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    I bought a headset with microphone attached and cannot figure out how to attach to ENvy 27 Recline

    headset has two jack cables and computer has a single jack input

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    i have HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible Minitower PC Computer (PN: RV742EC), and theoperating systemis windows 7 ultimate and i want todefinethe soundcard, i want to help ?

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    Working from home I often play music from my smartphone through my desktop speakers via Bluetooth.


    With Windows 7 it was the easiest thing to do, just click on the Bluetooth icon, click on audio connection and off you go but not so with Windows 10!


    My phone is paired but I cannot for the life of me work out how I actually play the sound through my PC speakers and not the phone's.


    Have been on live help with Microsoft and they haven't a clue either and told me to ask here!


    It's really driving me mad so your help would be much appreciated.



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    I have been trying to fix this for ages now with no solution.


    Without beats software installed (IDT High definition sound codec" I cannot access my front panel sound plugs, however, whenever i install IDT drivers, I lose my 5.1 sound and IDT only detects stereo channel (Left and right) 


    I tried uninstalling and re installing beats driver now several 100's of times, as soon as I install this software, I lose 5.1 and am only able to hear stereo sound even though I tell it to use 5.1.  The problem lies in the fact that the IDT sound codec in control panel only sees 2 channels, left and right.  When i use the microsoft drivers, I can see ALL 7.1 speaker inputs. 


    Why is it when I use beats software it wont work on computers it was supposedly designed for?  It's been like this since the day I bought this thing.  Computer is great, beats audio blows goats.


    So no need to try and tell me to reinstall drivers, I have downloaded at leat 10 different versions of this accursed beats audio codec and it all has the same issue.... I lose 5.1 and am stuck with stereo sound only.


    The basic microsoft drivers see all 8 of my sound channels, IDT/beats only sees 2.  The driver obviously is flawed.


    It's not my speakers either, I run Logi's z906 5.1's and they sound 100% with the basic microsoft driver, but with IDT/beats, the sound is total garbage.   I will search to see if someone else uses the same audio chip and try their drivers, cuz these ones do not work, and never have.


     Never mind I guess, After reading even further, your own HP techs are telling people to use the windows drivers and not IDT/Beats.  you would think that if the drivers were that aweful, you might want to try and fix them.  That's like someone at dodge telling you "you got a lemon" and "go get a Ford".  I also see tons of issues with this beats/IDT mixture across many systems.  If it causes that many problems, pay someone to fix it.


    I can see now, my only option to get a fully working PC out of this is to gut this thing and put a real motherboard in it with an actual BIOS, and not some disk loading software.  The bios doesn't even allow you to disable the onboard sound and run another sound card.

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  • 02/19/16--15:17: voice recognition
  • I'm trying to set up Voice Recognition for my computer.

    I go to the search box and enter voice recognition and select the tutorial. The tutorial opens but it's for windows 8.1 instead of 10! 
    A box opens at the bottom and says this isn't for your version of windows, for help with Windows 10, click here.

    I click and it takes me to a Windows 10 page that says nothing about voice recognition tutorial. I hunt and find a section on voice tutorial.

    It tells me to go to my search box and type in Voice Recognition and then to select the tutorial there.

    Does this sound familiar... and a bit circular?

    WHY does my windows 10 computer have a Windows 8.1 tutorial on it and how can I get the correct tutorial ????  I just bought this computer in December and it came with windows 10 installed.

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    I am also having this problem with my Touchsmart after upgrading to Win10. I have tried everything the audio drive seems to not recognize the internal mic. External mic not working either no cord issues, speakers work fine definatley a driver problem but what driver to download to recognize mic is the question. Wondering if we ever came to a resolve after reading this thread.

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    This is a double trouble problem , someone asked me to help out, the audio isn't working since a few weeks, so I tried to resolve the problem with Teamviewer, but there are no dodgy devices in device manager, so maybe the sound device is disabled in the bios.

    But for some reason she can't enter the bios with F10, how hard she even tries, hence I'm posting this over here.

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


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    Desk top external speaker and headphone settings, testing sound, skype call all are going fine but media player playing time and start or shut down sound not playing. Please how could I solve this problem? Thanks

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    Since upgrading to the latest Windows 10, the IDT Audio Control Panel will not open.  I am unable to find a software update suitable to my desktop.  Any help is appreciated.

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    I have been trying to use my Steinberg (Yamaha) MR816 audio interface with my new (refurbished) DC7900.  I am using Win10 64 bit.  The drivers I am using are directly from the Manufacterer and are digitally signed and approved for use in Win10-64.


    I have tried rolling back to Win7 (with the same results), re-installing Win7 (with the same results), reinstalling Win10 (same results); doing a factory reset back to Win7 (same results) and re-installing Win10 again (same results).


    I am installing the drivers by right-clicking on the setup.exe and selecting "run as administrator."


    The FireWire card is the same one that came out of the other computer and shows no issues in the device manager.   I have tried putting everything back into the old computer - three times - and everything fires up on the first time every time.


    I have tried all three PCI slots on the DC7900 for the FireWire card.  (Texas Instruments chipset).


    The problem:


    It generally takes some fiddling to install the drivers in the first place - sometimes multiple tries with restarting in between, etc.).  However, once installed, they will work fine for a while, and then the computer will drop the driver.


    There are three drivers that get installed as part of the package.  

    1.  The FireWire bus driver.

    2.  The MR816 driver

    3.  A WDM audio driver.


    It is the WDM audio driver that keeps getting dropped.  It will show up when I go to the device manger and select "show hidden devices", and I will select "driver details" and it will give me a Code 45 error message to the effect that the device is not connected to the computer.  


