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    I've been frustratingly trying to record audio onto my computer.  I have the input line going into the speaker/microphone line on the bottom of the computer, but I can't find out to set that as the input.  I've even tried using the HDMI cable as the input to no avail.  Many thanks for your help!  This is driving me crazy!

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  • 02/02/17--09:09: No External Microphone jack
  • Since there is no mic jack on this all in one, what other wire is available for purchase to connect with an external mixing board? I had been using a converted stereo jack on my HP laptop and plugging in to the mic input.


    What input/cord will work? 



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  • 02/02/17--10:52: No audio
  • We have moved house twice in the 8 months (we sold our house and are renting whilst we search for a new home).  On the first move, I set up the PC and there were no problems.  Since the recent move, having set the PC up again, we have no sound.  There are three line-in points on the back of the processor unit, pink green and black.  There is a box-type speaker with two smaller speakers wired into it and an on/off/volume control switch (OK I am not technology literate).  Everything is plugged in and the PC is working fine other than the sound.  I have tried the speaker jacks in different line-in points, the volume control is at full and I have run a check on the PC which reported everything working and no problem.  Can anyone help in spite of my illiteracy?

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    Hi Stephen

    I have been doing webinar but the trainer could not hear my voice and now I need to do training for some groups but could not hear my voice using built in speaker on the PC.

    I am looking forward to hear from you



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    I bought my HP Envy 34-a010 last Dec. 14, 2016....last week the speakers started making popping noises....I uninstalled the Realtek drivers and re-installed the original drivers...and still have the same problem and the popping sound seems it's getting worse....I've had this unit less than 2 months...what should I do?

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  • 02/05/17--12:10: No sound with Windows 10
  • I upgraded to Windows 10 with no problem except that I no longer have any audio at all.  I do not have external speakers and have always relied on the built in speakers in the computer which used to work.  The folks who did the upgrade have no clue although I have heard this can be a problem with Windows 10 and older computers.  Otherwise it works fine but I'd love to have my sound back.

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    Good morning
    Recently purchased this desktop, very pleased with it, although...


    I do a bit of home recording and have a USB connection from the PC to a PreSonus AudioBox USB audio interface (see below), which outputs to a pair of M-Audio BX5 powered monitors.  On my old PC (a Dell clunker, running Windows 10), the PreSonus unit served to handle all audio the PC produced and I used it for recording without issue, so it seemed feasible that I should continue along the same route.



    I've connected everything up on the new HP, but I'm getting a constant high pitched tone from the speakers; it's unaffected by the Main dial (effectively the signal strength going to the speakers)...I can ramp this right up and the tone stays the same level and is there irrespective of whether audio is playing on the PC or not.  PreSonus drivers are up to date (Presonus Driver Page).  The tone is also audible through the headphone output of the PreSonus unit too.


    From previous experience I've used the Audiobox ASIO Driver or ASIO4ALL to route audio around, tweaking latency to suit the circumstances, but neither of these seem to make any difference and the tone persists.  Done all the other troubleshooting.  Swapped cabling, different USB outputs (2.0 and 3.0), but with no joy, so I'm getting a bit irritated now!


    Any ideas?





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  • 02/07/17--14:59: Need help with my drives
  • My computer was playing adds while nothing was running, so I tried to factory reset my pc but couldn't becuase when ever I opened the panel to factory reset it would close faster than I could react, i checked if my anti virus software was enabled and it said that it was controlled by my network/group and to check with them. My pc is a home pc and is not at a work place or connected to the internet through a work place, so I desided to open up f10 and I saw that i had 2 drives being used so I desided to disable both to see were that would get me, and when I restated my pc it said "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key", so I restarted my pc and pressed f10 as it was loading up to try and enable the drives again but they were both gonends. Help please

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    I purchased a brand new dsektop from HP with the B&O soundcard in it. I have a 5.1 Creative Labs speaker system (that worked perfectly in my previous HP PC) that I connected (using the Green, Black and Orange jacks on the back of the system).  The sound is HORRIBLE,  low volume, just awful.


    Can I change drivers or is my 5.1 soundsystem not compatible with this desktop/soundcard from B&O?. Or do I have to buy a new soundcard?????



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    Not able to set sound via the B&O EQ.  It is not there under build 15025.1000.  I tried many things so far: Checking for audio drivers update, deleting audio drivers (AMD and Realtek) and reboot... No success!  So, how to get back the EQ?

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    I recently received a new HP Pavillion running windows 10.


    I plugged in and installed my HP External Drive and loaded HP SimpleSave from the external drive.


    Everythings is working fine, however the HP SimpleSave Monitor software seems to send all kinds of notifications that are displayed (with sound) in the lower right corner of the screen.


    This is fine, but this kicks in when the computer is inactive for 5 mintues. So when I leave my desk and am in the other room, I hear the notification 'sounds' for the next 10-15 minutes.


    Question: Can I turn off the sound specifically for this software? I don't want to mute my sound or turn any other notifications off. Just the sound that is coming from HP SimpleSave.




