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    I am having the same issue and was hoping to find a solution, Ive literally spent hours trying to fix this. I have tried to ignore it but at this point is driving me nuts. Amongst other things, I havereinstalled drivers, turned off fast startup, set minimum processor state to 100%, lowered the sample rate and bit depth, disallowed applications forom taking control of the device etc. Is there any solution to this? 

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    My laptop is detecting that headphones are connected but there is no sound. Is it an issue with DTS? I have tried disablin/uninstalling it but it doesnt stay disabled for long and the files arent getting deleted. SO nothing's working. I solved this issue 2 years ago but just reset my laptop and this issue has cropped up again and i dont remember what I did the last time.

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    Hi all, 


    I recently purchased a new headset, plugged it into the front jack and it works great .... IF I don't have my speakers plugged into the back of the case.   If both are plugged in, only the speakers will emit sound, no matter what I do.


    I get three choices for playback in "Audio":  


    Digital Out does nothing as I have nothing plugged into it, in fact no other audio is connected (including microphone).   Testing "Speakers/Headphones" outputs to the speakers. 

    Testing "Communication Headphones" shows audio (graph jumps) but no sound anywhere. 



    There is one odd note.  In the properties of the "Speaker/Headphones" connection, it shows the jack as "Font Panel 3.5mm Jack".  Which is where the new Headphones are connected, but not the speakers which are actually outputing the sound.  



    If I replace the IDT audio drivers with the generic "High Def drivers" in windows, it does switch the Jack Information to a 5.1 channel design and the backport, but then I lose the "Headset" output altogether.  

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  • 11/01/18--10:04: Speakers not detected
  • I purchases speakers for my desktop 110, and they worked for a little while, and they stopped working. To trouble shoot the problem, i noted and did the following:


    1) Updated drivers for sound and effect. 
    2) Noted that speakers are not recognized by the computer, and checked device manager to find that the rear jacks are not listed. No solution found.

    3) Tested speakers on an HP all in one, and found them to be working well.

    4) Searched online for solution but did not find one.

    5) Used Microsoft trouble shooter, which did not work because the speakers are not detected. However, I did note that the speakers are also not detected when plugged into the front headphone jack.
    6) Purchased another pair of speakers, same brand and model. The new speakers worked well for a while, and then stopped working. I tested those speakers on the HP all in one, and they worked just fine.
    7) Headphones, USB powered, work excellent!

    I am flummoxed!

    1) Could this still be a software problem, or could it be a hardware problem?

    2) Could it be that brand of speakers, and should I spend the money on a different brand?

    3) Is there any other test that I have not run that will give positive results?


    Any help offered would be readily accepted. Thank you!

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  • 11/02/18--12:13: No sound
  • My hp was doing fine but I did a system update and now I have no sound anywhere. My volume is up in all the places that I can find. Plz help.


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    After struggling to fix this very strange issue I discovered yesterday, I'm at my wit's end and frustration max, hence this post for help. Please bare with me, as I might be over-explaining some things here...

