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Desktop Audio topics

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    Have a Pavilion 27c monitor and 850-150qe desktop.  What audio cable is required?

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  • 02/03/16--13:42: envy 23 no hdmi sound
  • Hi i have the envy 23 all in one touch screen with beats audio. I have used the HDMI port for the first time today however i can no get any sound to come from the monitor. The youview box is plugged in a sound up at 100, using the hdmi mode options the sound is up at 100 but nothing. If  do a sound check on the pc via the audio section it plays sound.


    I also get sound throuh normal use of the pc.


    Why is there no sound if using a HDMI connected device?

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    Just purchased tower. I have good sound for everything but video games. I have numerous video games and get no sound for all. My connection is to flatscreen via HDMI cable. Now please note that TV has multiple HDMI inputs to it. All inputs work fine. Doesn't matter where on TV HDMI is plugged in. Only issue is with games having no sound.


    All drivers/software are up to date.

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    I purchased two new computer microphones and neither is recognized by my desktop.  I'll return one.

    My compter does not recognize either microphone under recording devices.  And the microphones have no sound.

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    I have a HP Probook 6560b laptop and have just linked 2 H7000 bluetooth headsets to it. Both headsets work when linked seperately but I want to be able to use both headsets simultaneously. Is it possible to use two headsets at the same time and if so what is the procedure to get them both operating simultaneously?

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  • 02/04/16--12:26: HPE 180T optical port cable?
  • Hi



    To connect the desktop optical audio out to my Bose RCA plug speakers , do I need an optical cable  to converter-converter to RCA cable( which I might have.) The sound card quit and I was thinking of trying this. Or is there a one shot cable with optical on one end and analog RCA on the other?Right now I`m using the green front panel headphone jack that sounds pretty good, but wondering if optical is better.


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  • 02/04/16--19:07: hpe-400y audio driver
  • Help - no audio for months. Smiley Mad

    Ever since I upgraded my desktop (HP HPE-400y) from windows 7 to windows 10,  the audio is messed up.

    I can't hear anything, and it does not find the audio driver.

    Troubleshooting does not work.

    I have been on chat and phone with microsoft for hours. Even paid for upper level support and "guaranteed fix". Didn't work.

    What it comes down to is that HP has not yet provided an appropriate audio driver for my computer.

    How can this be, still, months later?

    Does anyone have a similar computer, and the same problem??

    I am going crazy with this and need it fixed. I don't want to restore back to factory condition and HP does not have good customer support when out of warranty.

    Thank you...

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    I have a Pavilion 550-127c.  The only thing that seems to work on the B&O contol panel is Volume. When I click Listening experience, "please connect audio device" appears on the screen.  I have a Rotel dac with a USB input connected. I stream music from Spotify and get amazing sound,  with the volume control working I am sure the B&O play is doing something. I think it can do more I have search and found B&O play icon all over the computer, they all bring up the same control panel....Audiolike

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    My system crashed and I used "restore point" to get it running. Now I have no sound at all. No speaker icon shows in my device manager. When I try to update drivers for high definition audio codec I get the following message:

    "a device attached to the system is not functioning". Does anyone have a suggested solution for a fix?

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  • 02/05/16--08:58: Buzzing noise
  • For the past few days now when I plug in headphones (in front AND back ports) I can hear a buzzing noise in the background. I can still hear the audio, just about 40-50% of what I hear is buzzing. (my headphones are fine, dont worry about them.) (3.5mm jack, in case anyone needed that)

    My specs:

    • Intel I5 3.2GHz
    • asus geforce gtxm 750 ti OC
    • memphis-s motherboard
    • 230V psu

    Ive already tried:

    • updating drivers
    • moving cable away from other cables

    I honestly dont know what it is.

    Also, it gets worse when I go on a game. 

    ALSO, for some reason, my friends on skype can hear it as well.


    I really need help with this. Thanks for any replys.

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  • 02/05/16--10:45: no sound
  • i am running windows 10 and was have a couple of issues so i reset my computer which is a hp envy 700-109c.


    everything worked great but now my sound icon says no speakers or headphones are plugged in. i had this problem before when first upgraded to win 10 and all i had to do was download a audio driver from  hp website.

    but now when i go there  the sound driver available for download.


    i tried it on both my jacks in back and front but no luck.

    and as it was a reset can't use system restore


    any ideas?

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  • 02/05/16--17:38: sound problems windows 10
  • My pc came with beats audio, since installing windows 10, I have lost all beats functionality and now I am having static issues as well. I have tried doing several work arounds that have been recommended on here and other sites. My latest is to try to install the original idt driver but it says my computer doesnt meet the requirements and aborts the install...please help. This is driving me to the point of breaking out my repair disks and reinstalling windows 7...which I really dont want to do!

