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  • 12/06/15--14:23: Black screen at low battery
  • Moved to Laptops for better support.

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    when i turn volume up I do get sound i also get sound when i pair a bluetooth device BUT once i plug my headphones into either the audio jack or the beats side jack I get nothing through the headphones only through computer speakers. It is essential for me to have volume being i work nights on my computer while others are sleeping i need the sound to come out fo my headphones 

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    Hello all members,


    Had a melt down on my desk top so I dragged an old Compact Parasio out of the closet as a temp.


    I'm trying to install an ATI Radeon HD5670 card into the 1650's PCIe slot.


    When I try to boot up the system after video card insertion the pc will not boot up. Fans run like crazy but no

    display and no boot progress.


    I looked around for the 1650's PCIe version but was unable to locate any details other than the basic layout

    and designations(1 x PCIe).


    Trying to cross reference the ATI site for my mother board compatibility to the 5670 was like stabbing myself in the

    eye with a philips hurt and didn't accomplish much


    Anyone out there know whats going on with the boot freeze?


    Many thanks in advance.

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    I don't have any sound system after I reset my laptop and restored my personal files.  In the computer system, it showed that I don't have IDT High Definition Audio CODEC unable to install or unable to find driver software online (with yellow sign).  Can you please give me a solution to fix it and if it is not about IDT, please provide me any other informations to fix it.


    Here is my Product information

    HP envy Window 10 (upgraded)

    Processor : AMD A10-5750M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.50 GHz

    Installed memory (RAM): 12.0 GB (11.2 GBusable)

    System type: 64-bit operating system, x64- based processor

    Pen and touch: Full Windows Touch Support with 10 Touch Points


    Hopefully all these informations help you to figure out what wrong with my sound system. 

    Thank you!

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  • 12/07/15--11:52: monitor
  • I am getting a popup message saying "Power Button Lockout" when trying to turn my monitor off.  I cannot turn my monitor off now.  How can I "remove" the lockout?

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    I'm looking to purchase a Z230 Tower Workstation (F1M02UT#ABA) to support video editing.


    I also have an EVGA (NVIDIA) GTX-950 ( The video card has the following dimensions: Height: 4.376in, Length: 10.1in, and Width: Dual Slot. This card is a PCI Express 3.0 x16, and also requires an 8-pin PCI-E power connector from the power supply. This particular model Z230 has the 400 watt PSU, which should be adequate for the GTX-950.


    What I need to know, has anyone installed a GTX-950 (or GTX-900 family) GPU in the Z230?


    Does the PSU have an 8-pin PCI-E power connector (or two 4-pin connectors - the GPU has a "Y" adapter)?


    Can the existing 400 watt PSU be upgraded to a higher power 3rd party (i.e. Ultra, Corsair, etc.) "ATX" type PSU (20/24 pin MoBo power connector)?





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    HP 20-r037l All-in-One Desktop  Wi-Fi is too weak even when i am close to witless router


    i tried every thing and download all the drives in the hp drive page nothing changed, i also tried to install windows 7 and installed the drive same problem nothing changed


    can anyone give me a help here ?

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  • 12/08/15--09:01: Monitor base and stand
  • I recently purchased a HPcwa monitor and the base and stand do not lock in place causing the monitor to fall off the stand at the slightest touch.  Not good for the monitor screen.  What to do?

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    I have a 2311x monitor.  I can't get the menus to show on the screen so I can figure out why I can't see anything from the HDMI port.  I've checked online and the solutions proposed by the manual doesn't work and it doesn't feel like the switch is bad, so I'm trying to get some support.


    What I believe to be the issue with my monitor is a perfect example of what is wrong with HP support and usability:  The monitor has 3 inputs.  To ensure that the monitor always worked, I locked the onscreen menus so that nobody would muck about with them.  It always used the VGA input but  I moved the monitor to another location and want to use the HDMI input, but can't get it to work.  After jerking around with the useless individuals HP calls "support" for about 90 minutes, I had absolutely no help. On reflection, and this is a classic HP idiotic problem, I think the issue is that I need to have an active VGA or DVI (default input) connection or the "hold down the menu button for 30 seconds" won't reset.  So, unless you unlock the monitor before you change inputs,  you won't be able to.  I have deduced this myself, not from the manual, nor from "support".  And it's silly.


