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  • 10/29/15--07:18: power button lockout
  • power button lockout displays on my monitor. keyboard won't type; altho light is on. mouse DOES work. I have attempted all suggested- holding power button  down, unplugging...etc

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  • 10/29/15--09:38: NO SOUND AFTER VIRUS REMOVAL
  • I took PC to Staples to have it checked and viruses, spyware, malware were found.  These were removed and everything cleaned out.  I now have no sound.  I have tried everything I can think of to no avail.


    Can anyone help?

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    It seems that the second monitor port (on the left below) is not working.  For the last 3 years I have been running an LG Monitor (that has both VGA and DCI ports) VGA from the monitor to the right DVI on the PC with an adaptor on the cable.  This has worked fine.    Now I am adding a second monitor doing essentially the same thing but there is no response on the other port.  I have tried everything.  I have the right adaptors. The connections are all good.  The left port won't respond, even if it is the only one being connected.  Do I need to install a driver or somthing?  Ports.jpg

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  • 10/29/15--14:28: no sound in my new pc
  • I bought brand new pc with 25'monitor. in the monitor package, there are three cables for visual, no cable for audio. there is no step for connecting audio shown on the big monitor setup picuture page either. after I set up the computer, there was no sound. but in the computer setup mannual, there is a step for audio cable connection. should I buy an audio cable myself or HP forgot to include this cable in my package?

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  • 10/29/15--15:15: MAtte
  • Does HP has matte screen 27  inch monitors?

    The shiny ones are too hard on the eyes when it comes to design atc. when the light falls on it.


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    I want to calibrate my HP Dreamcolor LP2480zx using the HP Dreamcolor Calibration software so that I can save the calibration in to the Dreamcolor. I am getting the old 'Please verify USB cable is connected ... ' I remeber a while ago there was a kernel extension fix for this but that no longer works. 


    I have a i1 Display Pro.


    Can use either Yosemite 10.10 or El Capitan 10.11



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    I have an Envy 32 running off a ASUS R9 290 GPU.  Single monitor setup.


    Once a month or so, my display completely freezes EXCEPT for my mouse pointer. 


    The issue is resolved by unplugging the HDMI cable from the monitor, and plugging it back in.  It's super annoying because it resizes all my windows sizes to like 640x480 and i have to resize everything.


    Is this my monitor or my GPU driver freezing up on me?  Very confused which route to go.



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    Huge Problem with my Desktop Screen, Green and Pink lines with top screen reflected below it.

    Here are the pictures :

    Regular Screen


    On Other Side, using my Canon Camera to take a pic of it,

    Dammit Carl.Carl Again, Dammit


    Thanks to MS Paint for the editing of text

    So... The problem started when i was in the middle of watching a movie, im watching Black Hawk Down for info.

    then unfortunately it suddenly turns the app off and refreshes with the lines a day after i have this reflection on the bottom part of the screen, mostly it reflects the UPPER part and keeps jumping up and down, it is transparent atleast,  but its movement is too flashy


    I Tried using Safe Mode and checking the BIOS Options, im sure its not a App problem anymore so i tried to find a connector to the LCD TV unfortunately it will take some time to find it, i think its from overheating due to Adobe CC Background running while the movie was there.


    I Have a Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-133 (Toshiba EU Gmbh)

    Laptop info below :

    Amd Radeon HD 8210
    Generic PnP Monitor
    AMD E1-2100 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics (1st Core.)
    AMD E1-2100 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics (2nd Core.)
    Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-133 (Full Laptop Model from Toshiba EU)
    with Warranty (unchecked)

    Hope someone could fix this, thank you

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    I ran sp53098.exe (Original Realtek High Definition drivers) as instructed and for the last 18 hours I have this message :

    Please wait...update is in progress.  and it is still updating ????.


    Is this normal?  Or am I wasting time here?


    I am trying to get sound to work again after virus removal that resulted in no sound and messages that stated



    "No audio device is installed"


    See my other thread that I have been working with REO on.

