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Desktop Audio topics

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    How do I disable internal sound on the motherboard so that I will get sound from the external speakers

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  • 12/03/18--19:13: parts
  • how do i get a  replacement audio jack because the headphone jack is broken inside the audio port. i have removed the port from the computer but now need the part.Image result for hp envy audio jack and cable

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    ok installed windows 10 free upgrade on hp previllion slimeline 400 now have now sound or drivers  microsoft says to go to hp for sound drivers but hp has no drivers for windows 10 opertaing system where can i get sound drivers to fix this problem

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  • 12/04/18--12:40: NO sound unless restart
  •    I bought a HP  Pavilion Gaming Desktop in Bestbuy on the Black Firday(AMD RX580+RYZEN 5 2400G), and the desktop connected a monitor  with display-port cable. 

       Everytimes I turn on the desktop,there is  no sound  from the monitor. the desktop cann't even  find a audio driver in the Graphics. until I restart the desktop, everything works fine.

       I‘ve tried to re-install  and update the drivers of graphics and audio, and also I've tried a  recovery, but nothing worked, I still need a restart to get the sound back.

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    I have an HP DC7700 ultra-slim model (the one with the 4 horizontal cracks in the front, right vent, not 6 or whatever the thicker one is) and I have Windows 10 Home v1803 build 17134.407. The audio is not working properly.
    For instance, I play a song in Groove and the guitar is hearable, but the voices are extremely (i mean really extrtemely and hard to hear) distant. I also hear a little distortion in the instruments. Now, it does this for any audio application. Even the volume control likes to skip and distort a little. I tried many drivers, unintalling drivers, reinstalling drivers, removing drivers, removing an audio thing in device mangaer under ssystem category, etc. Nothing solves the problem. I can't watch any videos or listen to music. Now, I am using the headphone jack on the front, but the headphones also have a mic. I believe that the thrid pin on the headphones (black l;ine on shaft) doesn't affect it cause it just doesn't have any contact and it works for other front headphone pc jacks just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am using  HP Pro Desk 400 G1 SFF desktop PC. But the sound simply does not work whenever I plug in anything into Audio jack in front of the case. (Same issue also with microphone -> no input being recorded by the PC).  My main headset device I am trying to use is "ADVENT AHSOV16". It has a single output but I am using a splitter to split it into Mic/Audio for PC. (It was working perfectly on my laptop, before this new PC I got).

    I've tried all sorts of drivers, but perhaps you can guide me to the precise one to try.


    ^The PC recognizes the headsets being plugged in.

    2.png^What I see in the Playback & Recording tabs of Sounds panel after having it plugged in. The microphone picks up no sound whatsoever. 



    ^This is what appears while I have the headset plugged in, and watching a video on youtube with sound. But my headset is not giving me any sound. I hear nothing while watching the video even though the green bars indicate sound that >should< be coming through.


    Other info:

    *Windows 10 64-bit

    *Internal speakers work, when I have nothing plugged in the front Audio jack and sound is coming through

    *I tried with some cheap earphones, with only audio jack, and the PC did not even recognize it being plugged in (like in the first screenshot above)



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    The displayport does not show up as a sound output. Does it mean it it is not supported in hardware? I read the manual and there is no mention of it.

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    The audio was working out of the box (last week) . I added a 512G m.2 HP SSD , installed windows 10 home on it; I downloaded all the drivers for this model (Pavilion 590-p0076) from the HP support/download web page, and installed them on the SSD. 


    The audio is  not working, there's an "x" over the speaker icon in the tray, when I click  on it diagnostics say

    there are no speakers or headphones plugged in.  I followed all the suggestions in the software. I downloaded

    the HP diagnostics and tested the audio, but it reported "No device found" , test cancelled. I tried another set of

    speakers, no luck.


    I booted up on an ubuntu usb thumb drive, the audio works fine on both sets of speakers. So its not

    a hardware problem.


    In the Device Manager, under "Sound, video and game controllers" I have only "AMD High Definition Audio Device"

    and it says "working properly"


    I suspect I have the wrong device driver for this AMD/ryzen based computer... that HP has the wrong 

    driver on the download page for 590-p0076... could that be?