    Here's the lunacy:  Someone at HP, writing firmware, had to take the time to ensure that the reset was disabled unless there was something plugged in to the correct port.  Why? What is wrong with this person?  This reminds me of the firmware on my allin1 that does a self test every time I turn it off.  Why? It's infuriating to be troubleshooting something and have to wait for a self test on startup and on shutdown.  And, on the allin1, the issue is that it disappears off the network inexplicably and HPs solution is to restart the allin1.  Oh, and don't even get me started on the powersaving setting that I can't disable.  I believe that the powersave is where the disappearing issue is rooted, I can't disable it, and I have to reset and go through  self test on shutdown and startup.  What a pain.


    Here's another.  I had a color laser printer.  Every time I'd restart it, it would print a color page and I couldn't stop it.  Eventually, it ran out of one of the colors because of that.  I'd disabled color printing on every PC I had, defaulting to grey scale, so that I wouldn't unecessarily use color toner.  Once again, the idiotic HP firmware wouldn't let me print in black and white if one of my color toner cartridges was empty and it made sure it got empty by printing a color page every time I turned it on.  Along a similar line, HP has decided what quality I can print in by disabling printing once the drum reached a certain number of pages.  The drum had reached it's 15,000 or whatever number of pages and it quit working.  Support told me that my print quality would be unacceptable after that.  Who says?  I wasn't printing camera ready art, so who says it wasn't acceptable?  This and the toner issue are blatant ways HP uses to sell more consumables and they think it's ok. 


    In summary, I have 4 devices that are useless because of firmware:

    1. Color laser printer that needs 300$ in consumables because HP says so, not because I need them
    2. All-in-1 that I can't keep using because it disappears from my network
    3. A monitor that I can't use unless I physically take it back to the last location I installed it and change the menu
    4. A laptop with a camera that never worked but took me until after warranty expired to figure out it was a hardware problem.

    And, consistent with this firmware is the support which I can't use because I don't have a serial number which doesn't exist.


    I'll NEVER EVER buy another HP again.  It's clear that there is a culture of technical elite-ism coupled with perfuctory, ineffective telephone/website support.  HP is a weird combination of very technical design people and money-grubbing profiteers.  The design folks build these elaborate, overly complicated items that work as long as everything is just right, while the money-grubbers throw foreigners at the "support" organization for the lowest possible price.  What's interesting is that the money-grubbers appear to influence the technical design teams enough to design firmware that ensures the consumables business continues to grow, yet not to make the product useful.  Eventually the jig will be up and people will stop buying your stuff and someone else will step in.  It can't happen too soon for me.


    What follows is more detail about my monitor experience:


    First, when I power on the monitor with something plugged into the HDMI, it shows that it's active, yet there is nothing on the screen.   After a delay, I get a message telling me to check the cable.  WTH does that mean?  If the input is active, why don't I see anything and why would you tell me to check my cable?  Wouldn't you tell me that it's in error?


    I went to the website where, right off the bat, the monitors appear to be the ugly stepchild.  No support category at all; Not even when I registered for this blog.    But I searched for it and I got two choices for the 2311x: LED Monitor and LED Backlit Monitor.  IDK which I actually have,  but one of them is a dead link, so I went to the other one.  


    The manual tells me to hold down the Menu button for 30 seconds and this will unlock the On-screen menu.  But, does that mean it will just show up then, or do I need to let go and push the button again?  Typical HP doesn't really explain it.  But, either way, it didn't work.  No menu.  So, what I've figured out, on my own, is that the input must be locked to another input, so that's why it's telling me to check the cable.


    Then, when I called the support, I got connected to what sounds like India and spoke with someone who is reading poorly from some sort of script.  I got passed around from person to person because nobody actually supports monitors.  I got to the desktop support, where they said they support monitors, but that they needed a short biography about me along with which operating system I was using along with the monitor serial number before they'd provide even generic technical information.  There isn't a serial number visible anywhere, and the operating system is irrelevant as the issue is with the onscreen menu and switching inputs, so how does the OS matter?  This individual wouldn't help me without an unavailable serial number.  So I went on terminal hold where eventually the call was released.



