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    i have a leftover HP Dl585 g5 I'm building into a 3d mill controller and gaming machine for a kid that helped me with a bunch of XW9400's we gave away --

     here's the problem: I've been through 3 sound cards so far - all with 3 sets of outputs but unfortunately all 3 have that surround crap built in and the best i can get is 2 pairs of full range outputs and some center channel/sub channel that wont go full range - Kid has 3 amps and all have full range speakers


     so far i've tried a soundblaster Audigy Rx, a soundblaster audigy Fx and an ancient soundblaster X-Fi titanium and all have the same obstacle....  I dont want to run 3 cards like I do in my own because I'v also given him an Nvidia Tesla C2070 backed by a Tesla M2090,  Nvidia capture accessory and a pcie wifi card  so slots are at a premium and i'm gonna suck up one for his milling machines card


     So my question is this : is there a sound card that will give me 3 sets of full range outputs ?

    Or is there an ourt of regs driver for any of the 3 I've already got that will meet the same goal?

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    I've purchased a Logitech Z313 speaker set which is attached to the CPU via the light green 3.5 mm plug.  Once plugged in, the computer does not recognize the speakers.  

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    During the install process of the original audio driver from HP on this model I received the following Error message:

    'Your system does not meet the operating system requirements. Update has been cancelled.(9998)'

    I have previously installed this driver on the Windows 10 system on this same computer. Is there now another option or newer driver, since my audio has stopped working.

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    My wife purchased a new Envy 17 Notebook and the sound is very loweven at full level. Can this be solved easily?

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    driver idt high def audio codec missing after latest windows update therefore no sound

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    Hi all, Recently I have had trouble with my headset not working properly with my computer. The thing is that it is recognising the output device but not the input one, have tried resetting and updating drivers to no avail. Have also tried multiple other headsets which share this problem, headsets work fine on phone/xbox so don't think they're to blame. I own a HP Pavilion Power Desktop - 580-023w, Intel i5 7400 with Gtx 1060ti. Thanks for the help.Capture.PNG

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    The windows 10 1803 update ran yesterday on this pc.  Now, there's no audio (or aleast it's very very low).  I've tried installing an older driver but it won't install because a newer one is on the pc.  I can't roll back the driver either anymore after the update.    



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    Another windows upgrade and issues with the IDT High Definition CODEC pop up again. But this time what worked before does not work now. Reinstalled SP71569 without any change - still no driver installed. Windows Driver Update reports a hardware problem causing it not to install the identified driver.

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    i have window 10 hp desctop i cant heer any aodio from my PC i try to dignosis but it say No speakers or headphone is plugged in but everything is correct i dont know how can you help me ?


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  • 06/03/18--11:24: Pavilion 7 10.10 PC
  • Sound card is having issues with freezing and garbled audio. Any suggestions?


    Is the sound card soldered on to the motherboard?


    Also, I hear surging from the fan maybe or?  Is the thermostat sensor the problem or?  I have the PC open now looking and waiting for it to do it again.


    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Moved to Notebooks, as this is a Laptop

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    After installing Windows 10 update 1803, the sound device in my HP ENVY Curved 34-b000nd AiO is not recognized/working anymore. There's a red cross next to the speaker icon on the bottom right of the screen and it says that there are no sound devices installed. Unti I installed the update, everything was working fine.  I checked the board for similar problems and I saw your suggestion to install  the IDT Tempo High Definition Audio Driver (sp71717.exe), but I'm not sure if I can do this for my computer. Can you please help?

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    After a win10 (1803) update, my audio stopped working and a red X appeared next to the  speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


    I tried to DL drivers from HP:




    Both initially gave me an error "This app has been blocked for your protection"


    I then put the files in c:\ and ran from Windows Powershell (ADMIN)


    I got the driver exe file to run, finally, and clicked through the series of windows that opened to install them. The end result was that my computer "did not meet the requirements to install the drivers". I cannot get that to come back up again and simply need help.


    I found another thread that was similar to my issue ( I was hoping an easy solution was to be found like in that thread.

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    I have a HP pavilion AU-620TX model running 64 bit Windows 10 v1803.

    Since the April 2018 update of windows 10, I am getting flat audio whenever I play some music . But as soon as I open B&O Play Audio Control software manually the audio becomes as it used to be before the update. Is there any workaround for this kind of issue ?  

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    Brought this home from Costco. Played with it to get all the updates and stuff to latest and greatest.


    Decided I wanted better sound so I pulled my SoundBlaster Z card from the old computer and put it in this one.


    I can see that the driver loaded. I run the Soundblaster setup i dowlnloaded and the setup program says the card is not found. I can see it in the sound setup but can not choose it. Tried to disable the integrated audio in Windows but that failed and took everyhting away including the SoundBlaster card.


    Fired up BIOS but that was a laugh. There is nothing in the settings anymore like the good old days.


    Does someone have a clue for me on how to get this to work?

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  • 06/09/18--07:29: camera & audio
  • my hp pavallion dv6000 sysyem camera & audio input not working please restore or install the same


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  • 06/10/18--14:56: Sound not working
  • Hello. I have no sound coming from media players or internet. Skype pings work. Checking Sound Settings, the "Speakers/Headphones IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" test shows this is working (test gives normal sound). It's the "Communications Headphones IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" that's not working (test gives no sound).


    Clicking on Communications Headphone Properties, then the Events tab, tells me that on 6/2/18 the following Events happened: Device install requested, Device install requested, Device migrated, Driver service added (STHDA), Device installed (stwrt64.inf_amd64_longnumberstring... I'm not certain but believe this corresponds to the date I lost audio.


    I have also -- I think -- tried uninstalling/reinstalling, at least I followed troubleshooting prompts to do so. No change afterward.


    Some further details:


    --No error messages have been received.

    --I have no external/additional speakers, just the built-in computer speakers.

    --Nothing is muted.


     I don't know what else to try. I have no particular computer skills, but I can follow click this-click that directions, which is what I've been trying to do via google searching for tips. Hoping someone can help.

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    after not using my headset (Steelseries X300) for a some time, now I have a problem that Im not able to unmute my external microphone. When I go to Recording Devices > RightClick External Microphone > Properties > Levels the icon of volume is crossed and I cannot change it. After using Troubleshooting Windows tool it said that 'audio device muted - not fixed'. Drivers that it is using is Conexant Smart Audio and some Bang Olufsen app.


    On the other hand nternal microphone is working fine.


    My headphones are working, just tried it on my smartphone (microphone is in the same jack as speakers)


    Best regards,


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    After the Windows 10 April update 1803 the audio disappeared. No audio output device is installed. Can I get a link to reinstall the audio output? Uninstalling the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and restarting the computer did not fix it. The rollback driver is greyed out. Updating driver got a message from windows that said it encountered an error while trying to install. Also stated a device attached to the computer is not functioning and should contact the manufacturer.

    Thank you for any help you can offer.


    Let me add that it came with Windows 8.1 64 bit and we did the free upgrade to Windows 10

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    I have tried to re-load trough the driver update and get the following error:


    "Windows encountered a problem when installing the drivers for  your device.  Windows found drivers for your device but encountered and error while trying to install them.


    IDT High definition Audio CODEC


    a device attached to the system is not working. If you knwo the manufacturer of your device visit their website and check the support section for the correct drivers."


    Can anyone hel me with what to do and whcih audio driver I need  to try and install?

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