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Desktop Audio topics

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    The audio on my computer is being forcibly muted.

    The mute button on the keyboard has the light on but pressing the button again doesn't do any good to turn the mute off. The audio bar is permanently stuck on the screen, and the option to control the volume on the bottom right is also stuck on mute. Both are blinking. When I try to raise the volume by clicking and dragging it up or pressing the increase volume button on the keyboard, the volume increases until I let go. As soon as I realease my mouse click or the button on the keyboard, it shoots back down to silent. The same thing happens when I try to adjust the volume using the volume control panel.

    I have no idea how this happened. I have tried to turn the computer off and back on but have had no luck.


    Any ideas or advice that could help me with this situation? 

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  • 02/09/16--03:29: no sound
  • I recently bought a new acer monitor and now I cant get any sound on my HP desktop pc

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  • 02/09/16--20:09: audio IDT 92HD73E
  • I recently upgraded my  audio drivers and I am now seeing a red x next to the speaker icon. As if it was muted. I can still hear sounds through my headset which is plugged in to the front panel jacks . The communication headphones is set as the default playback device.



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    Earlier last month the SRS premium sound 'audio enhancement' feature stopped working on my computer, just as it did to the user in the following thread although I haven't upgraded.  I hadn't done anything it just stopped working for no reason.


    It's very annoying as the speakers on this computer are just too quiet without this enhancement, especially when streaming films online - even at full volume you can't hear the dialogue very well.  I researched the problem and found a link to a driver that would make my speakers louder, it worked but it sounded terribly overdriven (I can't remember what this driver was called), anyway, that has stopped working too.  And then I discovered that whatever I had downloaded  had deleted the SRS software/driver from my computer, the icon was no longer in the 'Hardward and Sound' panel.


    I have tried to find the SRS Premium Sound software to re-install it on my computer but all I can find is a different version with a small interface that doesn't seem to do anything. It's too late to do a system restore as well.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm attempting to connect a logitec X-530 surround sound system to this new PC. PC has a single audio output jack (green) and has an HDMI output jack. Logitc has green, black and orange plugs. The PC is advertised as supporting 5.1 surround but if I am correct then that means more than just a single green audio out plug is required. Is there a way to use HDMI through a converter or is there a way to use the single audio output through a converter to plug in the green, black and orange jacks that the logitech requires? Alternately, is there an audio card that I could install on this machine to provide the required output connections? I purchased a Creative® 30SB057000000 Sound Blaster Audigy SE PCI Sound Card only to find out that the pin configuration wasn't correct for this motherboard.

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    How do i fix my evny 23? I was just told by hp that my envy 23 cannot be upgraded to win 10 and have game mode. They have my computer, broke it more than when I sent it in and said there is nothing I can do. I am still under warranty. Can anyone help me? When I sent it in, it was running win 10 and had game mode w/out sound. Now I have to choose either no game mode w/win 10, or never ever upgrade and have game mode. What kind of choice is that? HELP!!

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    my logitech speakers do not wrok with windows 10 update

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    I have just installed a new graphics cars (quadro m4000 ) and it only uses displayport meaning there is no sound going into my hdmi ( im using my tv so ihave to use converters ) and so i had to use my ports for 3.5mm jack. But these do not seem to work i have used the ones at the back and front and unistalled nvidia hd audio and used stock but it just does not recognise my headphones. I have been into the bois into the security>device whatever but no luck there. If anyone could help that would be great.

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  • 02/12/16--13:19: No sounds at all
  • So I had to reinstall IDT high definition audio CODEC driver in order to get my beats working on the computer again. Now the IDT just shows diffirent errors, and now from having a non-working beats system,  I got to having no sounds at all.....

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  • 02/12/16--13:41: Beats Audio
  • I work as a medical transcriber, and I am telling you this is the worst audio I have ever dealt with, I can hardly hear my dictators.   Is there anything I can do to boost the volume?  It is like they are talking from under blankets.  Please do not tell me to go to the "enhancements" tab, as it does not exist on this operating system.  PLEASE HELP!

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    So... back in even windows 8.1, my audio suddently went out on me. Doesnt matter what port, front or back, speakers, headphones, etc. Now, when i play audio, the bars light up and are playing. Windows can't detect any problems either. Ive done everything, drivers, recovery, volume levels... Yeah, very confusing. Uses AMD and IDT high def audio device and CODEC. Help!

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    The main side and rear speakers suddenly stop working although center speakers continue.  Troubleshooting fixes the problem but still annoying.  Has worked fine until recently.

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    Audio isn't working anymore on my HP Pavilion P7-1436s. I upgraded to win 10 a few months ago, but the sound only recently cut out. It "looks" fine, as in my machine recognizes when I plug an audio device in the jacks. All the testing in the windows audio settings show the volume bar moving, too. But no sound comes out. The volume on everything is adjusted so it should be audible. I've tried several different codecs from the HP website, including:

    - sp59291
    - sp58818

    - sp63935

    - sp59416

    - sp59424

    -sp71717 (this one was supposedly specifically for Win 10 upgrades)


    All run as administrator, all producing similar results. (visually looks fine, no audio output though)


    Windows Audio is running and set to automatic in Services.msc


    I tried scanning my product on the website, but it repeatedly returns and error when searching for drivers, which is why I've tried so many; the HP site doesn't give me any to choose from. These were all drivers I found that helped others with similar issues in the forums, but they haven't helped me.


    Anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Can anybody point me in the right direction for a Win 10 IDT HD audio codec for my model number, since the automatic scanning doesn't work for me? Does anyone have any better ideas that I haven't tried? Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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  • 02/15/16--10:43: Multimedia audio controller
  • I have yellow mark next to  Multimedia audio controller driver, and no sound on PC. Can you help me?

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  • 02/15/16--10:48: Windows 10 Driver Problem
  • I Need a compatable Driver to work with Windows 10   "IDT High dEFINIION Audio CODEC"

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    I upgraded to Windows 10 several months ago with no trouble. However, with the installation of a new hard drive, I decided to perform a fresh installation of Windows. I rebooted this morning to find that I can't get sound out of either output jack. I have speakers connected via the back of the unit which no lonber make sounds. I also can't hear anything when I plug headphones into the front jack. 


    I have looked in the device manager and it appears that the AMD driver is missing. I have used the driver detection tool (autodetectutility.exe). It downloaded and installed a driver but that driver does not show up in the device manager and I still have no sound.


    Help please. Thank you in advance. 

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    So, I have been encountering an issue since I purchased this computer years ago. I have speakers and headphones, but when I am skyping, only the audio of skype comes from my headphones everything else transfers to the speakers and I have absolutely no idea what to do. Help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

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    just bought Envy 750-103A desktop and lg monitor, all working ok but I canonly get sound through a headset. any help please


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    Sound was working this morning, went to doctor, came back, and no sound.

    We have our computer plugged up to tv, via hdmi.


    HP Pavillion Elite hpe

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    For some reason my HP Pavilion p6755a Sound stop working. I am currently running Windows 10.  When I click the Sound from Hardware and Sound page, it is telling me that AMD HDMI Output Not plugged in. Can anyone help me resolving these issue.




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