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    Bought two new speakers for Xmas and wanted to add them to the 2 speakers built in on either side of my Viewsonic LED monitor. There are 6 jacks at the back and only 1 light green. So I hooked the new speakers to the Black Rear jack. But I can only get one set of speakers to work. I probably need to configure for 5/1 Sound. How do I do this?

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  • 12/08/15--12:57: NVIDIA GeForce gt230
  • Reading emails on my computer one morning, the computer screen went blank but the computer was still running (fans running and I could see green lights on motherboard still on). Checked monitor by attaching it to my laptop- it's still working. Next place I began checking was the video card- I have a spare monitor so I connected it to the stock VGA port on the back panel, bypassing the video card to isolate problem (had to remove factory installed cover) but I have not had any success from there. I tried doing the blind BIOS reset I found online- but was not successful. I am trying to confirm if the video card is the problem or if there is a bigger problem.


    Computer specs:

    HP Pavilion Elite, HPE-360z AMD (Aloe)

    AMD Phenom II X6 1035T (95 watt)

    Windows 7 64-bit

    NVIDIA GeForce GT230 1.5 GB FH (Takin)

    Motherboard: H-RS880-uATX


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    The picture on my Viewsonic LED 2450VX is great, except it is very very WIDE so that everyone looks Obese! How do I set it back to normal with MS Windows10 running on a Pavilion a1700n Desktop.  It is NOT the resolution, it is the display SIZE.

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  • 12/08/15--13:22: Windows 10
  • After downloading Windows 10, I found it would not support my Hp 27xi Monitor.  Has or will this be corrected so I can use my monitor. 

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    My screen saver points me to either "Photos" or "Photo Gallery".  I want to point it to a specific folder of my photos to set up as a slide show.  I can do this with my desktop background, but how do I do this with my screen saver?

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    I have a non-battery set of speakers and a microphone head set to be used with voice recognition, and when both are used, the other one does not work.  With the microphone head set I am trying to use a usb connecton. I also have a micreophone headsegt with a 2-jack connection but uncertain of which input to select for these jacks.  I do not have a schemaic for this computer.  Help please...eddywane

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    after adding a larger PSU 500-750w to supply more power to push a larger graphics card  all is o.k or are they other problem with this model for low-med gaming?  also if this is not a good plate form to slowly (toy) with please let me know.  which model would be? thanks really for anyones help  fredie44

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  • 12/08/15--17:09: My Audio Keeps Mute Itself
  • Why my computer keep mute itself for a few minutes..and after unmute for another few minutes it repeatedly...any solution from HP? or maybe bcoz of keyboard wireless is out of battery?

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    I have seen many people in these forums with the same problem. While they offer different solutions, none have worked for me so far.


    My issue is that I had my monitor working for a couple years using DVI, but now I need to connect it to my computer using HDMI instead. When I connect the monitor to the computer via HDMI, I get a message "Check Video Cable" on the center of the screen. I have to go to the monitor Source Control menu and manually select HDMI for it to detect the signal and display properly. This happens every time I turn the monitor on and every time it comes back from power saving mode.


    I already try the reset method of unplugging power and holding the power for 30 to 60 seconds. I already tried like 4 different HDMI cables, different brands and standards.


    The issue persists and my monitor cannot automatically detect the HDMI input as it did with DVI and VGA before.


    It is very irritating to having to fiddle with the controls every time my computer goes to sleep or I turn off the monitor.


    Is there a solution to this or after all this time it has been just chalked up to manufacturing defect and move on, leaving many customers with an annoying defect?


    Any help is appreciated.

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  • 12/09/15--05:23: lcd problem display
  • please help me with my problem...when i open my laptop heres what happen...the lcd is not broken but ...i don't know what to do...12336430_1057993230899083_1191429861_n.jpglaptop.jpg

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    I want to upgrade my graphics card from an Nvidea GEFORCE GT320 (1gb) to a compatible 2gb version which will fit properly into the existing case. Any suggestions, please?

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