    I'm not 100% sure I'm posting this to the proper section... I connect my PS4 console to my desktop monitor via HDMI. I've been doing this with this desktop since setting up, shortly after Christmas 2017. I usually play while using beats headphones -- which I connect through the console's controller -- but sometimes, when I won't be disturbing anyone, I let the audio play from the monitor itself. Yesterday, I tried to play with the audio coming from the monitor, and I noticed there was no sound.
    I fought with my devices (the PS4 and the Desktop) for well over 5 hours yesterday, trying to figure things out -- which included numerous google searches, many restarts of the  computer and PS4 console, some hard shut downs of the computer and PS4 console, repeated use of the troublshooting functions in the "audio sound settings", and reading of many posts/articles from this very forum.... but none of those problems really matched my own and none of the solutions worked to fix my issue. Through all the frustrations I have learned some things:
    1) the issue is NOT from the PS4 console
    2) the issue is NOT from the HDMI cord
    --I know this because I hooked the PS4 up to 2 different TVs without changing any PS4 settings and everything worked perfectly. I also tried a different HDMI cord with the desktop, and the same problem persisted.
    3) I do not think it's an issue with the Audio Drivers, as I updated the drivers in an attempt to fix this to no avail as well.
    4) while the audio does not play the music/sounds it normally does, it DOES make a sound when the PS4 master volume is tested (attached picture) 45444678_576836206080671_2713548668186656768_n.jpg
    5) If audio is playing on the desktop before i switch to HDMI display, the audio from the desktop will continue to play AND will play at a high volume than than what it was doing while in desktop mode. It usually has some small, choppy, breaks while transitioning from desktop to HDMI.
    6) It  is doing what I described in "5)" even when I have "all audio" set to play out of the headphones (the game audio will play out of the headphones properly while this happens, while the sounds from the desktop will play despite being in HDMI display -- and again, it plays the sound at a much louder volume than it was at on the desktop)

    I recently just tried uninstalling ALL of the audio devices I could find in device manager... those items were: a couple of Beats Headset items, "Realtek High Definition Audio" items (note -- this includes the "Stereo Mix (Realtek High definition Audio)" as well), and "Intel(R) Display Audio" (note -- I also see this under "Display adapters" in the device manager... except it's "Intel(R) HD Graphics 630"... additionally, under the same "display adapters" device there is "Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics" -- I don't see anything in the audio section relating to this item). Removing these items DID NOT stop audio from playing from the monitor during on the PS4's master volumes testing, nor did it stop anything that was properly playing from the headphones. this leads me to believe that the HDMI audio is supposed to be completely separate from the desktop items/software.

    I've also downloaded/installed all of the recent items that were recommended by the HP assist.

    I don't really know what else to check or do... and I'm quite stressed/frustrated after all of this... is this function of my desktop/monitor just busted?

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    I am having the same problem with the 27" version of this product. I've tried downgrading and upgrading all of the Realtek audio packages, different HDMI cables and devices, with no difference. This started happening sometime between yesterday and today, as this exact same setup was working without issues previously. 


    Looking through recent Windows 10 updates, I noted that there was a Realtek driver update pushed last night. I've tried rolling it back, and also reinstalling the older version (from the driver download on the support website) and there is still no audio from an HDMI source. Just in case, I also even tried running the Audio Check wizard, which didn't find any issues, but that was more focused on internal sound, rather than coming from HDMI, so not sure if it tested the right things. 

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    I followed the steps on here to unmute a mic through the "Sound Control Panel" and found the device that i needed to unmute but when i got to the step to press the unmute button nothing happened and the mic stayed muted... ive tried uninstalling the device in the device manager but then but still comes up muted and even then if i click it. it stays muted.. my headset that i use now does'nt have a extrenal mute button.. im totally stumped and dont know what to do im condsidering factory reset, but i really hope it doesnt come to that...

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    Ran a Windows 10 refresh.   Since then no sound hardware can be detected.   Ran Device Manager and HP diagnostics.   Drivers would not load.  Said HP has no driver for this OS.  

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    I have a HP Compaq dc5850 Small Form Factor PC (ENERGY STAR) connected to my LCD Sony Bravia KDL-40NX710 and I don't have audio from the tv. The connection between the two machines has been tried both:

    1. Through the pc's DVI outout to the tv hdmi input, with and without RCA cable for audio.

    2. Through the pc's VGA output to the tv vga input for visual and an RCA Y cable throught the pc's rear audio output (green) to the tv audio L and R input sockets.

    In both connections I get visual but no sound. I have upgraded all the drivers and I have even tried installing Windows 7 OS. Nothing! As far as I know, the digital device (my tv in this case, which is installed correctly and recognised with its full product name) should be listed in the sound control panel so that I can choose it as a default device. But this doesn't happen. I have right clicked and choose to show disabled devices but the tv does't show up. In the device manager it appears to work perfectly.

