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Desktop Audio topics

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    I'm using the HP 24EA Monitor and the sound is constantly turning down on it of its own accord. It as if something is stuck in the volume down button and it's always turning the volume down. Help?

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  • 12/21/18--09:51: Headphones not working
  • headphones not working with Envy laptop. OK with other devices. Speakers working OK on laptop.

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    A few days ago I had a blue screen  on my monitor.  I contact support and provided them with the follow screen message.


    System Thread Exception Not Handled

    Whate Failed: AMUStor.sys."


    We tried several things and finally had to do a complete sytem restore.  Computer now working accept I know have know audio and when I look at devices, it does not list any audio.  I have done a major research on line and can still can not find a fix.

    How do I reinstall and audio device that isn't listed.  

    I did by new pc speakers and connected them, but still know audio device listed and I don't clearly understand how to reinstall an audio driver????

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    When my screen is on screensaver, i keep hearing notification sounds.  I have already turned off ALL notifications possible.  and when I open the screen, there is no notification.  I can't stop this sound unless i turn off the speakers.  Very annoying.

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    Hi, purchased this monitor for daughter's Xmas, she has connected her Xbox one up to it but no sound?



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  • 12/25/18--08:46: Audio not plugged in
  • It says my drivers are up to date.  Systems working properly, but there is no sound.  My audio is plugged into headphone jack.

    It used to work perfectly, but stopped for no apparent reason.

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  • 12/25/18--11:43: Cannot get volume
  • Hi, I’m struggling to get volume on my monitor whilst connected through a HDMI lead to my Xbox one and Connor find anything to help me turn it up or Down.

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    I am unable to change sound settings. Cannot boost bass whether I am using the built-in speakers or my Sony Professional headphones MDR-7506.  Sound is tinny. Built-in sound deviceon my new laptop is Realtek (R).

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    After the last 2 Windows updates my HP Beats has not been working properly. After the one Windows update when I attempted to open the HP Beats control panel it would instantly crash. I redownloaded HP Beats from the HP support page for my device. It seemed to fix it but, now this last Windows update the HP Beats icon has disappeared from the TaskBar. 

    I think this is also causing problems with my Bluetooth earbuds that once paired...if I turn them off and then back on at a different time they will not reconnect properly. They go from saying "Connected, Voice and Music" on the intial pairing but the second time "Connected, Voice" not music and then they keep disconnecting. The only way I've been able to somewhat get past this is turning the device into pair mode when I first turn it on and then going into Bluetooth settings and manually hitting connect on the device.

    Should I attempt to reinstall HP Beats a second time or completely remove HP Beats from my computer and how would I completely remove HP Beats as it's not showing in Add/Remove programs?

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    I am not getting any sound through my beats headphone jack on the front of my computer. The front mic jack is working (checked with voice recorder). The ports on the back of the computer are working just fine (checked with voice recorder). Tried updating drivers but all say up to date. Tried downloading audio driver from HP but Windows 10 is not listed. Looked for Beats audio control panel but cant find it on my pc Ive had this computer for about 4-5 years. Im not sure that it has ever worked. Noticed this issue once my kids started gaming on this pc. Im not real techy so bare with me. Thanks


    Edit: found an IDT download on Cnet. seems to be working fine now. I wasnt sure how to delete post.

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    I purchased a ROCCAT Skeltr keyboard to use with my HP All-in-One - 22-b006na.


    The ROCCAT Skeltr keyboard comes with 2 separate jacks a pink one for microphone and a green one for headphone however my HP All-in-One - 22-b006na only has a single headphone socket.


    I have tried connecting both the jacks from the keyboard to the single headphone socket at the rear of the HP All-In-One using an “bona fide” adapter but when I do this, I lose sound from the PC.


    Can anyone help me to connect my keyboard correctly so  that everything works as it should?

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    I am having issues using both a Microphone and Speakers on my desktop. I have the speakers plugged into the back of the tower, and they work just fine until I plug my headset into the 3.5MM jack on the top of the computer. All audio gets directed throught the headphone jack when plugged in.


    I  would like the game audio to come through the speakers and have the headset work stricly as a Microphone. 


    Please Advise & Thank you in Advance.

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    Recently I switched my headphone jack to the front panel in stead of connecting it directly in the motherboard in the back of the case. When I open OMEN Audio Control, I now have more options. For example the tab "Listening Experience" where I can turn on DTS , Headphone Enhancement and choose Stereo preference "Wide", "In front" or "Traditional" as well as "Content mode" with three options called "Entertainment", "Game" and "Sports".

    On my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm headphone the quality is much better, sound is richer and wide. 
    I'm curious why the front panel can deliver more customising and also delivering better quality than plugging it straight into the mobo? If anything, many posts I have read state that it should be the other way around?


    Thanks in advance. 


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  • 12/28/18--21:29: plug and play sound card
  • I tried to use a plug and play usb audio card in all 10 ports. did not work despite all ports active and device powered. but no audio at the headphone port.  In the process of trying, the REALTEK HD AUDIO MANAGER is now missing. when I plug a headphone into the front port the screen no longer appears. at the same time the overall volume is now noticibly lower. all volume are now at 100%. when the manager WAS there 100% was too high, produced clipping. 60 to 80% was sufficiant. I suspect the manager had an effect on allowing a lower setting. I send both audio and video to the tv. the tv volume needs to be increased to compensate. the small speaker amp connected to the same line out is not effected. how do I download the manager alone? so far failed 3 times from various I need to update the audio driver? currently version 6. if so how? I would rather have the clipping at 100% so I could reduce volume at various sliders as before and reduce tv volume as well. solutions?

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    I am trying to stream from my pc to my computer to my tv through a receiver. Everything was working properly but now the HDMI is giving me the video but not the audio. I have tried different ports on the receiver but still no audio. any suggestions to start the audio would be appreciated. How do I see or test to find out if the HDMI port is not working as I have tried to update the drivers but still no sound.

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    What is the best solution in connectivity matters if I want to connect my PC with my TV via a home theater?The HDMI is for my TV only?how can I hear 5.1 sound from my home theater if i watch a video in my TV from the PC?Does anyone know?Do I have to plug in an optical from my TV to the Home theater?Why the HDMI connection isn't enough?

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    The primary use of my computer is as a TV in the kitchen. 

    When switching over to HDMI, the volume _ALWAYS_ comes on at 100. There is no way to control the volume other than going to the keyboard, pressing ENTER to get to the HDMI video/audio controls, then arrow-down to volume, then left-right arrow to set the volume. This doesn't persist and has to be done every time.
    In few times, the volume controls on the keyboard controled the volume over HDMI, but usually it doesn't.

    My questions are:

    1. Is there an option to save the last configured volume of HDMI instead of returning to 100?

    2. Is there a permanent option to control the volume through the keyboard while in HDMI input?

    3. Is there an option to setup an IR remote to control the volume while in HDMI?

    Thank you.


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    after an update on windows 10 I lost my beats sound system how do I get it back?


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    Computer bought on 24/12/18 at Currys-PCWorld Chester, UK.


    When pushing in a jack plug for headphones, there a seems to be a bit of give in the socket and the jack doesn't click in. It just feels loose in the socket leaving no connection between the headphones and computer.


    Thanks in advance .

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    I've uninstalled the audio driver but when I go to HP website, I look up the model, p6710f, but Windows 10 isn't an option. From what I've read I need to reinstall the driver.  What should I do?

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