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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 01/09/19--14:16: Device Manager
  • Recently, My microphone stopped working so I looked up ways to fix it and I followed the instructions and my headphones totally dont work anymore at all and only my speakers play, so I cant play games. Can someone help me fix my device manager settings or how to fix it?




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    Just wondering if anyone can help me, I am wondering what the pin layout is for the Tampa and Tampa2 motherboards on the F Audio socket.

    In short, my Tampa motherboard managed to get damaged so I am using the case with another motherboard and using all the parts. I have cut the Aluminium panel at the back for the IO shield and the pc is up and running again, but it appears the HP Omen uses a non standard F Audio (yellow pin socket). 

    It appears to be a 11 pin (12 with one pin blanked out) but most motherboards use a 9 pin (10 with one blank).


    I have reviewed the info on HP’s website but I cannot find the pin layout for this yellow F Audio socket so I can re route the lead to make it work.



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    I recently hooked a 2nd monitor to my Pavilion 23 All-in-One using an HDMI cable.  I have no problem with extending the display which is what I wanted to do.  The problem is that now there is no sound.  If I disconnect, the sound returns.  Do I need additional cable for audio?  I thought HDMI would handle both.  The 2nd monitor is HP E230t.  It is also a touchscreen monitor.

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    My audio has been having a loud pop every few minutes. Now it fades low and high when listening to something. Desktop/Windows 7.

    I tried this solution:

    realized it was for Windows 10 after I uninstalled the realtek driver. I couldn't reinstal the chipset driver per that post.


    Thanks for any help!

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    I have no audio on HP ENVY running Microsoft Office on Windows 10.  After doing all the troubleshooting stuff with your virtual assitant, it then advised me to update all the drivers - everything (about 30 drivers).  Now there is no IDT high definition CODEC visible in the relevant section.  I tried a Microsoft troubleshhot and the driver update got stuck, then the next time, the option of updating the driver never appeared.  I have wasted hours on this. What on earth do I do now??? 

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    my laptop produce sound at the same time  from speaker and earphone

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    My  HP ENVY 795 desktop is brand new and is connnected to a Sony PC sound system, initially I couldn't get any sound at all  then when I did,  I kept and keep, as it hasn't gone away, getting a phone dialing sound folowed by some other slighty musical sounds which stop then repeat themselves at various intervals running from the Sony PC sound system or  from the AOC VDU integrated soeakers depending on which is allocated as the sound source. I have tried switching the computer and Sony  PC sound system  off and restarting my computer, but the only way i can stop it is to have no sound on at all, which can't be right in a computer that cost this much?

    Can anyone please help me?

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  • 01/14/19--12:35: Audio not working (no sound)
  • I can't get any sound from this computer. It was working alright prior. Could someone please help me figure this out. Thank you.

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    Hey! My sound went out. I did some updates that got my rear panel audio jacks working with a set of drivers that weren't from HP, and when I updated BIOS from the manufacturer. It changed the display of my sound properties, but my audio jack was working. I'm on a HP 500-314 with a six panel audio jack on the back and a headphone and microphone jack on the front panel. The sound left in three stages. First being a reinstall of the IDT Audo Codec from HP, then they went out after a Windows update and changed order during a BIOS update. When I reinstalled new drivers this time, the front panel stopped working completely, but audio was able to play through L R  Lime green on back panel, only. Last night I downloaded AMD Overdrive and one of the settings bumped "L R" Lime green off and I couldn't get it back on.


    In this photo, "Speakers" is the bottom half of the six panel on the back with left, right and subwoofer speakers. None of them work or are seen a plugged in. "L R" Lime green is next to the microphone jack on the back and is the jack that was working yesterday until it left the building. When it was working, it was picked up under "Digital Audio". Pretty odd.


    "Digital Audio" used to change when you jacked in a set of speakers or a headset, and now it's a default setting with an audio jack that I don't have, but it was working.


    I went ahead and changed the drivers through Device Settings to the default High Definition Audio driver instead of IDT Codec. Last night I used the UEFI to reinstall from factory settings and went from Windows 10 to 8.1. It didn't change any of the sound properties, and it changed the drivers back to IDT. I can't figure this one out...









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  • 01/15/19--16:17: Microphone not unmuting
  • I had a problem where I pressed the mute mic button at the bottom right of the monitor (not on screen) and when i unpressed it my mic stayed muted. Then i went to the mic configuration and put my mic to "use this device (enable)" but it still didnt.


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    Re opening subject from previously closed thread that suggested a motherboard replacement for brand new units.

    I got a motherboard replacement and I'm now sending desktop back because the problem wasn't solved.

    New piece of puzzle is popup notifications that an audio device is being plugged or unplugged without any one touching the computer.

     I was assured that this time it will be fixed because it is flagged HIGH PRIORITY  Wish me luck on my "RE-REPAIR".

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    Hi all,


    I have two Roar speakers from HP. Is it possible to daisy chain them to allow both to operate at the same time? Currently, I can only get one to work at any one time. The second speaker, connected with a USB cable, does not project any sound. There is an audio jack input there, but as the first Roar speaker uses that connector to hook up to the back of the desktop PC, it isn't being used. Any ideas? I'd love to be able to play botjh speakers in stereo, so to speak, at the same time.


    Many thanks,



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    Hi i accidently deleted my IDT audio


    product name HP ENVY 4 NOTEBOOK PC

    its the beats audio edition if that makes a difference .

    may someone please send me to link to download the correct IDT thankyou

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    I am receiving an error window popup that says: "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\22094SynapticsIncorporate.AudioControls_1.3.27.1_x64_...\CxUIUExe.exe

    The parameter is incorrect."

    I removed the driver under Device manager and the error stopped coming up for a few days, but not it is back.

    It will pop up about every 30 seconds or so.

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  • 01/17/19--11:11: PCI Express sound cards
  • Can a PCI Express sound card be installed  in this rig?

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    Even after installing this update, the my audio does not work. The driver says everything is working fine but when I play with the audio slider all I hear is gentle beeps from my speakers. I've tried installing and unistalling the driver from the device manager but no luck as well. Theres a green tick on the sound devices i.e speakers/headphones meaning they should work? 

    Im using windows 10 on a HP envy 700-165

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