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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 11/13/15--15:01: audio problems
  • I upgraded to win 10 from 8.1 with no problems.   I have been running just fine for a couple months.   Suddenly my volume maxes out at 100%.  As soon as I adjust the volume lower it immediately returns to 100%.  Also a widget showing the volume bar stays on top of everything in the upper left hand corner of the screen. It cannot be moved.


    I can get rid of this annoying bar, but only by stopping the hd audio service which results in losing my sound obviously.


    Thank You

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  • 11/13/15--18:39: what can i upgrade too
  • I am wanting to upgrade to a gtx970 but not sure it will work in my rig. I have a h9 1420t came installed with a gt640. Not enough power for me and new games coming out. Can i put a 970 in this setup?

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  • 11/13/15--18:47: Monitor Brightness
  • I have got a new hp monitor.  How do you change the brightness?  It is too bright, the colors are not nice and bright.

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    I tried to google these, but found nothing. I didn't use this computer for over a year. 6 months ago I did try to turn it on, but there was something badly wrong with the video and audio, so I had it fixed. I didn't still use it after that until now, and I noticed, that when I scroll, or move windows, it lags badly, otherwise the computer works fine. The audio also works, but some youtube videos don't have sound for some reason (they did when I played them on my other device). I then checked the drivers, and apparently some aren't installed correctly (they're matked as yellow question marks). I tried to make it search for them, but nothing happens. By the way, I use this computer to record and mix music, and I use Tascam US-1641 audio interface (not sure if that has anything to do with this).

    And here's the stuff I guess I need?:

    Video Driver (VGA):


    High Definition Audio:





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    I have installed Windows Essentials 2012, 2011 and other versions. it didn't show any video. I could only hear the audio. I did some research and saw on another post that I should try installing Windows Live Essentials 2011. I tried this and it still didn't work. I also tried removing the file with Movie Maker in it and using another one from a friend's computer and it still didn't work. i have searched for the solution in net and i have tryed all. but no use .  can i get propre way yo fix this problem


    and my system derives are up to date


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  • 11/14/15--07:43: No Sound
  • No Sound

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    Just received a reply to a question asked 3 years ago, in 11/22/12.  Re power lockout on monitor.

    Where has that answer been for 3 years?  Why is it even still held anywhere?  Why on earth does it appear now???

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    What type of Graphic card should I buy for a Compaq CQ5210F?

    What does it cost?

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  • 11/14/15--12:26: 3 monitors
  • Trying to get 3 monitors going on my envy 860-019 with gtx960 via 3 x HDMI. The 960 has 1 HDMI port which works. Then lower down there are also 2 more HDMI ports which I can see are recognized by the system in the sound playback properties screen. All 3 monitors are HP23xw's. I'm sure if I ran out and picked up the display port to HDMI adapters (960 has 3 display port ports as well) I could get it to work that way but then why have the other 2 HDMI ports? 



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  • 11/14/15--15:52: Graphics card
  • The original graphics card cooling fan is starting to much a lot of noise.

    I would like to replace it with a card that is compatible with Windows 10 Pro.

    I will be updating to Windows 10 later this year.

    I work with Adobe Photoshop to edit raw image photos.

    The originak card is a ATI Radeon HD5570 which works fine with Photoshop.

    Looking for recommendation that cost about $50.00 to $100.00


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    My HP 22-3010 All-In-One Computer did not come with an Owner's Manual.   I contacted Technical Support and

    they sent me the link to view it on my computer.  This was not acceptable, so they printed the first approx. 40

    pages and sent them to me as loose pages.  Still not acceptable.  I would like a BOUND COPY OF THE COMPLETE

    OWNER'S MANUAL, such as the one I received when I purchased my combination printer, copier, scanner &

    fax machine.  How can I obtain this bound owner's manual?

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  • 11/14/15--21:40: HD Audio CODEC lag.
  • My playback device (The one stated at the title) lags out. Or fails to respond immediately after playing anything with sound. 


    Example: I play a video on youtube 2 mins in. I pause for 1-2 minutes. When I play again the video wont immediately start because of the sound.


    Why do I know its because of the sound? Going to the volume mixer and testing the sound and the sound wont play. Only after a min or so the sound will come back, resuming the video. This would always happen. 

    Also I've tried using headphones. And this problem doesn't occure at all. I can leave a video at pause for hours while my headset is on and resume it normally without waiting for over a minute for any sound, video or even system sounds, to play.


    There is no update "latest" for the software. I have tried uninstalling and reinsalling. 

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    Windows Live Movie Maker - has black screen but ok audio


    i have instaled 2012, 2011, and other vesions of windows movie maker but the problem is same its not get the soulation for this problem i have tryed all the methodes by seeing in youtube and sone sites includeing the microsoft site also 

    but the problem is not sloved 


    and my system drivers are up to date.

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  • 11/15/15--01:15: Moist inside the monitor
  • Hi,


    I've got exactly the same issue with the same PC.


    Did you get a resolution to this please?




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  • 11/15/15--06:17: audio
  • i upgraded to windows 10 which was my first mistake.  but i've been on it over a month so it's too late.  this weekend, i get this audio window in the middle of my screen which i cannot move and cannot resolve.   it has a speaker icon on the left, the word "volume" with a blank bar and zero on the right side.   i cannot click anything to make the zero go up.   (neither monitor nor keyboard).   i've tried troubleshooting and watched half a dozen you tube videos.  i obviously have no sound, although when i click on my sound icon in the taskbar, it shows 100%.   i did several "tests" and no sound.   can anyone please help??????????

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  • 11/15/15--11:52: Graphics card Replacement
  • Hello My graphics card is slowly dieing I was looking for a compatible replacement card for my system The current card in my system Is Amd Radeon 6670 HD any suggestions would help thanks.

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    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my all-in-one Omni 120-1120t.  Now, when my computer goes to sleep it will not wake up.  Instead of waking up it flashes 6 differnet colors in a cycle, i.e. blue then grenn them red them black....  The only way to get up and running is to do a hard reboot.  I've went to the device manager and clicked the update for the display driver, but it say's I've got the most recent version.  Any ideas?

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  • 11/16/15--00:26: soft ware for audio
  • i want to soft ware for audio

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    Hello Forum --

          Up until about a week ago, my HP Envy 20 was working beautifully. Then, when I went to start it up one morning, the fans started running as normal, but the display remained black (as if I hadn't even started the PC). I took it to my local Best Buy to figure out what was wrong, but because my PC doesn't have an HDMI port, they couldn't connect it to an external monitor to find out if the PC trully powered on. Therefore, the agent I spoke with recommended just tossing out the computer and getting a new one because I'd either have to buy a new motherboard or a new display for the computer, and that those repairs outweighed the value of the computer. I'm trying to find out exactly what's wrong with my PC on my own, because the guy seemed a little too enthusiastic to push me towards the computers that Best Buy offers. Any ideas on how to find out what's wrong?




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  • 11/16/15--07:11: HP 27xw, 27xw, 27xi?
  • Hi,


    looking into glossy 27 inch monitors and the HP 27 series caught my eye.  There is a bunch of options out there, I was wondering what the difference is between 27xi, 27xw and 27cw and which one is the best?




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