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    Hello their,


    Please give me your advice what should I do to solve the problem (the  audio system deffect on my Pavilion laptop).


    Thank you in advance for your kind support.





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    I have no audio through my Emerson tv monitor, after connecting my HDMI cable from my pc to my tv mnitor.   I'm not sure but my DVI receptacle is connected to the DVI port of my pc and my HDMI receptacle is connected to my HDMI port of my tv monitor.


    I read the previous thread from a couple of years ago, but not sure what it's stating or that it applies to me.   I have downloaded or attempted to download driver software packages, but have been unable to get audio through my Emerson tv monitor.  


    Are you familiar with the audio issue between HP Pavilion 500 c-60 desktop pc's connectivity and my Emerson tv monitor?   I contacted Emerson customer service and was told to check my HDMI cable by disconnecting it and connecting to my dvd player.   I have no HDMI connection to my DVD player.   If audio between the two, then it's either the tv monitor or pc.   You have to figure which one.


    The message I'm getting at audio controllers is AMD driver not plugged in.   I'm not sure what this means or what to do.

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  • 02/12/17--19:59: Beats audio now missing
  • Recently upgraded to the latest version of windows 10, I noticed that my Beats audio is now missing. How can I restore it?



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    Hoping someone might be able to throw some ideas at me. I have an Envy Pro AiO (it's the corporate version of the Envy 34 AiO). It's started making a rather abrupt "click" from the RH speaker. It doesn't matter if i mute or turn down the volume, it clicks. Given that I use this PC for my business (CAD) for several hours a day, and the click is every few seconds (anywhere from between every 2-3 seconds to 10-12sec) it's driving me nuts! The only way i can stop it is to disable the Realtek HD Audio driver in Device Manager all together. Then, of course, I can't listen to anything (What's the point of having B&O tuned speakers if it's mute!?). Does this mean that the driver is screwed? I've tried the audio troubleshooter and that says the best driver is installed. Disabling the Intel and the NVidia disdlay audio drivers did nothing. Any pointers? Thanks in advance.


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    Brand new Envy 750-435st. Disabled on board audio in the bios, installed Soundblaster XFI card in Pcie slot. Tried to install drivers that were downloaded from creative's website. Driver installation came back with an error stating that it could not find any device in the system that used the drivers. Although card did show up in the device manager.


    Removed the soundblaster XFI and installed a brand new Soundblaster Audigy FX in the same slot (there is only one PCIe slot). Was able to install drivers downloaded from creatives website succsessfully but sound is horrible. It is all scratchy and sounds horrible. NOTE: sound was the same horrible before drivers were installed as well.


    Summary review:

    Disabled on board audio

    Tried 2 different creative labs sound balster cards in the PCIe slot.

    Both cards show up in device manager but niether card functions correctly.


    Is it possible I have a bad PCIe slot?

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  • 02/14/17--02:05: TRRS Headset not working
  • Hi!


    I've got a HP P1G57EA Desktop PC and I'm connecting a TRRS headset to the front audio port (the one which has both a microphone and a headphone icon). DTS Sound+ Software prompts a list to select as which type of device I want to connect the headset: line input, microphone input and headset. I've tried the three options and I couldn't make it work as microphone and headphone at the same time (as other computers, laptops and smartphones allow).


    Now my question is if it's possible to use both at the same time through the mentioned front input or is a hardware restriction that only makes posible to connect a microphone or a headphone to this input.


    Thank you.

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    Hi All,


    I recently changed my video interface from DVI-D to HDMI, and while my monitor (HP ZR2240w) shows up in the nVidia Control Panel (Set Up Digital Audio pane) as "... displays that will appear as audio devices in the Windows Sound settings:", it does not, in fact, appear as an available Playback Device.


     NVIDIA High Definition Audio appears (four times) in Device Manager under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, and I've set the Windows Sound settings to show disabled and disconnected devices, but there is no NVIDIA HD Audio (or HP ZR2240w monitor) listed anywhere.


    System Specs:


    HP Model Number: B4J28AV#ABA (Pavilion HPE h8-1380t)

    Motherboard: Pegatron 2ACE(Socket 0); 1.08; Intel Sandy Bridge-E Rev. 07; Intel Southbridge X79 Rev. 05

    BIOS: AMI 7.15

    CPU: Intel Core i7 3930K (3.2 GHz)

    OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, SP1

    GPU: MSI GeForce GT640; nVidia High Definition Audio Driver (5/10/16)


    How can I get the HDMI audio to become available as a Playback Device in Windows Sound settings?



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  • 02/14/17--16:21: HDMI input
  • Does the HDMI input decode audio?

    If it does, how do you get it to work?

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    Beats audio control panel would not work when i selected it from the cortana menu.  How do i get full functionality of beats audio again? When i click on it it says it cannot find C:\WINDOWS\system32\IDTNC64.cpl.  I checked myself. not there. any help would be greatly appreciated

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