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  • 02/05/16--19:56: Headphone jack not working
  • Hi there,


    Tday I had the battery in my laptop replaced at an IT business because my battery was dead and the guarantee was up. My question for you is, can replacing the battery affect the headphone jack?


    I have had many issues with audio on the laptop after upgrading to Windows 10 and I know all the troubleshoots to fix the audio when the system decides to ugrade the Realtek High Definition Audio.  I have tried all those troubleshoots, and still nothing . My headphone jack work properly yesterday. This is why I'm asking if replacing the battery can interfer with something related to the headphone jack and if I should take it back to the place or is there something I can do on my own to fix it.

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    I have previously used the 'Line In' port on my PC to record audio from vinyl using audacity.


    This was working fine a few weeks back, but now my PC does not seem to hear the signal coming in.

    Checking the 'recording' tab on the sound section of the control panel it says that the 'Line In' is not plugged in - except it is.


    I have updated the drivers, checked the connections, and made sure there is a signal coming down the wire - everything seems fine with all these.


    I hope someone can help with a simple (or clear) solution - as I am not very tech-savvy!



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    I used to have an older, HP Pavillion (don't ask me which one I have no idea) and the headphones worked great on that. On my current computer, however, the only sound that will go through the headphones are the test sounds. So I plug them into the speaker jack in the back, and no sound whatsoever. I go onto the audo devices panel and there are three devices on there. There is "Digital Output (S/PDIF)", "Communication Headphones", and "Speakers/Headphones". My headphones are still plugged into the speaker jack in the back and I disable the Digital Output device. The headphones start working, but the volume is really low, even on 100% power. I plug them into the heaphone jack on the front of the case and they still aren't working. I notice that all three devices are run by the same audio controller, IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. I then go onto the device manager to see if there are any driver updates that I need to install and I notice that there is another audio controller listed; AMD High Definition Audio Device. For whatever reason, this controller is disabled and when I go onto the properties it does not allow me to enable it (the enable button is grayed out).


    Some additional (probably useless) information: the headphone jack in the front is "Beats", and my computer came with a "Beats Audio Control Panel. The icon for "Communication Headphones", by default, is a picture of Beats headphones. The previously mentioned Beats Control Panel has settings that change the levels, increase bass, etc., and none of these work. When the Communications Headphones are plugged in, there is a green phone icon that is in front of the regular, "Beats" icon, while the Digital Output has a green check mark while it is enabled (but for now it is disabled). AMD High Definition Audio Device Properties has the description "This device is disabled. (Code 22)".



    Okay... this is wierd... for whatever reason, after poking around the settings, the headphones are now working. I didn't even change any of them, I just started trying to play some music and it actually played. Assuming that my problem was a glitch, is there any way to stop it from ever happening again?



    Extra details: whenever Digital Output is disabled I cannot change the volume from the taskbar, it has the same icon as if there were no headphones or speakers plugged in (but obviously there are).

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  • 02/07/16--05:26: webcam blurry








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    Hey there, ive been having an issue with the audio on my desktop for about .. eh? a month and some change right?..


    i honestly don't even know what could have caused it. i just woke up one day and i have this red x on the audio.. so i figure.. **bleep** i must have turned it off.. soon to find out, that it wasn't that and i seriously had no audio.. ive tried every thing from troubleshooting . trying to go to device manager and unistalling the driver and reinstalling.. whenever i try to update it or reinstall it i get a code 10 thingy.. and this is honestly fustrating.. i even tried to restore my computer a couple of times.. no hope at all. the only evidence i have of anything is that when i hover over the audio it says ''No Audio output device is installed'' and AGAIN ive tried to unistall, reinstall and update it many of times.. heres some pics of what im working with. 











    As you can see this is very repetitive.. i keep looking at forums and tutorials and i keep getting sent in loops.. if anyone could help or shoot my some advice to how to fix this.. please do.. 


    or if i need to buy and replace something.. JUST LET ME KNOW! Smiley Happy


    Random facts about my desktop


    Model #: p6517c
    PCBRAND: Pavilion



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    I wanted to play audio on my laptop, but I got the message that there is a problem with IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. I've no idea how to fix this. Could anyone please help my?

    My native language is Dutch and my PC is also installed in Dutch, so that would be easiest. Although I do understand English.

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    moved to business noteboks

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  • 02/08/16--10:56: Monitor
  • Can any one tell me if the Monitor that came with my HP Package (Monitor HP 22VX) has a speaker or do I have to purchase free standing items. The little symbol in bottom right hand corner suggests no speaker attached. If I need speakers any suggestion for a reasonable solution . My desktop is a Slimline 8G  2 Trb model.


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