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    Hi HP forums,


    I am considering upgrading the graphics card in my HP Envy 700-500z to an AMD Radeon R9 380.  I am concerned that the GPU will be in some way incompatible with my OS or my motherboard.  I changed the processor to an AMD A10 7800 R7 and added an NVidia Geforce Gt 720 GPU that isn't quite up to snuff.  I would greatly appreciate some reasurrance or clarification as to whether it will or will not work with my system.  I am open to suggestions as well. 



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    I just finished upgrading to Windows 10.... Windows 10 is not recognizing my HP w2338h monitor.... it is listing my monitor as Generic non-pnp.... The resolution is very big.... I am not allowed to change this resolution....


    I made my way to the webpage looking for a driver for Windows 10.... After inputting my information the site told me my monitor was not supported in Windows 10....


    Can this be true?.... is my monitor that old?.... Is my only option to buy another monitor or can I get a generic driver that will allow me to change resolution?....


    I have a hard time believeing HP no longer supports this monitor....

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    My mom (who is 70) brought her PC to me because it will not start. It is an HP Pavilion 6680t s/n [Personal Information Removed]. I did go through HP support forums and searched to try to find a fix but everything I tried as not worked. If you push the power button it will light up, you can see the HDD amber light flash. The fans will start on the power supply, the CPU and the case. It doesn't beep to indicate any type of hardware issues. Pushing the F10 key, or any other F keys will not bring up the bios to change the boot order to try any of the downloadable image diags cd's. I even went through the PC by cleaning it out with a compressed air can. I removed, checked the pins and reseated all the external and internal power and data cables. I even tried to do a hard restart in the troubleshooing section. It is not the monitors because I tried 3 different working monitors with both VGA and DVI. Still nothing. I am running out of ideas and my mom was asking for her PC back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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    HP Compaq dc7700 sff video upgrade for better performance.   
    Need a video card that would inprove performance to buy (low profile) please advise. 

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  • 10/02/15--06:38: TV connection
  • I have upgraded to windows 10. Cannot watch tv on my computer have connected tv arial . Have tried DVB viewer but it  does not recognise tv card .Are there any driver updates? or any other apps I can use?

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  • 10/02/15--09:10: HP w2408H monitor
  • Does the HP w2408H monitor have a built in vidio camera?

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    I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 video on the mother board.  Windows 10 will not upgrade because it does not have a video driver for the upgrade. What are my possible solutions?

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    Just purchased HP Pavilion 23q067C.  Installed Windows 10   connected to internet. 


    #1.  No sound at all.  Not on mute. Is there something I need to turn on or install  to hear sound?   


    #2.  I have a HPJ6480c wireless printer but can not figure out how to install with this HP Pavilion.  HP no longer supports this model. Does this mean my working HP printer will not work with my new HP?  Is there a way around this so I do not have to purchase another printer?  


    I need step-by-step as I am NOT PC savvy..... Please help    



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    can't fix my beatsaudio equalizer does not work

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    I am trying to connect my new Pavillion Notebook (Windows 10 64-bt) to my older HP s2031 monitor using a HDMI to VGA converter.... The computer recognizes it but there is no signal received by the monitor (or so it says...).


    If I connect the monitor to a Notebook running Windows 8.1, the monitor responds correctly through its VGA port, I can then adjust the Menu and find a configuration that allows the monitor to display correctly for both VGA and HDMI using the converter.... This is true on both the 8.1 and 10 machines.


    Howvever, this morning I booted up the Wndows 10 Notebook and the monitor will not respond (it goes to sleep). Apparently I cannot access the menu unless the monitor is displaying a signal....


    I hope I don't have to start the monitior with my 8.1 machine each time I want to use it with my 10 machine!!!! Since both the new computer and the monitor are HP products, I assume that someone (hopefully HP) can provide a solution since I would like to use my external monitor at all times with my new Notebook. 


    Thank you.



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  • 10/03/15--10:52: speakers are not working
  • i have just brought theabove mentioned computer and think it is amazing. the problem i am having is that a message appeared on my screen saying upgrade to windows 10 for free so i clicked on it and upgraded. i must say that i instantly thought that the 8.1nwas better plus my speaker stopped working.  i then clicked the change back to 8.1.  my speakers started working again  i then turned my computer off (because i had to go out).  when i returned i turned my computer back on only to find that neither my speaker or my aux port is working.  i have tried going through the settings but can find howto get them working again can anyone help please

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    I have an Acer Touchscreen monitor that worked well with my old computer.  I got a new one (HP Envy) and it only had a DVI port, no HDMI like my last computer.  I bought both an andapter and also a new cable.  I have tried both but when I turn the computer on, it is a black screen.  I changed my output on the monitor from VGA to HDMI but it didn't work.  I tried to update the driver and the computer says I have the up to date one.



    Am I forgeting to do something?

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  • 10/11/15--13:28: videos won't play
  • I am using internet explorer.  When I first puchased the all-in-one, I was able to play any video I tried.  After an update several weeks ago, I am now not able to play any video.  Most are on youtube, but some are sent in emails.  I see a green screen and hear the audio, but the video won't play.    

