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Desktop Audio topics

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    ~ Windows 10 Drivers needed for IDT High Definition Audio Driver ~


    IDT High Definition Audio Driver - 6.10.6486.0 Rev. A - 20.7 MB - May 11, 2016


    Does not install. Error message pop ups.


    Any links to woking Winows 10 Drives for IDT High Definition Audio Driver ?

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  • 06/18/16--06:23: usbport.sys dpc latency
  • Hello, I don't know what to do no more, I'm really done with this,My audio has been popping/stuttering/crackling/lagging, I know it's something wrong with the usbport.sys dpc due to my pc having fps lags while the audio pops occur, The dpc latency has been pissing me off, I've tried everything, from updating drivers, uninstalling drivers, disk check, sfc/scannow, healthchecks, most of the thing from the internet, I don't know what to do no more, Windows 10 has really screwed me over, I need help. It did go away right after i reset windows 10 fresh, but it came back the moment i restarted my pc. It's a pretty old machine, it's been functioning well over the last few years, has been till now, nothing's wrong with it.

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  • 06/20/16--02:24: Dts Sound is not working
  • Dts sound is not working and dts the sound is open but show the hp audio control panel in dts audio control panel I face this problem after changing the motherboard please solve my problem.

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    I recently bought a HP DisplayPort to HDMI-adapter and the picture is fine, but no sound.

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    The issue is mono sound from the rear panel audio output. The front panel headphone audio & HDMI audio is OK (stereo). OEM integrated sound, stereo only on this model, no surround sound.


    Easy to test this with speaker configuration test in plackback devices/configure/speaker setup, or from the DTS control panel. Tone at left speaker, delay, tone at right speaker, is normal.


    Issue is, running speaker configuration tone is heard from both left and right speakers at the same time,

    when each tone should be from only one speaker at a time. Volume is also quieter than normal configuration test.


    New, out of the box it worked. After 2 days Windows 10 Home completed the update to the new build (1511).

    After the update I was familiarizing myself with the audio settings and noticed the issue.


    I uninstalled the OEM audio driver and re-installed the version on the HP driver support site. (same version)

    Shortly after that, a newer audio driver was available from HP Support assistant. I installed the latest audio driver.

    The issue persisted.


    June 9th I contacted HP phone support and after some discussion, eventually a supervisor zeroed some regisitry values that had values of 1 rather than 0 and that fixed it.


    The registry values were in the area of, HKEY_Local_Machine>Software>SRS Labs>APO>and then within the next 6 lines of registry. He modified about 5 or 6 values to zero, rebooted, and the issue was fixed.


    On June 15th there was a Windows cumulative update KB3163018 and another KB3149135.

    The first attempt at the KB3163018 install failed, but on the second attempt it was sucessful.


    I immediately tried the speaker configuration test after the Windows update and the issue with mono output from just the rear audio output returned. Seems to be caused by Windows, but the only Windows support for OEM Windows software is the desktop manufacturer, so I phoned HP again on June 17th.


    Since this may be an ongoing issue, I was planning on archiving the registry changes this time, so I could modify the registry values myself if this issue was chronic. The HP rep. didn't acknowledge my asking him to slowly make the registry changes so that I could write them down. He quickly zeroed only 3 or 4 values and then had me check the results. The issue was not fixed this time. He stated that he changed all of the registry values required.

    I told him the other rep had changed more values and had me restart the PC before checking if the issue was fixed. Tried the restart, no luck.


    He then suggested uninstalling and re-installing the audio driver. I told him that I had previously done that twice without it fixing the issue.


    Then he suggested a system restore to an earlier date or a system recovery.

    Now, those two options would probably fix the issue, but I would be right back in the same boat after the same Windows updates that would be in line to be installed.


    So the issue remains unresolved.


    I would be interested in knowing the registry values that the first HP rep. zeroed so I could check the values myself.

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  • 07/02/16--09:43: no sound
  • I have an HP 251-a123w Desktop (Energy Star), I love it!  My first and only issue i've recognized is after getting speakers, I'm still not getting much sound output.  It's very very low, I initially thought I bought bad speakers, however, after returning speakers and exchanging for newer speakers, same results.   


    Is there a specific speaker I have to get?  The Realtek HD Audio driver don't seem to give you additional sound options to increase volume, similar to other window products in the past.  We had our desktop volume adjuster, as well as addition volume adjust and other sound related options in systems.  I attempted to search for an updated driver but system responded that my driver was already updated.   Any suggestions on what I can do to get sound?  Thanks

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  • 07/04/16--14:17: Sound low at full volume
  • The Realtek HD audio driver is updated. I right clicked the sound icon and clicked on volume mixer and the device and application is at full volume Would a system restore help? I have Windows 10. It was working fine after I upgraded to Windows 10 but after a month the volume isn't working well. The audo quality is the same on all browsers and media players like vlc.

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    m odel h8-1210t
    accidently uninstalled IDT audio driver, when I go to the drivers page and input this it just brings up something about windows 10. Thanks

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    Compaq IT Support/Codec needed.


    Dear Compaq Community.

                       I have been advised by the Intel online Community to contact Compaq for Codecs that they do not make themselves. Can you please assist me by providing the necessary Driver/Codec below?

