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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 08/19/16--14:07: Failed Audio Component Test
  • *Audio - Failed - Q4N2JW-7GG875-QFFWL1-21E903


    Have had intermittent issues with no sound from my pc. Have employed troubleshooter in all its variations, details report many "issue not present". Have had occassional success, usually by updating drivers, but after a week or so, no sound. 


    Most recent, I worked through all of the steps from HP diagnostics support assistant for audio troubleshooting, and at each step, I had no success... The very last last step did entail running the hardware component diagnostic tests, available at system powerup, the result of which was some kind of failure code *(see the code at the top of this post).


    What does this failure code really indicate about the source of the problem? And what are my options for correcting the failure, given that my product is now out of warranty?

    The speakers work on another pc, so its not them. I am not sure, but this model may have on-board sound. I can see the rear panel allows for a 5.1 setup, but i only want 2.1.   Do I need to replace or add a different soundcard, if so, what recommendations for this model?


    Thanks for any support.


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  • 08/19/16--19:27: wont play cds
  • new envy 750 put cd from store in, label out, wont play

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    I just bought my new touch all in one 27" desktop. I found that the headphone port is located on the bottom of the pc but when i went to put headphones in it, it turns out that the port is too small. Do i need special headphones or am i looking over something obvious?

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    I was in the process of trying video cards out on my system and realized later that the sound on my left hand side is not there anymore.  I have looked in the case and I can't see where I've undone any type of header or anything, but the sound seems to be getting less and less (possibly on the right hand side)?  Could I have possibly knocked something lose, or is this something that's a common occurance with this model(s)?  If I was looking for a replacement, I had thought of one of the Creative Sound Blaster audio cards.. but as I'm disabled I would just love to get the onboard sound working again without spending any money!  If I do have to go the sound card route, any suggestions?  Also (and I'm dating myself do you need to connect a header from the dvd drive to the sound card anymore or is that handled by the Serial ATA connection?  

       Thank you for your time and God Bless!





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    Dts audio control panel is not open I will try many times but this is not open and not working. dts audio control panel is show only in window search not show in computer control panel.

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    I have no beats audio; IDT; or even audio outputs detected when i try to open volume control.

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    Hello.  The sound is not working on my HP desktop.  When I do a test sound, I can see the volume bar moving.  Perhaps I'm missing something obvious.  I've read some of the other questions about this, but there seem to be slight differences between computers.  Thank you in advance

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  • 08/21/16--14:33: convert 8-track tapes to CD
  • i''m trying to copy 8-track cassettes to my desktop and then burn them to a CD.  I've taken the output of the 8-track player and plugged it into a USB port at the back of my desktop.   I've tried to use a program called "Sabrent", but I can't seem to make it work.  I've tried other software, too, with the same results.  I suspect it's operator error, because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing or supposed to be doing.



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    When i plug my headphones in the sound still comes out of the speakers and out of the headphones

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    I've hp compaq dc 7900 sff pc.. after installing ati hd 5460 graphic card there is no sound in my pc..instead of onboard device there is a "AMD high definition audio device" .I use some youtube vedios to solve this problem and there is a solution by enable onboard audio device in bios setup ..... then I try to enter to setup using F10 but it ask for I hit "enter" button 3 times and I could able to enter in to bios there onboard audio device disable but I cant change it...either I couldnt change any setting in bios setup... so please help me to fix this.







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  • 08/22/16--19:55: beats audio for windows 10
  • after installing windows 10,beats audion is not fully functioned.Beats audio is shows but i cant enjoy the sound as it was  before installin windows was working very good when newly bought and windows 8 built in already.I have installed almost every audio software but in vain.plz help me to reinstall beats audio fully sothat i could enjoy original sound of beats audio.thx

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    I am using Hp compaq dx 2000 mt and i am upgrade from windows xp to windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

    Please give a solution to download audio driver and chipset driver

  : INI52905BJUntitled.png

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  • 08/23/16--12:41: audio issues
  • Hello there. Ive been having issues with my audio. When i troubleshoot it tells me that im missing a driver and im not sure what to do to get my audio back. PLEASE HELP

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    This is my fault, to get the audio of a game to work, I spoke to the help group at EA and they talked me through basically deactivating Beats Audio in order to allow their audio to work.  I can't even remember the settings I went into to do it, but now the listening experience does not work.  The volume and everything else does, but nothing in the listening experience makes any difference in adjustments.  I don't care about the game anymore and now I regret messing with it.  Please help!

