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Desktop Audio topics

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    No sound coming to my HP ENVY Curved All-in-One PC 34-b0xx from HDMI Input port after drivers update. The update was for HP Display, Intel HD graphics, Tealtik audio drivers. I Usually connet my HP laptop to my Curved desktop through HDMI cable. I use my curved screen to work on my laptop. I used to receive audio from my laptop on my curved desktop. After HP update. I lost the sound. Please help.

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    Had this Omen for4mos and never saw this audio control pop up on my taskbar before. I dont want it or need it, and dont want HP programs going into my pc changing things. How do I remove it?

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    Hello everyone, i have a  problem with my desktop.


    I have already install a new Video Card, comes from AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3, with DVI-I, HDMI, and VGA Port.


    Before i installed it, i still can play sound in playback device.

    But after i install it, why sound can't be played? With no playback devices. (only Digital Audio (HDMI) that appears).


    I have already set it from bios in advanced setup with audio changes to enable from disable. But still can't play any sound. I have already plug headphones jack to the connector. But same, i still can't play any sound.


    Please help to makes my problem done. Thankyou soomuch,



    Geraldo Nathanael S

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    Will the HP 6000 SFF support a headset with a microphone that has a four conductor cable with an 1/8 inch plug?  What I mean is it is tip and three rings on the plug.

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    I have a problem with the Pavilion dv8 top slider bar (treble/bass control).  A solution was posted that required reinstalling the HP Quick Launch Buttons and HP Tone Control Software.  I was able to install the HP Quick Launch Buttons without a problem.  But I have not been able to reinstall the HP Tone Control Software because the Accept button does not appear at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions wizard.  There is no way to expand the window.  See attached.


    When I click Next, the window closes.  The new sofware doesn't appear to be installed.  The problem remains.


    Any sigguestions would be greatly appreciated.  The treble/bass control problem is driving me nuts!Install_Wizard_1.JPG

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  • 10/03/18--13:31: Sound Problems
  • I use my television as a monitor for my desktop.   Since switching to a Smart TV I have lost certain sound options.   I can still hear audio from Logitech wireless headset.  However I bought a brand new set of computer speakers yesterday and they will not work.   The sound device manager doesn't even see the speakers.   I have plugged the speakers into the from 3.5mm jack. As I mentioned they  do not appear on a list of available sound devices.   The only devices that show are webcam mircrophone and wireless headset.

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    When I purchased this computer, I had the same issue I am having now. Sound would not work. I took it to best buy, geek sqaud worked on it, and got it working. Fastforward 2 years later, I resetted my computer, and sound is not working. I took it again to geek sqaud and this time they couldn't figure it out or what they problem is. I installed new drivers, looked for all current updates, and still nothing is working. Help? Suggestions? Thanks.

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    can I play a dvd I record on a stand alone deck in the in built burner? in this case on +RW media?. I have used this deck in the past before I owned a desktop. I am trying to use the built in dvd burner to download and record online video mostly from youtube using appropriate software. none I found work. some produce errors in downloading, some in converting, some in recording. unless I can figure this out I will need to record using my external deck and play it on my or any computer with in built cd drive. another solution is to play the dvd on the same deck and feed the av into the desktop. I can feed AUDIO but not VIDEO as desktops do not provide VIDEO line in/outs like a deck. they should. I have seen converters that convert composite video in to vga out. wehther that vga can be connected to the onboard vga as an INPUT is unknown. in the past I tried a usb powered "capture device". it worked but only with specific software. which recorded/played av. but no way to record on the burner or even the hhd. solutions please. as long as the produced dvd can play on any computers optical drive using any media player than that will work.

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    After I installed the latest build of Windows 10 on my Pavilion p7-1410, the headphone jack basically stopped working (when you plug a jack in, you get a brief snippet of sound, then nothing).  The microphone jack does not work as well.

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  • 10/06/18--18:41: optical drive
  • what cd/dvd media for the optical drive support for both reading and writing/rewriting? I would like to use RW single sided dvd's to write to and overwrite to. I need to know if PLUS and/or MINUS discs can be used and if there are any BRANDS the drive will reject for any unknow reason. In the past I had a number or DVD recorders at the same time and they all had specific brands they would or would not work with. Advice please. I cannot interperate the logos on the drive. elite 8000 CMT.

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    So I have only had this desktop since mid August and it runs fantastic however since day 1, there was always a rather annoying fan/vibration sound. It wasn't horrible but it was a bit louder than my previous HP. Now I am also experiencing snap crackle pop in the speakers pretty much all the time but it is worse when scrolling with my mouse or if my GPU/CPU is very active. If I load a website with many misc fields it is extremely bad. I have tried the following to resolve it:


    Moved speakers around, nothing changes, no additional crackle etc

    Replaced speakers

    Moved cables

    Plugged CPU and monitor directly into the wall

    Turned off input and in line options such as the microphone

    Turned off enhancements in the sound options

    Checked drivers - all up to date

    And last I even reset my PC to original settings just in case an update of some sort might have caused it


    The sound itself from videos and games etc is fine through headphones. Mind you my computer has been in the same spot for 5+ years with no issues and moving it to another location doesn't change anything either so feedback from another electronic device seems unlikely.


    I have a suspicion that the fan and/or motherboard might not be grounded properly but I wanted to check here if there is anything else I can try before I go the exchange route.  Many thanks in advance!


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    Help me about the audio player

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  • 10/11/18--06:02: No system sound
  • I have been throug all of the available fixes but have had no luck resolving the sound issue on my PC. It says there is no device installed yet my sound card shows it is working properly, I have reloaded the drivers and also tried the windows update....nothing. Of course my warranty ended in July 2018. I did pay for a warranty at Walmart so I guess if HP won't resolve their own issue I will rely on Wally world to fix their junk. I am obviously frustrated after wasting several hours  jerking with this POS PC so any help is much appreciated. 

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    Quite randomly, my HP Envy quit playing sound.  I really do not know why.  It was working fine two days ago.  (I did not use audio yesterday.)  There is a speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen with a red X on it.  When you hover your mouse above it, it says "no audio output device is installed."  The speaker is built into this computer, so there is no need for external speakers.  Did the driver somehow go missing?  Help.  I need to play audio on evidence videos. 

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    I installed recent windows updates and restarted my pc. After that audio is not working and it is showing that " No Audio Output Device is Installed" please help me,,

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  • 10/11/18--14:08: The audio is not working.
  • Hi 

         When I play a video the audio is not working and when I click to troubleshoot it shows it could not find any problems. And also it shows a red cross with the audio symbol in the task bar. What should i do ? I tried restarting but it's not working.

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    I'm trying to get the line-in on my monitor working as the desktop tower is in an awkward place, but the line-in isn't detected. The cable I'm using works fine, so I'm at a loss.

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    no sound after last windows update

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    Auiod output is working yesterday. But when i update yesterday audio output is removed from my machine

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    After the windows update the system can't detect any input or output device. It looks like there's a problem with my driver but I tried updating it through my device manager but there are errors

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