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    looking for exact equivalent HP LED monitor as replacement for obsolete LP2065 HP monitor.

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    Sound doesn't work on HP Pavillion Windows 10.  NEw machine.  Was working on initial set up.  Went to play a DVD and there is not longer any sound, although it looks like it works on testing and on sound devices etc...there is actually no physical sound coming out of the machine

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    I have bought this beautiful 24" HP 24uh monitor, but my Mac Mini thinks it is some different 19" model, so the image is distorted (and only 1280 pixel instead of 1920). On the CD and on the Web there are only Windows drivers for it. I urgently need a driver for my monitor, it is a shame to cover only one operating system as if the other doesn't exist Smiley Sad


    Please reply quickly



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    Well after being jerked around by my case manager who said he would rebuild and replace my defective PC - now it turns out since the correct processor is backordered, there is nothing he can do that is acceptable or expected to compensate me for the endless plea's for support.  This entire experience buying from HP has been a nightmare.


    I am not alone in my frustration with HP - comments on my Reddit post are full of dissatisfied HP customers.  When a case manager has all the information about a defective product, horrendous customer care – I would think that fact that a processor is not available should not impede them from providing quality customer care.  I was accommodating as best I could be and said I can wait for the processor to be in stock, but that apparently is not in the customer care handbook.


    HP if you sell a defective product, you should correct the mistake using your best efforts.

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  • 10/15/15--11:33: HPLJ 3055
  • Whenever I get a call on my landline and the answering machine picks up, the caller can distinctly hear the fax tone (coming from my HPLJ 3055). Can someone please tell me how to clear this fax out of the line?

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    Our HP18 All in One desktop Monitor is blanking out on the bottom half of the screen with white. Help! It is intermiitent right now.

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  • 10/15/15--15:47: OpenGL 1.3 support
  • Under Windows 7, I was able to run Garmin's BaseCamp software in 3D mode.  After converting to Windows 10, BaseCamp says it can only run 2D because my video driver does not support OpenGL 1.3.  I haven't been able to find a driver update to fix this.

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  • 10/15/15--18:08: HP pavilion M9660 F
  • a few mont hs ago no display singal, I find the grafic card nVidia Geforce 9800GT was died, and  I get a new card, and it work well, but weeks ago, the computer has no display again, and I got another new card installed, but still no display singal. so this time it may not be the grafic card problem. What part could be wrong, and what should I do? Please help.


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    I am using hp compaq LA 2206x monitor. last time i reset it by factory reset after that its display (image) is not coming in center. vertically image is half inch down(half inch black screen) i have reset it many time and auto adjustment is also not working. 

    No hardware change nor software change. only on monitor factory reset was carry out. i am using del vostro 200 pc with it. update driver also but not useful.

    i have install hp display assistant sofware but it say " hp display assistance was unable to establish communication with your dislplay. Make sure you are using the cables that came with your is recommended you uupdate your graphic card drivers with the most current version from the manugactures website.

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                      About a month ago, I upgraded my HP Probook 4540s to Windows 10 64-bit and for some reason, my audio is no longer working. I have seen a few solutions online where you manually install it by updating the driver in device manager, picking to install from computer, choosing to pick from a list, and then picking the High Definition Audio CODEC, however, when I go through with that process, all that shows up Audio Endpoint. Whenever I try to update with a driver that I have, it always defaults to Audio Endpoint.

                      I have opened it up to check inside the laptop to make sure that the audio jack isnt broken. The speakers are wired correctly inside too. The strange thing is that the only time my speakers work is when Im testing the audio for the headphone jack (Right Clicking speaker, playback devices, right clicking Communication Headphones, and clicking test when something is supposed to be playing through the speakers). I could also just adjust the volume on communication headphones and the speakers work for that split second that you're supposed to hear sound from the headphones.


    Thank You!


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    Hey guys,
    I got a monitor (Pavilion 23xw) with a pixel that stays always pink (it's one, but it bothers me a lot).
    Anyone knows how can I fix it? I bought this monitor 1~2 months ago

    Thank you! 

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    I am trying to install a PNY-Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics card into our principal's HP 5800 desktop machine. I had purchased two of these cards before for my boss, and the super. I installed them, put the correct driver in, and the machine was good to go with no problems. This card however came out of an upopened box, and will not run in the 5800. It's the same model that i used before. The symptoms are when powered up, the screen is black with lines in it, and then the fan kicks up to high speed from normal speed. The fan sounds like it's ready for take off. Is this the wrong card for this type of machine, I am running Windows 7 professional, I forgot to mention the os. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this problem or a better graphics card that I can use. My end goal is to setup a dual monitor system for the principal, his employees bought him an extra monitor for bosses day. Thank you in advance, I greatly appreciate it!!





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    How do I fix the problem of my number to the right of my letter to work properly?

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  • 10/16/15--15:19: s5212y
  • What graphics card can be added to slimline s5212y to support two monitors?

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    I will buy a unit HP Envy  700 - 327c. I have two queries:


    1. I would like to ask if this computer is capable to dual monitor display with its on-board display card . At the back it has one VGA and one DVI port. Can I use both of these ports?


    2. If I'm going to buy an expansion graphic card, what specs would be compatible with this desktop? I will use this for my everyday computing in the office.



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    Hello, my USB doesnt work, anything  I plug in the back won't work.

    The only ones that work at the ones on the left side I use it for mouse and keyboard.


    I can not use the front camera, it has a Make sure camera is not being used by another app Which is not.

    I cant use on skype or anything at all.


    I'll appriciate a lot if you could help.

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    Hi Guys,


    I am hoping that you can help me with my problem.


    Wanted to be productive on my work however I have this issue setting up an additional display for my laptop.


    My laptop has a HDMI port and my monitors has only VGA ports. I have a HDMI to VGA cable too, however upon connecting my laptop and the monitor using this cable, windows can't detect.


    Are there drivers/software I need to update/install in order to have this good and running?


    Please help me on this matter I really badly need of your expert advise. 


    Thank you so much an hoping to hear it from you guys!



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    Hi ,


    Can the Stock  Bestec psu support a low profile graphics card such as gigabyte radeon 5670 (ddr5 edition).My output is a 32" monitor medium resolution and not for gaming purpose.


    Thank u in advance ,

    yours sincerely,


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       My Envy 27 monitor works fine for a while, but then suddenly goes blank, and the controls (i.e. On/Off selector and selectors for Beat and other screen controls) become inoperable.  I have found that if I then disconnect the power cable on the back for a period of time I am often able to get the monitor to respond again for a while, and then the monitor controls again will work until it happens again.  There does not seem to be a problem with the computer (an Envy Phoenix 810-135qe), just the monitor.  I notice that when the monitor is working that I am getting quite a bit of flickering, especially on the lower half of the screen.

       I have tried dis-connecting all of the peripherals from the computer and doing a hard re-set as per the user guide, but this has made no difference.  I have checked all connections, and they appear to be solid.  I do not have another computer to which I might otherwise be able to use to test the monitor, just lap-tops.  After going through the Troubleshooting guide, I am out of ideas and would appreciate any help.

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    Windows 10 adives that my Geoforce 7350 LE Video Card is not supported. Any recommendations for an inexpensive replacement. Not a gamer so machine is being used for just basic computing.



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