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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 10/23/15--11:47: audio
  • cats.jpgi m faizan riaz i have sound problem on my workstation and having big issue of driver .i install driver also frm hp support center site by my product name but it did nt work i attached the screen shot please help.......

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    I have just bought HP Slimline 410-009, and found its Intel HD 4400 graphic card does not support max resolution 2560 x 1440 in my Dell U2711 monitor.  I am trying to upgrade its graphic card. Can someone help me selecting a right card but without upgrading its power supply unit? Currently its psu is 180w. Since this is a new model, it is very hard to find information related to this model. Thanks

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    Will a new desktop computer with Windows 10 work on a 5 year old monitor?

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    hi i have an hp dx2000 desktop computer with wiundows 7 ultimate. the video quality is very poor so i want to download graphic drivers can someone pliz tell me where i can find them or jus hook me up with a link so i can download u can send a link to somebody help me pliz thank you

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    Yet another problem with Windows 10 on my machine. Discovered today that it screwed up my display driver so that I can't use a projector or an external monitor. As per screenshots I've tried updating the driver but it doesn't cause the error to stop. I even uninstalled the adapter and did the 'scan hardware changes' to reinstall but nothing helps. I tried going to Intel but they refuse to allow me to download their driver because HP has a proprietary driver on this machine. Can anyone help?


    Updated driver.pngCode 43 error.png

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    I want to display photos from my computer onto my TV.  The TV has RGB input whereas the HP Pavilion Notebook only has a HDMI connector.  I bought a cable to connect the two. 

    The TV display works perfectly for 20-30 seconds and then there are red lines across the screen and then the TV goes blank.  I have used all the various F4 options, have rebooted connected to the TV but it still does the same. 

    Can you please advise as I want to use the TV for a family gathering. 

    Many thanks, Duncan

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    I just received my new computer, hooked it up and there is no sound. I have a HP Envy 32 Media Display with Beats Audio and the HP Envy 750qe Desktop PC. We have the audio cord in the back of the monitor going to the Sound out on the back of the computer, and nothing. I have tried headphones (from my iPhone) and there is no sound.


    We double checked to make sure the volume is up, but still nothing. Please help, as this is a BRAND new computer. thank you, Susan

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    Have two HP 2011xi monitors running with my HP 6200 Pro and GeForce GT640 graphics card. Hoped to add a third monitor. After reviewing specifications I believed that the closest available monitor for a "main" monitor would be the HP V221. Easy setup and installation, but I am disappointed with the V221. Blacks are not as black, whites are not as white and the viewing angle is very small, when compared to the 2011xi's. I have tried various color temps, numerous combinations of contrast and brightness, but the V221 does just not measure up.  What have I missed? Is the V221 just an inferior monitor?

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  • 10/24/15--12:27: sound
  • Just received this computer.  Having problem with the sound.  Have 5.1 speakers connected to the 3 audio output jacks on back of computer.  Some programs the sound works as it should on some others, sound seems muted/dull.  Used same speakers on old compute (Dell XPS) and had no problems.   Have playback selected on Speakers High Def Audio Default device.  When I configure speakes, have to select 7.1 setup vice 5.1 to get sound out of all 5 speakers.  Any ideas?  Appreciate the help.

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  • 10/24/15--16:00: No sound
  • External speakers produce no sound.  They work on two other computers.  Power is on, shows by an illuminated red light.  Volume is at mid-range on the speaker control and on the volume control in the lower-right taskbar.  The volume control is not muted.  The speakers are plugged in to the green port.  I have tried plugging in to all six ports.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 10/24/15--19:29: HP W2207h monitor goes blank
  • HP W2207h monitor goes blank after 1 min. an 30 sec. Power button stays on an no input signal comes up. I have 2 monitors that did the same thing. The first 1 i fixed it by replaceing 2 capacitors that were poped caps. this 2nd one doing the same thing but the capacitors wern,t poped an all other things look good no burn spots...!!! Whats wrong with it? i have all updated driver and software.Its not going to sleep....