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    I purchased a pair of Skullcandy Uproar Wireless headphones on sale today, but have been having trouble having it output sound for more than a few seconds, here are the details of the situation:

    >The Wireless Headphones succesffully pair up with my system through the Bluetooth Menu.

    >When I select them on the Volume Mixer, and click the sound ajustment bar for the 'Bwoooom" sound to check the output, it plays through the headphones.

    >Immediately after closing the Volume Mixer, the system drops the Headphone selection and defaults back to the build in Speaker System. The 'Bwoom' and any other sound now plays through the built in speakers.

    >Keeping the Volume Mixer open does not ensure connection: In fact, only system sounds are heard through the headphones. Including the 'Bwooom'.


    >I contacted Skullcandy and concluded myself that the product is working, but for some reason my computer is prioritizing its own built-in speaker system over the Uproar Headset. My computer has Beats Audio as its audio system. 

    If anyone could lend a hand, it would be very helpful, as I think it may come down to either the Bluetooth Drivers, or something with my Audio Settings.

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    I've been having a problem with my static and distortion in my audio, particularly when the audio playing is heavier on bass.


    I can consistently play the same movie/music/whatever and it'll crackle at the exact same time.


    I've tried different speakers, so I know it's not that. Changing my audio drivers to 'High Definition Audio Drivers' as opposed to the 'Realtek High Definition Audio' eliminates the problem entirely.


    Changing drivers is actually one of the top solutions you get when you Google the problem.


    Unfortunately, Windows Update keeps on reverting my drivers back to the Realtek drivers (as they're more specific to the hardware), and the problem returns. I can't seem to disable the specific driver update.


    Even getting the drivers directly from Realtek also gives me the same ridiculous Bang & Olufsen tray app with its horrible equalizer/compression that's causing the distortion.


    When will these drivers be updated? It seems like I can't even install the vanilla Realtek drivers without being roped into the Bang & Olufsen equalizer that's causing so many problems. It seems like it would be easy to add a toggle setting to the tray app so I can use the proper drivers without the heavy-handed compression.


    Please, if you know of any way of disabling those settings, even if it's outside of the GUI, let me know. I'm sure others are interested. The latest drivers for my machine are from August 2015 - and they exhibit the same behaviour.

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    Alright, so here's the problem. I just recently got this computer and plugged it into the VGA port and the sound wouldn't work. I plugged Logitech External Speakers into it and the computer didn't even acknowledge that it was there. I plugged in Headphones to see if those worked and they didn't aswell. I asked the guy who I got the computer from and he said that it (sound) would work when plugged in using HDMI. So I did that and the sound does work, but only through the TV speakers. It still doesn't acknowledge the speakers or the headphone s when plugged in. So I wen t and grabbed some other speakers I had and tried those and It still didn't recognize the speaker.


    My question is: How Do I Get My Computer To Recognize My Speakers?


    Any help would be much appreiciated.


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  • 08/27/16--10:16: beats audio problem
  • I opened audio control panel and checked off speakers/headphones.  Now I can't uncheck it.  Can someone tell me what I can do.

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    I am cosidering to replace my old (i.e. 5 years...) hp Pavilion 6751 with new All-In-One 24-g050nj OR AIO 23-q200nj and did not find if i could keep using my old multimedia speakers system, with any of those 2 models;

    and if the answer is positive - how?

    By the way - do you have any recomendation regarding these 2 models?

    Thank you

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  • 08/27/16--16:25: Audio Problems
  • I can use speakers but whenever i try to use headphones they dont work.This  starterd happening when i installed windows 10. 
    [personal information removed]
    Product no.H5P88AA#ABA

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