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Desktop Audio topics

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    Just a few days ago the sound stopped from my Directv Genie without changing anything or doing any updates. Input is through the HDMI input. I tried the cable on another setup and it was fine. Also tried the Directv Genie box on another setup and too was fine. I have the internal Bang and Ofulsen speakers which work fine when using the PC/Computer mode. I have tried everything that I can think of. Updating Audio Drivers etc. The only thing I can think of is that the HDMI input is bad?

    Help anyone?

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    TRIED EVERY HP, Microsoft HELP FIX APP..  NO Answers

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    I have lost sound to my computer and I can'tnget it back. I've tried looking everywhere for a solution, please help!

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    While I am waiting for replies to this post regarding drivers, perhaps I could seek further help here regarding my problem.  One of the drivers I'm hoping for is for Audio after all.  Anyway, the problem basicaly is that whenever I plug a Mic into the black singular front panel audio/mic combined socket on the front panel of my HP 290 G1 SFF PC, it's always recognised as speakers.  I have an Audio Control panel app but nowhere on there does it show how I could uncheck automatic detection, which is what I would have thought I'd have to do.  I've tried downloading various other drivers, including ones from Realtek to no avail.  I could use the Mic socket at the back but it's at the back, out the way, awkward to read in my desk setup and since I have a front socket, I shouldn't *have* to use the one at the back, right?


    And yes, I've done no end of searching on this forum and via Google and can see countless posts on the same or similar issues but none have helped.  So any ideas and help would be appreciated.  


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    ENVY 27 RECLINE AIO Model # 27-k350


    I got my ENVY 27 from Conns around 2015, very soon after bringing it home I accidentally broke a headphone jack off in the plug on the left side of the monitor. Seeing as I had a service policy with Conns they took it in for a week and it came back presumably fixed. My next headset was USB based. This has only become a problem lately when I started using the HDMI in to play my Xbox One. The problem is that it seems as if the headphone jack only outputs audio on the right ear. I've tested with my Beats and various other 3.5mm devices. So, rather than haul my daily back into town to see if my warranty is still valid I just wanna know if I can run the audio into my USB headset

    Thanks in advance, James

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    I've lost my Beats Audio after installing Windows 10 on a HP TouchSmart 610.  Are there any drivers that can help?  I've tried a few and always get a message that they can't be installed with this hardware. 

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    So, I was playing a game, and was casting it to my chromecast.

    It was playing sound.

    I stopped casting and it stopped.

    My sound option is; "AMD HDMI Output"

    So my question is;

    Does HP not work with AMD?

    If its just the monitor or PC options, I already troubleshooted many times.

    Thanks in advance!

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    matched pair of desktops. plug and play audio adapter for mic and headphone. front ports power the adapter as indicated by a red led. no sound from headphones plugged into adapter. no auto detection. driver is version 6.1 generic?  rear ports DO work for auto detect, auto driver, headphone sound. fix please. is there a setting I missed? never had issues with these devices on othe desktops. where in bios woul this setting be?


    on another issue desktop #2 displays F1 boot everytime. no reason for it. #1 does not display that error. again setting in bios? advice please.

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    I have an Xbox connected to my Envy AiO via the HDMI in, and it has worked fine up until now. I get picture but no sound. If I have Windows running at the same time, sound from Windows is coming from the soundbar instead of the Xbox. 

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    Same problem.  Can stop it by disabling "speech runtime".

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    as above only one front usb port supports a sound card. the other 3 supply power only as indicated by a red led in the device. all 6 rear ports work with card. the card is plug and play, does not require a driver download/cd. i read that ALL PnP sound cards require drivers that are not intergangable. OS may or may not detect/find driver. one working port is enough. if I need more I will add a hub onto THAT port. Or use the rear ports. I used a printer cable with adapter plug to power the card. works as expected. ALL 10 ports in the bios are enabled. I ordered two more that DO use a driver cd, just in case. a mystery waiting to be solved. any solutions?

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    i've recently purchased thne Elite 8300 SFF, after the sales person promiosed that i could send audio via D-port (the only digital output).

    i can't seem to work this out and looking everywhere including this forum i found no solution.

    i've updated all drivers, installed recent drivers by Intel (in charge of the display port). nothing.

    Any ideas?

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  • 11/27/18--16:13: Sound Keeps Going and Down
  • So this problem has been going on for a couple days now and I can't figure out what it is. The sound on my computer keeps going up and down. If it's up it'll start to go down and the stay that way even when clicking it back up it just goes back down. Same with going up it'll be loud and ill try to turn it down and still be gradually rise and stay up. After a minute it'll return to normal but it happens again. I've checked all audios and ran a malware and I've got nothing. Even troubling shooting and reinstalling the drive, nothing.  I thought it was league of legends causes that's where it started but I noticed it still happens even not playing.  Any tips or tricks or even recommendation would be helpful, listing all info for my computer below. \


    Device ID: 3DF92BB1-ED53-460F-985F-67EA97C38025

    System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based-processor

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)i3-7100U CPU @ 2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz

    Product ID: 00325-96261-87123-AAOEM

    Edition: Window 10 Home

    Version: 1803

    OS build: 17134.407

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    Does anyone know if the HDMI out port on All-in-one PCs, supports HDMI ARC - in order to connect eg a sound bar ?

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  • 11/30/18--05:21: No sound after system sleep
  • I've had this system since mid-September, and from day one when it wakes up from sleep mode there is no sound. If I run any of the troubleshooters while there is no sound, they either lock up or scan in perpetuity with nothing happening. The sound comes back after a reboot (99 time out of 100, sometimes 2 reboots are required). If I run the troubleshooters when the sound is working, no problems are found. I have uninstalled the device, tried updating drivers, rolled back drivers, followed the step-by-step solutions and any other suggestion that I could find and nothing fixes this. Also, I will occasionally get a system message that says that the speakers have been disconnected, followed immediatly by another message saying they have been reconnected, however there is no interruption in sound. I've switched speakers, no luck. The speakers are plugged into the back of the system, and when there is no sound I also have no sound from the front headphone jack. I have not checked with bluetooth to see if that sound also fails.


    This desktop system is for work, and several hours were spent setting it up as such before this issue was discovered. It's a brand new system and if I have to ship it back to have it repaired it will be the last HP we purchase.

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    • Speakers are plugged into the computer but there is no sound                
    • Screenshot_1.pngScreenshot_5.pngScreenshot_2.pngScreenshot_6.png

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  • 12/01/18--09:34: NOT SOUND AT HDMI INPUT











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    I recently had to move my computer HP Pavillion (P6-2260ea) and on re-installing, I have no sound on the computer or from the speakers. I am using Windows 7, but not sure of 32/64.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 12/02/18--08:10: Sound not working.
  • Hi there

    Sound on my HP All-in-one isn't working, but that isn't quite true so I will try and explain.

    The sound on my HP all-in-one does work, when I am using my HP PC.  I do however, have a Dell tower plugged into my HP all-in-one via a HDMI cable.

    The sound worked perfectly fine until a few weeks ago and now it has just stopped.  Now and again my HP will make a pinging sound when a new notification comes through, but when I try and play games or watch Youtube then there is no sound at all.


    I have updated all of my drivers, unplugged the HDMI cable a couple of times, ran the MS problem solver app, but nothing works.  I have also uninstalled my audio drivers a couple of time, but with no succes. 


    Any advice?



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  • 12/02/18--18:39: Weird audio?
  • When I play music off my device it wavers from being muffled to perfectly clear. I had audio playing a couple of hours before this started happening and it was perfectly clear. Is this something I need to take into get fixed?

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