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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 08/18/18--03:36: Noisy CPU fan
  • Hi, recently my all-in-one pc has developed a rather noisy cpu fan, noticeable immediately on bootup, and in idle state on the desktop when the cpu useage is barely 0-5%. When i enter the bios on bootup and check the thermal setting, the cpu fan is running at 1800rpm which i am assuming is the max speed.


    I have tried changing power options from performance to power saving mode which has had no affect as well as checking the air vents for any obstructions and making sure they are clear of dust etc.


    The only software changes i have made, are the hp support recommended ones such as latest windows and bios updates, among other smaller updates.


    I should mention that before i made some of the big windows updates, i do not remember the fan noise being this loud before, such as when i originally purchased the pc around a month ago.


    I would really appreciate any feedback or advice on this matter, if anyone else has experienced a smiliar problem to me. 






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  • 08/17/18--21:03: Drivers for Windows 10
  • I have no sound from my desktop speakers but the headset works fine.I have spent 10 hours trying detailed troubleshooting to no avail. The problem started about 2 weeks ago when I used the "Mute" function. I have a 6 year old HP 1387 with 16 GB RAM and a 500 GB solid state drive. It is a Windows PC running the latest version of Windows 10 64 bit; version 1803 which replaced version 1709. I even bought new speakers today but still get the dreaded red speaker icon "no audio device is installed" when the speakers are plugged in the speaker jack.

    I called Microsoft Support. After checking my system they said I currently have no drivers for Windows 10 on my computer, only for Windows 8.1 And they suggested there was a Windows Update 3 months ago with several small updates since then, and that at some point it created an issue with my system. Every other program works flawlessly, just no sound on external speakers. Microsoft  also said HP does not have Windows 10 drivers for my system. I find that hard to believe.


    How or where do I get Windows 10 drivers for my system? By the way, HP Support Assistant says there are no drivers available for my system.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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  • 08/19/18--11:41: Pci audio interface
  • I have an aardvark q10 audio interface it uses a pic card the company went out of biz in eirly 2000s the latest drivers are for xp is there a way to get drivers to make it work in windows 10 I tried the compatibility settings but with no luck it's gives me error message 14 or 16 any help I can get would be appropriated

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    havent had sound on my touchsmart in a while.. i have tried everything . 


    the little sound icon in the corner has an x on it and when hovering over it it says no audio device connected, when troubleshooting it says audio services not responding. did the step of uninstalling and restarting computer so driver would install and still nothing. 


    also did the step of going to device manager, sound video and game controllers to find the  IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver and its not there. the only drivers listed are "avermedia a327 mini card hybrid analog" and "high definition audio device" 


    ive tried plugging in headphones and external speakers and still dont get any sounds. 


    i am running windows 10 64 bit on the touchsmart iq506




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    I have a set of quad speakers and subwoofer that I would like to connect to my computer but don't have the labels for the connectors at the rear of my computer.  There are six recepticles.

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    So I just started up safe mode due to my Win 7 PC suffering from strange issues last week and the audio suddenly was disabled, in attempt to turn it on (assuming it worked) it gave me a message back of “The Audio Service is not running”, I attempted to use the troubleshooter for it, though I cannot enable start up type,or the service status as the service status remained “Stopped”. I have internet access, and some extra info it’s path to executable is C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted. Does this have any thing to do with safe mode? If anyone was an explanation for this, (better yet an hp employee) please let me know! :)

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    Bought this PC a couple of months ago, but from the start there comes a horrible, MIDI-sound like, sound out of the PC and there comes no sound out of the speakers.

    Tried all line-out and line-ins, tried several newer and older drivers, installed the latest one, sp88125, but still no improvement.


    Has anyone an idea how to solve it ? I would like to hear some proper sounds coming out.


    Thank you.

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  • 08/25/18--12:24: CD audio playback
  • When placing a CD in the disk drive of my PC, there is a slight rumbling but no music, or menu. My sound is working on PC. After a few hours I've exhuasted differnt tests and looks like all drivers are fine. I'm stumped and just want to playback music on a CD that has worked previously. Thanks in advance for any advice. pjm

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    I am interested in connecting my microphone to my laptop via the combination headphone/mic 3.5mmjack. I initially connected my microphone (which ends in 3.5mm connector) directly into the port. This did not work as the microphone output is three poled and not four poled like the laptop's input. 