    It is, most definitely, connected.  It worked just fine last I walked away from the computer.   I haven't done anything. 


    At first, I thought that it had to do with when the computer went to sleep or hibernate.  I disabled those and chose instead to shut the computer down - but next morning, I got a "failed to initialize" driver error, with the WDM driver dropped from the device manager.  


    I thought it might be Windows updating a driver incorrectly in the background while I was away, so I not only shut down the computer, but also disconnected the Wifi dongle from the holder on my desktop.  Next morning - failed to initialize driver.  


    I am currently not running any antivirus.   This happened on fresh installs above of Win7 and Win10 with virtually no other software installed.  


    I don't know if this is related, but I have noticed during the startup routine that I am getting a message to the effect of IBA GE Media Test failure - check cable.  The bios shows that the first startup device is the IDE drive containing C:\.  The computer does boot up with no other apparent errors.  I do have a second hard drive, but the cable connecting it doesn't show any symptoms of being disconnected or damaged, as the computer accesses - reads and writes - data from it just fine.  


    I've been hammering away at this for two weeks and it's really making me crazy.  


    Anything anyone can do to help would be appreciated.  







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  • 02/23/16--23:20: t5540
  • Hi. 


    Im having sound and and video issues when playing videos from a RDP server. Is anyone else having this issue, is there a fix for it? 


    I update the firmware and flashed the BIOS to the latest version on the thin client.

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  • 02/23/16--23:58: lost sound
  • Lost sound.  Playback devices show Realtek Digital Output. I had Realtek speakers before.  I don't have headphones so I cannot verify that they would work.

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    Today i recieved my S6500 speakers in white and black. Unfortunately none of them loads nor starts. Any clue what this could be?


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  • 02/25/16--19:37: speakers
  • My HP Spectre has a sound issue where the audio gets all fuzy. Out of random, the audio gets really bad.  All of the solutions online are confusing, and I don't want to ruin my computer.  If you could please let me know how to fix this problem I will be truly grateful.  

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    Hi, i also have the same issue and tried all the steps you have given. the sound is very cracking . i have updated to windows 10 today morning. can you pl help to fix this. thanks!

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    I'm having a 5.1 stereo system in my home.  

    It has connectors like Front Left, Front Right, Back Left, Back Right And Center...

    I am having IDT High Definition Audio Codec...

    I guess it is 2.1 audio card...

    Can some please verify me... that my sound card is 2.1 or 5.1...



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    on 2/17/16 [Personal information removed] and again on 2/26/16 had live chats with HP to correct the issue with no longer getting sound thru my HP 750-114 to my Dell Monitor S2415H.   Sound thru the monitor works perfectly until I use some of my programs or an upload appears.  Both times the HP tech had to uninstall sound driver and reinstall the driver.  Each time I spent at least 1.5 hours on live chat while they corrected the issue. 


    The last correction lasted less than 24 hours and the red X at the speaker on the task bar appeared which told me to connect external speakers.  The sound works with external speakers connected but I am not happy with that solution as originally it worked fine for at least two months using my monitor.


    The last technician even had my dell monitor set as the default sound monitor.


    Even with the external speakers plugged in if I insert a CD I do not get any sound!!!!!.


    I am extremely frustrated with HP and Windows 10 regarding this on going issue.  My last HP has less problems over the 6 years I had it compared to this new computer. 


    Unfortunately I know just enough to get myself in trouble with the computer so unless I get step by step instructions I am reluctant to uninstall the driver and re install the sound driver myself.







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    I purchased an HP Envy Desktop with the advertised "Premium" Bang & Olufsen sound and the Bang & Olufsen name is printed on the bottom of the front panel on the desktop.  I have a pair of Sony MDR-V150 headphones which use a normal headphone plug.  I had no issues with these headphones on my previous HP Pavilion Desktop which had Beats Audio.


    When using my headphones on the new HP Envy Desktop the sound level would only go to 50-75% volume even if I set the volume to 100% on my computer.  The sound level was very weak and could not be boosted.  I tried everything from changing drivers, modyfing Bang & Olufsen settings using the provided software, modifying Windows sound settings, etc.  I even called HP support which resulted in me having to PURCHASE a recovery disk to perform a system recovery on my desktop to see if there was an issue with the OS.  There was not.


    Finally, I went out and purchased a Creative Labs Soundblaster sound card for $30 and installed it in the HP Envy desktop.  My sound level was back to what I was used to with the previous HP desktop that had Beats Audio.


    My conclusion: the Bang & Olufsen "Premium" sound that's supposed to be the selling point for this series of Envy desktops is nothing but integrated sound on a cheap motherboard installed in the HP Envy Desktops that does not output adequate sound levels for some headphones or speakers.  If you open up your HP Envy Desktop you will see that the factory audio inputs and outputs are integrated into the motherboard - there is no separate sound card for this "Premium" sound that HP is advertising.

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    DC5100 Tower Audio driver Workaround for WinServer 2007 Data Center; is there a sound driver for this OS ?

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  • 02/29/16--17:06: Monitor Warranty
  • Hi I'm having problems looking up warranty information for an HP Monitor I purchased at Tigerdirect (P.S. They no longer accept returns for anything per there policy change so this will likely be the last thing I buy from them). Anyway When attempting to lookup the Serial Number and Product Number it says it isnt found...I'm not sure what is going on. Someone I know purchased an identical monitor and is having issues and needs to turn there monitor in for warranty and is having the same problems I have.

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