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    I am looking for a video card recommendation for the

    HP Pavilion p7-1226s


    I am mainly looking for hdmi output and at a minimum 1 gb ddr 3 ram.  I want to use the computer for a multimedia station and  hook it up to my plazma tv and use kodi to watch movies and tv shows.  I have already tried a evga gt 610 and it does not want to work with this computer.  If I turn of security to the pcix port it freezes up on the hp start up screen and I can not press esc or anything to get to the settings menu.  I have to take the card out and use the built in video to try and make changes in the bios.


    Any help will be appreciated...



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  • 10/30/15--16:45: upgrading video card
  • Hello, I would like to find out if i can upgrade my video card to the XFX ATI Radeon HD 6670 or other better compatible card . i would like to have at least one Displayport for three monitors. thanks


    My present system is HP Pavillion Elite HPE-401t

    serial # [Personal Information Removed]

    product # xm555av#aba

    ATI Radeon HD5450 512mb

    Windows 7 64bit

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    I have a 3 week old Desktop HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se  w/ Windows 7 (Product # M0K57AV#ABA) and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 with 2 GB DDR5.   I've noticed that on most occassions the monitor (connected via DisplayPort) does not awake from sleep.  The computer will wake, but the monitor won't - I have to manually power the monitor off & on to fix it.  


    As a test I used the HDMI cable for a week, and had no issues at all - the monitor awakes after going in sleep mode without issues via HDMI.  The issue seems to be isolated to the displayport connection. 


    I've done a complete system restore, hoping that would fix it, but it made no difference.  I want to be able to connect multiple monitors at some point.  What could be causing this?



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    Installed  MSI Radeon R7 260  into empty PCI -E 3 X16 PCI  slot. Power ON and Power button illumination goes on for 2sec then off. 

    Remove card and OK. Card requires additional 6-pin 12VDC plugin which is done

    This is a new PC with a 500W PS but with inadequate integrated  Intel graphics..  Is this a slot problem? A 12VDC problem

    or a Bios problem or should I just return the PC to HP and buy something else. Appreciate any insight.

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    Hi there .. I am having trouble connecting the speakers that came with the pavilion 25xi monitor. The connection on the paper sheet that came with the monitor shows that the speakers can be connected using the power adapter. However the power adapter has no provision to do so. Nor the monitor has any audio jack. The HDMI cable will display from the laptop but without sound. Have I been supplied with an incorrect power adapter or is it that the sound can be activated through my laptop speaker? Help please ...

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  • 10/30/15--20:35: light blinks red twice
  • Hi all,


    "light blinks red twice" is what I get when I attempt to put on one of my systems.   On checking the meaning of the code I find that it means "Processor thermal protection activated".   What is this and how do I resolve it?


    The system is HP Dc7700 SFF and is running on Win7 (32bit) that is giving the problem.


    Please help.



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  • 10/31/15--05:45: monitor
  • The monitor is blue when it starts up from sleep mode .   I still can see the mouse cursor but nothing else . Shut it down and restart and all is fine , this has been happening off and on for a few weeks.  

    Used  this monitor  on my other computer all is fine, Took monitor from my other computer and it did same on this computer. All cables are properly secure.  THanks for help 


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    My HP Viseo 243D monitor works normally, except it goes to sleep with the message "No signal" when browsing YouTube via Chrome web browser. Occasionally, a video playing via Facebook will have the same effect, but not always. 


    If I am using a desktop application or other web surfing, it doesn't switch off. 


    The timings are intermittent and are not connected to system preferences, as the monitor is set to sleep never. 


    Sometimes after restarting, the monitor still shows 'No signal', but after 30 mins powered off, it will start up again. 


    Sometimes it will power on again immediately after restart. 


    Thanks in advance. 

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    Unfortunately, no matter what i try the sound doesnt work when i try to use the speakers alothough i can lisen with my head phones in . Luckly i have waranty and i can claim but really dont want to as i am happy with my computer any ideas???if yourhaving the same promblem please comment below ........

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  • 10/31/15--10:43: screen replacement

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    my old HP w2408h moniter did work find, until my computer tower died on me. I have brand new computer that has Windows 10. For some reason the moniter wont do nothing other than light up and tell me there is no signal from either VIA or from HDMI SIGNAL. Is moniter too old to use with a brand new computer. Maybe someone out there has an  answer?

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