    I then bought a 4 pole adapter that splits the headphone and mic channels. This worked once and then stopped working. I know the device works as the headphone channel works fine. Therefore I have two questions:


    1. There are two 4 pole configurations: AHJ (also known as CTIA) and OMTP. The splitter I have is AHJ : is the laptop jack also AJH?


    2. I believe the reason the mic does not work has to do with the default sound settings. Plugging in the device does not show any new devices. Are there are specific setting I need to set in order to utilize the external mic?


    3. Do you have any recomended software or cheap adapters that could fix the problem? 


    Thank you

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  • 08/27/18--09:53: HP Beats PC audio question
  • So my PC only has 1 port for audio. I bought a microphone, however when I plug it in, audio stops on the computers, I guess it thinks the mic is headphones. How do I fix this?

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  • 08/28/18--06:43: Microfone
  • hi i have an problem with my hp product. My mic doesnt work ik reconises it but it doesnt register any sound.

    i have tested this with 2 headsets and an brand new external mic all 3 divices works an another pc.

    can anybody plese help me?

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    This desktop is just turn one year old. For the past couple days, while it is turned on but not in use, it starts emitting loud beeps. It's very loud and scares the #%&@ out of my autistic granddaughter. While it is beeping, the screen remains black and the only way to stop it is to shut the computer off. We have to turn it off with the power button since the screen is black.

    I'm at a loss as to what's causing this but need it resolved soon. Thank you.

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    I bought new audio card C-media 8738 Lx for the PCI E slot but the computer doesn't see it at all. It seems to me that PCI-E slot is not working. In device manager of Windows I see only two audio devices: 1) ATI Radeon HDMI from the video card and 2) on board Realtek ALC662.


    The first question : Is it possible to install this audio card on my computer that it will work?

    The second question: In the Internet I saw the advice to turn off the onboard audio card in Bios. But in Bios i cant find the suitable setting to do so. The version of bios is: Hewlett-Packard 786G7 v01.02.

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    I have a problem with my sound.

    ONLY when I plug my headphones into the jack, I can hear a buzzing sound that it's really annoying and it never stops. I tried plugging in more headphones and the problem is still there.


    If I play any song on a portable speaker (bluetooth), with USB headphones or using the laptop's speakers, the sound is clear.


    It would be nice if you could help me.


    Thank you!


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    My Bang & Olufsen speakers emit nothing but loud static sound non-stop.  Changing the volume does not affect the sound at all.  The updated Real-tek audio driver that is suggested stops the static and ALL sound so that no audio at all comes through.  Changing the driver to the generic HD at least gives me static but that is it.  However when I plug in an inependent set of speakers through the headphone jack then I get good quality sound with the generic HD audio driver but still get no sound at all if I use the recommended real-tek driver. 

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  • 09/03/18--22:54: audio problem
  • hi, 

    when playing any media on any platform (itunes, youtube, facebook, media player, etc.) audio (and video) plays 2x faster than expected, sounds horribly bass boosted, echo-ish a bit, and like the chimpmunks. 

    i am not such a nerd about pc, and dont really no how to get to drivers, plugins or whatever ill need to do. i need clear instructions please

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    I just got this new computer and after hooking everything up, the audio does not output any bass to my subwoofer for my computer speakers. They worked before and I can detect a little sound coming from them but no bass. I've updated drivers, tried reverting back to old drivers, but nothing works. The latest driver update takes away all of my sound. I then go back one update, and it works again. Anyone out there experience this and have a solution? My sound card is a Conexant HD with driver version When I use the driver, all of my sound goes away.

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    Headphone jack on my CPU works sometimes, but more often than not it just has no audio. It's not the headphones or the OS because it works just fine when plugged into the monitor, but then I am unable to use the microphone.

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    I love my new Pavilion except last week it did the Windows 10 April Update and now the sound keeps turning off.  If I run the sound troubleshooter in the control panel it re-starts the computer and the sound works for a while and then quits again if the computer goes to sleep.  There were a number of other things screwed up by the April Update but I have resolved most of them and the sound is the only hardware issue.

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    I bought HP Pavilion 590-a0011ur. The sound card through the speakers or headphones emits a crackle or hum when playing audio. Tried to change drivers from the website HP ,Realtek, Microsoft. Not help. What to do?

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