    The reply/advice from Intel to me and my initial question to them is below. Many thanks.
     Mr Bennett

    Intel Community Advice


    “The device you identified is the Intel High-Definition Audio interface. The driver that you actually need is not for the interface itself but for for the media Codec that completes this circuit. Intel cannot helps you with this; they do not make these Codecs. You need to contact the board vendor for the appropriate driver.”

    My Initial Question to Intel

    “Dear Community.
                                Can anyone assist me in finding a "Multimedia Audio Controller" Driver for the PC "Compaq Evo D300" ?
    Exact Model:
    “077Ch” is the Main Board.
    Company and Device:
    VEN 8086
    DEV 2445
    I upgraded to Windows 7 from XP but I think Intel do not do Drivers any more for this PC.
    I'd be very grateful for help.
    Thank you.

    Mr Bennett”

    Thank you.

    Mr O Bennett

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    Not sure whether this is the correct place to post this but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Anyways, I have an HP Compaq LA2206xc monitor which despite everything that I have tried to do, the integrated microphones do not work.


    I have tried:

    - Updating Drivers.

    - Showing disabled devices on the 'Recording' part of the 'Sound' settings.

    - Using the monitor on another desktop to check whether it is my desktop and not my monitor.

    (I am sure I have tried a couple of other things but I've shamefully forgotten what else I have done)


    I have had this monitor for about 6-7 months now and I have only just recently tried to see if the integrated microphones work (this is because I need to call someone on Skype but I have no other microphone to use).


    My Operating System is Windows 10, 64 Bit


    The most common solution that I have found suggests 'Showing disabled devices on the 'Recording' part of the 'Sound' settings' however nothing about the integrated microphones show up:



    My desktop is fairly old now and neither of the microphone ports work anymore.



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  • 07/08/16--02:11: B&O error message
  • Hello I have only just set up my new computer, but when I go into sounds and click sound manager I get the following error

    RTKNHUI64 an invalid argument was encountered



    Please help

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  • 07/08/16--11:45: Headphone Jack.
  • Hey there, I've so I think there must be a problem with my headphone jack, for some reason when I connect my headphone to the jack, I can always only hear on one side of the headphone. I can only hear on both sides when I apply some force to the jack, pushing it to the left and I would have to hold it to that position to get it working properly. I forgot since when I had this problem, but it has been like this for quite some time. and when I plug in the same set of headphones to my phone, it works just fine. I've tried this with 3 different headphones and a pair earphones and the problem still persists, so I'm assuiming it is the jack port that is faulty. I've been okay with having this problem because I would always usually just plug in both headphone and audio jacks in the cpu and insert a pen in between both the jacks, having the headphone jack pushed to the left all the time and making it always work.


    But just recenly I bought an external kareoke microphone which I planned on using to beatbox with, and when I record and playback, I can only hear from the left side of my headphone. Kinda ticks me off because I've spent a lot of money on my headphones, microphone and microphone jack converter but I still can't get the best out of my products. Plus, I would always switch from speakers to headphones, depending on whether I'm listening to music or gaming. What should I do? :/


    (Sorry if I've sent any irrelevant information or my English is bad) 

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  • 07/08/16--13:39: Microphone is not detected.
  • My computer does not have a microphone jack; it's only a headset jack. So, to solve this, I bought a trusted and reliable adapter to conjoin the microphone and headphones jack into one. However, my computer only picks this up as a "communication headphones" and does npt detect the microphone installed into the computer. Skype and Curse ans Steam does not recognize my voice. What do I do?

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    I would like to know if someone has upgraded the h8-1040 to windows 10.

    What are the encountered problems if any?




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  • 07/09/16--10:54: Sound
  • Windows Vista 64 bit- operating system, I restarted my system and now the sound isn't working...say that there are No Audio outputs Device installed, before I reset my system back to factory settings the audio was working fine. 

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    Moved to Notebooks for better support.

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    I just reset my system using Windows Recovery, and now I have no sound to my speakers, although I can get sound through my monitor which is connected with HDMI.


    Device manager has 2 entries under SOUND. There's "AMD High Definition Audio Device" and "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC." I know the IDT one used to play to my speakers, but I can't get it to install a driver, and it doesn't appear under Playback Devices in the sound settings.


    When I try installing/updating  the driver, it reports that "Windows ecountered a problem installing the driver for your device" and "A device attached to the system is not functioning."


    I've reset my system a number of times before and never had this problem crop up. Can anyone help?

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  • 07/10/16--13:45: Sound card for audio capture
  • Don't know model #. From control panel in Sound says my Device Default is Stereo IDT High Def Audio CODEC. Says Line In  IDT HD Audio CODEC is not plugged in. (Under mic and rear mic says currently unavailable)


    I do have a jack in line In but that goes to speakers that only plays what's already on the PC. I tried putting an Audiology Sound Blaster card in the motherboard but it doesn't fit. (Mother board is IMP87-MP )


    What sound card will work or will any with this PC ? Hate to think the latter. Thanks

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    Hello. I am trying to listen to Pandora Radio on HP Mediasmart but it just keeps loading and the music eventually doesn't play and it just takes me back to the main Pandora Radio screen.

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