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    I originally bought my HP H8-1409 as a present for my son. Now that he has recently gotten an upgrade, I decided to use his old pc as an Audio Driver for my home audio system. So I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro, installed all drivers, and I ran into a big problem. The back IO (3.5 mm Jacks) don't work. I have summed up my problem to the IDT Drivers not being properly installed. After noticing this I thought about trying to update and I get an error message. Now I am forced to use an obsolete pc for this job and I really want this to work.

    Thanks, Jordan.

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    I'm using a TASCAM external USB connected audio interface to connect guitars, mics, etc, to my Pavillion 500 for recording purposes. The USB connection provides line-in to the PC (and my DAW software), and allows simultaneous line-out for playback and monitoring - my speakers are connected to the TASCAM interface, not the speaker outputs from the PC.


    This process worked well using the standard installed integrated CODECs that came with the PC.


    However, the CODECs on the PC are proving to be "underpowered" and can't support the recording software I'm using, without causing latency/delay problems.


    So I've recently upgraded the PC by installing a Soundblaster PCIE soundcard - however, now the USB audio connections to the external interface are not recognised and line-in and line-out connections can only be achieved by using the jack plugs on the new sound card - which works, but is not what I'm after.


    Is there anything I can do to get the USB connection to the "soundcard" back - is this a configuration issue, a PC issue or a Soundcard issue ?


    Any ideas?

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  • 03/16/16--03:49: aUDIO dEVICE dRIVER
  • My Pavilion tower has a Goldfish motherboard  PTGD-LA  AND Realtech High Definition aUDIO cODEC. i CANNOT GET THIS WORKING SINce UPGRADING MY OPERATING SYSTEM FROM xp TO wINDOWS HOME pREMIUM. I have been downloading many drivers on line some install and no red cross on loudspeaker icon in bottom right corner of the screen but still no audio. Am unsure of Realtech driver name or number for the driver or device. Can you help please?

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  • 03/16/16--03:53: roar keeps disconnecting
  • I am trying to use the HP roar speaker however everytime I link it to my PC (bluetooth) it connects for a few seconds then disconnects the device.  any ideas?

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        I have a computer HP 450-101 nf ( i3 3.7 Gz, 4 Gb ram, 1 slot pci-e 1x, 1 slot pci-e x16) , and i want to connect a sound card asus xonar dx, but that card requireaseparatepower cable and i have not seen one inside my desktop.

        Is any possibility to powering this sound card?

       Thank you!

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  • 03/16/16--23:57: Where is the HDMI located?
  • I was looking in the Playback options in my volume control and noticed that my computer has 2 audio devices installed.  


    1. Realtek High Definition audio

    2. AMD High Definition Audio Device.


    So, looking at the properties on the #2 device, I noticed that it's for an HDMI Digital Jack...  wait a minute. This thing has an HDMI output??  That's funny.  I can't find it anywhere.   It says that it's not plugged in (which is obvious considering that I didn't even know that my computer had an HDMI jack). All I see is 1x  SD card slot, 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, and the power connector.  So if this thing has an HDMI in/output I'd like to know where it is because I can't find it.  Nor can I understand why there's even a device installed for it if there is none.   




    (P.S.  I noticed this when running 8.1, and it is there right now even after the upgrade.)

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    So i just updated my drivers and all of a sudden my speakers stopped working. When i go into the soud tabe to make a default speaker my headphones show up aswell as Digital Output. Well on my headphones i can only make it the default communication headphones but not default speakers even though i hav e the option to do so. If i disable the digital output i get sound in my headphones but i cant control how loud it comes out.  right now the digital output has all the sound and nothing is playing. If needed i can record a video, i have also rest7arted many times and what not. 

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  • 03/17/16--21:12: hooking up speakers
  • I bought a new HP Slimline last night. It is running as it should, but I can't figure out why the speakers don't work.

    Where do I plug the speaker jack? In the front, correct? There is an icon on the front of my computer that appears to be a pair of headphones. I plugged in my headphones jack into the plug, but no sound comes out of the ear buds. The error message said my  headphones aren't hooked up. I tried another pair of headphones, and also got no sound. I have not been able to find any topics on "setting up speakers" for my computer.