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  • 10/24/15--20:03: amber light doesn't turnoff
  • This is a Vista Premium Desk Top.  My problem is that when I shut down the green light on the monitor comes on then turns to amber, which I cannot turn off.  Please help.

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    I upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) for my HP Media Center PC m8226x which has a HP x1907 monitor. The Windows 10 monitor resolutions selections (e.g., 1280x1024, 1400x1050, etc) do no match the HP w1907 1440x900 recommended setting. As a result, I can not take full advantage of the monitor's size or resolution. HP does not appear to have any drivers to address this issue.  I've updated with the latest NVIDIA driver but it does not help either. Surprisingly, when checking system requirements for Windows 10, MicroSoft recommended buying a new computer! Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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    ive been using my pavilion desktop for 6 years now and while ive had to upgrade the hardware inside the cpu cabinet(3-4 months ago,which includes a mobo,gpu,ram and psu  change,along with upgrading my OS) ive been using the same monitor that came with my model all this time

 ,actually,while i was working the monitor's display suddenly turned darker than the turned slightly pinkish (magenta-ish kind of)...i didnt tamper with any monitor display settings


    i checked the connections and all of them were okay.i tried a factory reset from the monitor menu but that slight pinkish tone remains.There is,for,now,no flickering ,though.

    i did a restart,didnt help either


    Could anyone help me with this please?


    Thanks in advance

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    Just bought the HP ENVY 750-120 Desktop....also bought 2 new monitors (HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor)...can only get the computer to recognise 1 of the monitors...


    Oddly the desktop has 1 hdmi and 1 dvi hookup on the video card...but both monitors only came with vga plugs (thanks a lot HP)...i bought 2 new hdmi cables for the monitors but can only use 1 of them in the video card area....there are 2 additional hdmi slots on the back of the omputer but using those in every combination with restarting and applying the detect under display settings still does not result in the computer detecting the 2nd monitor...


    I'm thinking my only other option is to hook the 2nd monitor up to the dvi slot on the video card but i will need to find a converter since the monitor is only hdmi and vga...does this sound right?


    I'm no computer expert, so please excuse my common sense questions....why doesn't the video card have 2 hdmi slots and why does HP make monitors hdmi and vga but then make their computers with only 1 hdmi and dvi hookup...also, why doesnt the computer recognise the 2nd monitor if I use one of the hdmi slots at the bottom of the computer...what are those hdmi slots for then...?  really annoying that HP doesn't make sytems super easy to hookup for lay persons...


    thank you for any suggestions...





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    I would like to put a dvd in the computer and have the computer print out the closed caption text from the dvd to MS Word. Thank You, i don't know if i will be able to find this board again ( I did a Search) so my email is

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  • 10/25/15--14:54: Use display driver
  • I am looking for a Win98SE display driver for a new HP 22uh display I purchased when my old display failed.  Any suggestions on where to find one?

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  • 10/25/15--16:57: disable on board video
  • hello:

    no option in bios to diable on board video .I have new video card tring to install it and when the computer finally boots it shows the new card bios info and guy said to disable on board display adapter in windows first?my power on self test just freezes.

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  • 10/26/15--10:59: removing base from monitor
  • I've been using the monitor on the base it came with, but now I want to mount it on a swing arm, but I find I can't get the base off. I've checked the manual, which does have a section on wall mounting, but simply says "Slide the base away from the bottom of the monitor." I can't slide it; in fact, it won't move at all. Any ideas how to remove the base?

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    My monitor is screwing up.  I need to find some answers.  Googling has not helped.


    The HP site doesn't consider my serial number valid. This cuts me off from all support other than the forum--I can't even find a way to reach a human to resolve the serial number thing. (Note it doesn't say the product is out of warranty.  It can't even get that far.)


    Anyone know how I can resolve this issue?



    PS HP has so-helpfully placed the SN of this large and heavy monitor on the bottom of my stand base, btw--that makes it *really* easy to check and double check.  For Pete's sake!



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