    Any ideas for me?


    Thank you 


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  • 12/09/18--17:51: Speaker problems on Omen PC
  • I have purchased a new Logitech Z623 speaker set for my new HP OMEN. I cannot get the subwoofer to work. Left and right speakers work fine. I have gone into the sound settings and tried different configurations with no success. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 12/11/18--04:21: lost audio
  • just did the update to the newest version of

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Insider Preview
    Version 10.0.18298 Build 18298

    I now can't install the audio drivers, the have worked before thought all the updates and builds.

    I even download from hp site the installation software for the audio SP71717, still no luck.

    any one with a fix or workaround for this?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays


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    Hi - I can't burn music files to CD either via Itunes or Windows Media Player. It just opens the CD drawer and an error message apperas = 0xc0AA0301.  I have checked out possible solutions and one was to locate the registry file   4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE-10318. However, despite an extensive search I cannot find the file and have concluded it is missing from the registry. Given this I can't follow the remaiing promts for the solution.  Any ideas?  It's a brand new computer that I bought only a gew weeks ago and all I want to do is burn  a few songs to CD.  Frustratingly, this was no problem on my 8 year old machine!!

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  • 12/11/18--10:17: Windows 10 audio driver.
  • Just recently upgraded to Windows 10 now no sound.

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  • 12/12/18--13:24: sound when speakers muted
  • I mute the sound speakers at bottom right and when i open a website, i.e. youtube, sound comes out. I have to unmute and mute again for it to work. Of course when I open another window sound comes out again. Help!

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    I have recently bought the omen 870. I produce mp4 videos unting my FCX for  Mac and play them for audiences with the Omen.  I want to be able to play the audio in surround.  But the players I have on the Omen and the ones I have downloaded do not like the Dobly digial ac3 file.


    Is there a codec I need to add?  Or a digital audio car I need to add to the computer? 

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    I have purchased an external audio device to do studio recording on my desktop.

    The supplied ASIO drivers won't install and I only am able to use universal ASIO drivers.

    The software supplied caused an startup error message too. Program could not be started correctly (0xc000007b). Close the program by choosing OK.

    I have contacted the hardware manufacturer and software manufacturer but no hope. They only suggest 

    clean install of Windows 10 which is by far the most ridiculous way to respond. They don't ask for register dumps or such to make sure that their installer package is working with HP Processor.

    I succeeded to install another software that work in recording but they don't recognize my DAW correctly as it should be but only the universal ASIO device.

    Anyone with this desktop having similar issues or should I return the product and try another....

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    Hi there...i recently install windows xp SP3 in a desktop pc and i cant find a driver for the audio controller. The pc is "HP Compaq Business Desktop dc5100 Microtower " with SoundMax Digital AC97 Integrated Audio with internal speaker. Could anyone help me..

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    My new external CD / DVD drive plays unevenly when I play audio CD.The drive works fine on my laptop.What is wrong?

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  • 12/15/18--11:36: Audio issue
  • Hi,

    I bought HP ENVY Desktop month ago with windows 10 (64) bit. From the day i am having audio issue's like i did install drivers almost 10 times. Daily atleast 2 times. Not sure what is going on my PC. Virtual support suggest to update windows 10 if anything pending . I did all and uninstall and reinstall drivers. After some time it is working and all of sudden it is stop working. Even Auto detect problem does not help me to resolve.  My system has 2 years warranty. Is it better to return the device or something i can do to fix this issue ?.


    Note : I did update Windows 10 -1809 (64 ) all updated upto date.

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  • 12/15/18--18:27: Audio dont work
  • It says no audio output device is installed and it haves no speaker set up Idk what to do 

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    I'd like to replace my sound card in order to get superior sound (I'm a musician) and so that I'll have RCA-type jackets for input/output to and from external sound sources.  When I opened the machine I saw that the place for the sound card uses a different plug and that my old sound card (Audiophile 2496 - great product) will not work there.  So what kind of high-quality sound card can I use in this desktop model?  Thanks for any responses.

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