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    I really don't get any error messages.  After I reboot my PC, It will run for about 30 minutes of browsing, etc.  Then suddenly, the sound will stop working.  Some times restarting the browser (FireFox) will fix it but more often then not I will have to reboot to get the sound back.

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    I have connected the HP ENVY monitor to my PC (WIN 10) via HDMI and also connected the usb from monitor to PC but the monitor speaker doesnt appear in play back in sound option, any advice? I have tried to install the HP driver but no luck

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    So i have noticed that when i plug in a HDMI into the HDMI input at the back of my desktop and then use the HP Display Control to get me to the HDMI Input, once on the HDMi display there is no sound coming through despite when on the Windows screen and HDMI is turned off, there being sound as normal, 


    any ideas how to resolve this issue?

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    Recentry ordered the new HP Z2 mini G4, its comes with preinstalled windows 10.
    When i plug a headsets, there is strange very tiny noise which is like quied signal, i don't know how to explain it exactly, its really annoing and after several hours my head start to hurts from that noise.
    I tried with last updates of the Windows, also i have tried to install last audio driver from HP,  but none of that solve the problem. When i use the same headsets on my other PC or on my phone or on my HP laptop, there is no any problem.
    In the beggining when headsets are attached everything is quiet, then the windows (hp software) detects something connected and asks if  that is headsets or speakers, whatever i select the noise beggins.
    The headsets are the last model of Sennheiser Momentum, thats guartee for the quality.
    Can somebody help me to solve that problem, my work is connected with the sound and its really annoing. I was not able to find any solution and writing here is my last thing which desided to try

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    Purchased a new HP Pavilion all-in-one 24-xa0xxx from Costco. Upon bootup, there was no sound.  Looked at sound icon on system tray and it showed muted.  I clicked on the sound icon and moved the bar to lowest level, then back to mid level, then sound started working again.  I rebooted, and sound icon on system tray showed muted again, with same resolution above.  Anyone else have this bug in your all-in-one?


    Microsoft® Windows 10 Home (64 bit), Version 1803, OS Build 17134.407

    Intel® Core™ i7-8700T Processor at 2.4GHz

    12GB DDR4 (2-DIMM) 2666MHz RAM
    Audio:  B&O Play Audio Processing with Tuned Stereo Speakers


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    I have my ps4 slim connectednby hdmi to my hp envy 27b021 (on windows 10 64-bit) and until recently i had audio and now i dont! The visuals are up but i have no sound now! I’ve tried buying a new hdmi and plugging it in another port but no progress for a week now! Can someone explain this to me or know of a solution.

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  • 11/16/18--07:00: No sound from my PC
  • One day the sound stopped working on my PC.  It was annoying but after doing everything I could to try and solve it (checking all the settingsm re-installing drivers etc) I gave up as I had wasted too much tme trying to fix it, hoping it might come back as quickly as it dissapeared and I resided myself to having no sound!  It's now really an issue and I can't do my work without it. The speakers that have always worked no longer work. Headphones don't work. Plugging in the speakers you get the buzzing sound through the speakers as you push the jack in to the port so the connection is there, but I cannot get any kind of sound.


    Any advice?


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  • 11/18/18--18:41: No audio devices installed.
  • my sound or audio card needs replacement. Can it be? Cost?

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    Just a few days ago the sound stopped from my Directv Genie without changing anything or doing any updates. Input is through the HDMI input. I tried the cable on another setup and it was fine. Also tried the Directv Genie Mini box on another setup and too was fine. I have the internal Bang and Ofulsen speakers which work fine when using the PC/Computer mode. I have tried everything that I can think of. Updating Audio Drivers etc. The only thing I can think of is that the HDMI input is bad?

    Help anyone?

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    I have had many issues with this product. I recently exchanged this product for another one, but ended up getting one with the same problem as the first. Whenever the audio is turned on, there is a buzzing noise that does not go away. 

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