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    Hi, I am trying to get my PC visual display and audio to appear on my Samsung TV.   I have connected an HDMI cable to my TV, and then connected the HDMI cable to a display port-HDMI type A adaptor, and I have then connected the adaptor to the display port in my HP Compaq 8000 elite SFF PC.   I can get the picture to appear on the TV,  but I am not able to get any audio.  I have checked the audio devices listed on the PC,  and it only lists the headphones and the speakers "high definition audio device".   Any ideas on how I might get audio?   I am not very computer literate so any lamens terms would be appreciated



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  • 03/18/16--17:27: Headphones not working
  • I have apple headphones, the type you get when you get a new IPhone. When I plug the headphones into the tower (I think thats what it's called) a notification pops up saying "An invalid argument was encountered" if you could help me make it so my headphones work or tell me where I could get a pair of headphones that do work with the computer that wouls be great.

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    I have an external speaker that, for some unknown reason, I have to plug it into the "headphones" jack in the front of my desktop pc. But when I'm through using it, I unplug it so our puppy won't accidentally ruin it while smashing into it while "playing" with our other dog. I don't know if it makes any difference whether I disable the audio before I unplug it or not. I haven't been (disabling the audio first). But everytime (actually only the second time it's happened) I plug the speaker back in, I don't get any sound, even with turning the audio way up. So, I've had to access the "Sound troubleshooter". Then after awhile it works. It should always work. So this time I disabled the audio, from the system tray icon, and will try plugging the speaker in again and then enabling the audio. We'll see, will let y'all know what the outcome is and if I need any more help.

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  • 03/18/16--17:56: Beats Audio Update
  • How can I update my Beats Audio Software ?  My current Beats Audio version is: 1.0.6400.0 

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  • 03/18/16--23:12: Restoring Sound/Audio?
  • The sound and audio for both my headphones and speakers have stopped working and I'm not sure why.


    It first started with a YouTube video that was only playing the video and not the audio (Note: first tried to play music with speakers, plugged in headphones (Nothing), closed Firefox, reopened, repeated. Nothing).


    I thought it was just another issue with Firefox (since I've had this issue before, but the headphones worked and not the speakers) so I went onto Internet Explorer to see if it would work. Unfortunately, I tried to load a YouTube video but I had errors come up saying that the video would not load.


    I then tried Audacity and loaded a file. When I tried to play it, this is what appeared:



    Error while opening sound device. Please check the playback device settings and the project sample rate.


    Confused, I went to see if anyone else had this same issue. Nothing has worked though. I haven't messed with my sound devices because I don't want to screw anything up, but here's what I've done so far:


    Checked to see if Speakers were enables (Which they were.)

    Checked for disconnected and inactive devices (None)

    Checked to see if Sound Card was enabled and what it's status was (Status: Device working properly)


    I'm not sure what exactly to do right now, so if anyone could help I would appreciate it a ton!

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  • 03/19/16--10:23: no sound:
  • I just purchased and set up this computer but I am not getting any sound through the computer at all?

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    After upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 the line-in and stereo mix recording devices do not function as they did and the DTS audio controls could no long be opened.


    Here's my current details:


    Device 1:         IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

    Status:             Enabled

    Driver:              stwrt64.sys

    Version:           6.10.6496.0


    The line-in device shows "not plugged in". The Stereo mix device, when enabled, creates an echo effect.


    I had recently successfully used both devices before the upgrade.


    Is there an update to DTS or IDT software for my PC?

    I have searched the forum but not found a solution to my precise problem.


    I hope I have not missed the obvious.





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    I cant seem to be able to set my speakers as defual. Nothing happens when i press set as defualt. My sound card is IDT high definition Audio Codec. Please Help.

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     Hi Tony - I have the exact same issue - hope someone can help!

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    I have a desktop that used to run windows 7, and finally decided to update to windows 10.  Update had not problems, however I have no sound.  I tried to update the driver via windows update and HP support assistant, both failed to recognize the problem


    under windows update, i get the following msg:  IDT - Audio Device - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - Error 0x8007001f


    please any advice would be appreciated.


    Thank you

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    Sound suddenly stopped working.  Device manager says everthing working OK.  Updated drivers - no change.  Using Logitech speakers for past 2 years with no problems.  Ran total system diagnostics - no problems.  System has audio jacks on from panel and rear panel -  reporting DEVICE NOT PLUGGED IN.


    Checked Logitech speakers and pair of Apple ear buds in my other HP desktop and Toshiba laptop and both work with no problem on each system.  Possible bus problem??  If so will buying a simple sound board solve the problem?


    Thanks for any help at all!!

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  • 03/22/16--09:37: Audio issues
  • I also have the HP Pavilion 25xi monitor. Cant get the audio working. Not certain what I have to work with as far as drivers. Wheter or not the monitor even has internal speakers (looked for info on it all I could see was some mention of external speakers) (that I dont have). Hep!!

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