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    HP Compaq dc7100 USDT

    P/N PN290AA#ABU

    dc7100U/P4-530/80hnd/512G/4 UK

    Windows 7 Professional 32-bit with Service Pack 1

    SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio

    driver version dated 15/04/2004




    I'm struggling to get the audi working on my dc7100 usdt. Device Manager shows it working correctly but no sound comes out of the internal speaker(s) no matter what I do.


    Forcing a driver update suggests that the latest driver is already installed. I've tried uninstalling (including uninstalling the driver software) and getting Windows to recognise the hardware and install the appropriate driver but it comes back with the same driver (as above).


    I've checked the default audio device and it is correctly showing as SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio but still no sound from the speaker(s). However, sound comes out normally through headphones when these are plugged into the front hadphone/mic jacks.


    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.





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    When I plug any USB device into the ports on my ZR2740w, it usually fails to register--it shows up as "Unknown USB Device". The USB connection from the monitor's USB hub to my computer must certainly be configured correctly, because on rare occasion an attached device is recognized in the normal way. So the fault definitely lies with either the hub or all of the ports (I've tried them all). 


    I see that many other people are reporting the same issue. Is there a workaround for this--or is it just a design and/or manufacturing error on the part of HP, and we can do nothing? Thanks for your help.

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  • 10/11/15--17:47: HP pavilion 23-q014
  • Hi, here is the problem...

    I recently bought the HP Pavilion 23-q014, great all-in-one, love it! but I have an issue. I have a PC online game that I love to play. I'm getting a very low FPS and the game graphics are pretty bad, even after installing the latest driver for the Intel HD graphics 4400 card that comes with the computer, and setting the game graphics to the lowest setting.

    Now, I checked with the game developers and the one requirement that I'm missing is a proper graphics card (I believe this is the reason why Im getting a low FPS). The required card should be an Nvidia GeForce 460 GTX.

    So, my question is simple: is the Nvidia GeForce 460 GTX hardware compatible with this PC??? My idea is to get this card if compatible. I know the other choice I have is to get a better PC for the purpose of gaming, but I love my all-in-one HP!

    Your help is appreciated,




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     I bought a z27x monitor a few weeks ago and tried using the HP DreamColor Calibration Solution today. After connecting it, nothing happens. I cannot find an option to use it in the monitor's menu, is this normal? I have tried not connecting it to my computer, turning it on and off, plugging it into the other usb ports on the monitor, nothing..

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    I got a question. Is there a card (PCIe 1X) that can output video to a TV? Now I know discrete graphics cards (Non Integrated video cards) have various outputs (S Video, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Display Port, etc, etc). However I do have a XFX Radeon R9 380 installed that had HDMI. Which is all fine and good. However I need a card that has S Video or Component. And all modern video cards have HDMI, Displayport and/or DVI. And I do not want to down grade the card. Why S Video and/or Component? This computer is used for mild gaming and as a media center to a CRT based TV that only had Component, S Video, Composit and Coax. I am not looking to replace it as it works great, and the wife is being stubborn with wanting to upgrade.


    So are there any cards specifically designed to out put video to S Video or Composite, or component or Coax?

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  • 10/12/15--03:54: Can't wake up
  • Hello


    I'm not sure if this has started after I upgraded to Window 10 or there has been an update since. 


    When my monitor goes to sleep after 10 minutes, it will not wake up on moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard.  I have to button the machine.  This is not ideal.


    Has anyone seen this behaviour and does anyone know of a fix?


    Many thanks



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  • 10/12/15--09:01: HP Wireless TV Connect Kit
  • HP Wireless TV Connect Kit

    SN - (removed content)

    ID - cs0001


    Search Parameters for HP Support:

    -Accessories & Parts


    -PC-to-TV Connectivity

    -HP Wireless TV Connect Kit

    -HP Wireless TV Connect Kit


    Return Action:

    -Null (No Support)


    Support Alternative: Windows 7 Driver Hack for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10


    Currently there is no support or driver update/s for the HDMI HP Wireless TV Connect Kit to run on versions of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. The aim of this hack is to deal with the issue at hand, nothing more.


    NOTE: Follow these instructions at your own risk.

    System Requirements:

    • A desktop or laptop computer, and the HDMI HP Wireless TV Connect Kit device
    • Internet connection
    • Windows 8.1 or 10 HOME, PRO/PLUS, or UNLIMITED
    • VMware 8 or above
    • Image or Windows 7 or 8 HOME, PRO/PLUS, or UNLIMITED

    These instructions are to be run in Windows 8.1 or 10 HOME, PRO/PLUS, or UNLIMITED.


    1. Install / run VMware 8 or above
    2. Create a new VM with the Windows 7 or 8 HOME, PRO/PLUS, or UNLIMITED image
    3. Wait for your Windows image to finish installing
    4. Plug in the HDMI HP Wireless TV Connect Kit
    5. The desktop of the VM image and the desktop of Windows 8.1 or 10 is displayed on your television with audio.
    6. Simply minimize the VMware software, and take advantage of this hack!

    -(removed content)





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