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Desktop Audio topics

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  • 08/03/17--15:44: What audio have if not DTS?
  • Specs say machine does not have DTS sound. What audio have if not DTS?

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  • 08/05/17--04:22: Microphone Jack
  • Where is the microphne jack?, or do I need to use a USB microphone.?


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  • 08/05/17--13:53: Audio CD Burning Error 4850
  • Used to be able to burn podcasts off Itunes onto CD.  Now get this message all the time.  Computer is only 3 months old.

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    Is there an update for Smart Audio that came with the machine? after the  Windows 10 creators upgrade Smart Audio is not working. Conexant Audio device is also getting disabled after every 10mins leaving no playback device. Have to restart to get the playback device back.

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    I am running Windows 7 Sp1 64-bit. Neither speakers nor headphones are being recognized. I woke up one day to find that the sound is coming from my internal desktop pc speaker. I have combed these boards looking for anwers, have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers also through device manager. Have disabled "Beep", all to no avail. (You know, beep only disables the "beep", not the rest of your audio, as many have suggested). Even went so far as to disable the on-board speaker through device manager and guess what? The audio still continued to come from the internal speaker! How did that bit of unasked for magic come about? I have tackled this problem from as many fronts as I can find and I am still at square one. Soundmax doesn't have their own support so I'm back here hoping someone can direct me to the solution. Please help me someone, and God Bless you whomever you may be.

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  • 08/09/17--02:58: Disc fallen inside
  • Yet again, disc has fallen inside.  As I went to check it was on thelugs securely, it fell off and dropped down inside.  This is a sever design fault and has happened to many others.  How do you get the blasted thing out, - and, the cheap plastic crap the unit is made of, caused the leading edge with the eject button to fall off as well.   So wish I hadn't bought this.......but I am stuck with it for now so any helpon howto get the damm cd out would be much appreciated

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    I need advice on finding a sound card that I can install in my HP Envy Desktop Computer.  What to get and where I can purchase one.  I need to be able to connect an analog reel to reel tape player to the computer and trasfer the audio tapes to MP3 files.   Please help, thanks.

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    So I've unplugged my headphones and now my sound does not work at all even when I plug and unplug my headphones in? From what I've read i think the problem is with the audiojack but how do I fix it? BTW I'm using HP and Windows 7.


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  • 08/11/17--11:41: Bluetooth
  • my built in bluetooth isnt working and i cant figure out how to turn it back on

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  • 08/11/17--14:01: Muffled audio
  • Muffled audio after latest windows update. Have tried updating all drivers, restoring system to previous time, etc. Nothing seems to work. Any solutions?

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    the audio-driver info says the following:

    Typ: Treiber-Audio

    Version: 11.47.2307.69 Rev.Q

    Operating System: Windows 10 (64 Bit)

    Releasedate: Jun 30, 2017

    filename: sp81155.exe (220.7 MB)

    Then i get a popup:

    Conexant HD audio driver potential security vulnerability

    A potential security vulnerability has been identified with certain versions of Conexant HD Audio Drivers on select HP products. Check if your PC is affected and download software fix.

    in german:

    There i am told to install this driver:
    11.39.2168.57, Q,53
    Windows 10:

    But this recommendet driver is older then the standard driver. Why should i install it anyway? What is the reason?

    thank you!

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    Tried fix.  Troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix the issues.   Still get message Blue Tooth Hands-Free Audio has a driver problem.

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  • 08/14/17--19:51: Lost my sound
  • Suddenly lost my audio both in front and rear jacks.  No changes made to computer.  I have gone through the trouble shooting got stuck at 2 points - resetting BIOS and running the diagnostic program because the reboot bypass to BIOS and to the Diagnostic software is not working for me.  Not F10, F1 or F2 - it just goes right into windows.  Am completely lost at this point, any suggestions?

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    where can I get the beats audio driver that will work with my desktop? I just noticed it has vanished from my pc. From reading others post it sounds like it was removed during a windows 10 update.  Thank you for any help.

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  • 08/19/17--13:25: Broken Microphone Jack?
  • I have friends that I like to talk to and normally there would be no problem whilst we talk but as of yesterday the microphone has stopped working and I have tried changing the microphone that I use but it says that there is no microphone detected but I fiddled with the jack and the message went away but my friends still could not hear me? I don't think this a problem with the headphones becuase they work fine on other computers but I am not sure if it my headphone jack or are the headphones uncompatible with the computer?


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  • 08/19/17--16:17: Red, White and Yellow,wires
  • I've got three wires to plug in the back of my pc. Which wire is the audio. The wires are Red, White and Yellow.

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    lost my sound after reinstall of windows 10, tried drivers, install and uninstall. nothing

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    Hi, after previous two updates of Windows 10 the Beats audio panel it is no more available. I've tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall the original one but nothing happened; anyway  the sound is still present.
    Can someone help me out with this?  Thanks

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    I have an Envy 34 A090. It has been making an abrupt "click" from the RH speaker. It's driving me crazy! is this a driver or a hardware problem?

    My warenty has expired and there is no tech support anymore

    Any help? Thanks.

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    My speakers make this horrible crackling noise.  How do I get rid of the Bang Olufen sound card?  I want to change out the card I think b/c none of the fixes offered online have worked.  

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