live with it not working properly. 



    My system is kept up to date and I have installed no app that aren't directly from the windows store. 

    I've seen other post about this same issue but I've seen no working solution posted. 

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    Does this monitor have built in  speakers? I have no sound.

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    While playing songs on s6500 it starts beeping and never stop . it is fully  charged , connection is good but still beeping.

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  • 05/19/18--20:12: HDMI IN Volume Control
  • Hello everyone. I hope i can resolve my isuue ive been having with my pc. I have my Xbox One plugged into my HDMI IN slot on my pc (Not the HDMI Out, Mine has both). The video and sound both work but i cant seem to figure out how to control the volume of the xbox with my keyboard volume up and down buttons. Sometimes it works, others it dont. Any ideas? Am i missing something?

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    Following the April Windows 10 update, my internal speakers have disappeared.  The only sound shows as IDT High Definition Audio CODEC with a warning yellow triangle.  When I try to update, I keep being told there is a problem.  

    I've tried to download alternative speakers, but they're not showing anywhere (even as hidden).  I'd really appreciate some help here.

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    I’m having the problem, can I ask how you fixed the audio problem.

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    speaker sign in the bottom right corner constantly shows a red x through the speaker and if I click on it , it opens the troubleshooter and it says there is an error but nothing can be found. All help is appreciated 


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    I am getting pretty desperate here. As already explained in detail in my previous post... the volume touch button on the HP envy is not working after the computer wakes up from sleep. I have no idea what caused this. in my previous post I thought it was solved after restart only to find out it re occurs every time the computer goes to sleep. I have tried all solutions in the previous post after which an HP support agent said they would reach out to me in private message and ensure a technician would come to my home. they never arranged a real appointment... deadly silent when I PM back.


    My warranty runs out on July 2 and I feel where this is going. I need help now


    please help me solve this


    the previous post is on this forum and linked below. the problem statement is simple.. after waking from sleep the touch circle shaped control that you can use for volume and to play and pause music... its just dead...


    Dear HP please reach out to me to really structurally solve this. 




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    I just puchased a HP 24ea white monitor. I connected it to Macbook Pro / macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 via HDMI cable. 


    Thhere is no sound out of built-it speakers. I set the value to max on the monitor and to HDMI under Audio Control. 


    However, the sound only plays with Pioneer Rayz headphones connected to Macbook via USB-C or with Apple earphones connected to audio jack. Monitor speakers do not work, when headphones/earphones are out. 


    Please advise how to get sound out of monitor speakers.

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    Problem Description: Problem - High Definition Audio Device This device cannot start. (Code 32) in device manager. 


    -  Red X on speaker in tool tray.


    -No sound tab in device manager


    -Yellow triangle on high def Audio control (in system tab in device manger)


    - yellow triangle on intel management engine interface (this was fixed with driver update)


    Note:  This problem occured when i replaced my HHD with an SSD.  Cloned the drive without errors.  When i plug up the old original HHD the sound works fine.






     Actions taken:


    -Check audio in bios. Audio card test fine and makes sounds.


    -Restarted computer. (no sound)


    -Updated driver. Driver was already up to date.


    -Uninstalled driver. Scanned for changes. Driver returned with same 32 code.


    -Stopped/restated windows audio services. No change


    -Downloaded IDT high def driver ver - 6.10.6486.0 Rev. and the install said “system doesn't meet minimum requirement”.




    I am at a loss and have searched the forum and internet with no results. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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