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    Help, No sound out of my HP w2207 monitor speakers??  They where working last week before updates.  Under Device Manager there is a yellow mark that says, Multi Media Audio Controller.  I tried to update driver, but I guess I'm not getting the right one??   THANKS IN ADVANCE!!  Also when I goto control panel, manage audio devises, there is only one option and that is Realtek HDMI Output, no choice for just speakers??  I've done all windows updates and all driver updates, still no sound??  thanks again!!

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    Hello, i have had my desktop for a little over a year now, never had any problems until today, i formatted my computer last night (removed all my files) however, i did not chose the option to clean my driver as i was a bit unsure, the reset was good and successful, my computer loaded a little after 2 hours and with windows 10 working, but it was then that i noticed my sound was not working, i spent all day trying to figure it out, I have tried installing realtek drivers and HP, nothing worked, when i tried to update my current driver it would not work either. When i hover over the sound icon in the bottom left corner of my screen this comes up "No Audio Output Device is installed" i have tried looking on the internet but nothing works, any help?? Here are some screenshotserror.pngNo Audio Output Device is installed.pngtroubleshoot.png

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    My  HP Pavilion All-in-One - 24-b227a has some crackling sounds whenever I try to play anything whether it be music from Spotify, streaming from Netflix or Youtube. This is a fairly new machine, less than a month old.


    I've tried all solutions on this forum including setting the processor to max (100%), reinstalling audio drivers, changing audio drivers, factory reset.


    This seems to be a common issue with these HP all in ones with B&O audio. The main reason why I bought this model is because of B&O hoping to get some good sound. But to be frank, this machine is crap, the audio is terrible with the crackling sound. 


    If I don't get a resolution for the crackling sound, then I will return this machine and get an exchange for the Apple Mac (which I should have gone for if I knew of this issue).

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    After a reset of my HP computer, the external audio speakers, which were working before the reset, no longer work.  In the Device Manager, the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC shows with a "!".  When trying to update the driver, the result is "Windows found a driver but encountered an error when attempting to install".  The Device Manager shows "This device is not configured correctly (Code 1)".  Any ideas on how to get my sound back?

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    Hi guys,


    I have a HP ENvy x360 and from time to time I face this issue.

    When I turn on my laptop the sound is OK. And after a while or if I close down the screen my sound is completly gone. In the bottom right corner the sound icon is with a red X and says: "No Audio Output Device Installed".  But looking at device manager all seems to work correctly:



    Any idea what can cause this?

    A restart solves the problem but I do not want to restart the device every hour or so...




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    I updated Windows 10 yesterday to the 1709 Windows 10 Fall Creators. The result was no sound. At first, the Troubleshooter said the IDT High Def Audio was not connected, but as I kept updating drivers and rebooting and updating drivers and rebooting, and troubleshooting and rebooting, and Googling solutions and rebooting (you get the idea), I still have no sound but my devices are recognized. They each say they are working properly. I tried rolling back Windows 10, no sound, re-installing the updated version, no sound. I have followed Troubleshooting and solutions until Microsoft ran out of options. I have raised, lowered, adjusted volume controls, checked the Services showing Windows Audio on, and the sp71717.exe driver does not work for me. I wrote to the IDT people who referred me to the Tempo Semi company. I can't find a driver there. I crawled on my hands and knees checking plugs, loose connections, wires and every other conceivable physical problem. I can "see" the sound bar rise and fall in the Playback Devices screen but there is still nothing coming from my speakers.


    I have one anomaly that may affect the sound: after one week of ownership of this new HP Envy Phoenix, the system failed, I had to return it for repair, and when I got it back, the sound plug in the back could no longer be used, and I was told to plug the sound cable into the top microphone jack. It has worked perfectly from there.  In my process of updating drivers, sometimes this IDT High Def Audio would show as unplugged, sometimes it would show it was connected to the front panel (on the top) and working properly. This placement has worked for over four years, and nothing was changed.


    I have now spent 10 hours working on the problem and I am still without sound. I would love for all of you experts (I'm only a "very knowledgeable" 74 year old!) to chew on this and see if you can think of anything else I could try. Trust me, I would be very grateful, and would greatly appreciate anyone taking the time and trouble to answer. As a reminder, my sound system worked correctly up to the very time I updated Win 10. Oh, yeah. My computer is out of warranty.


    Thank you.

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    Windows 10 updated, I keep trying to install the drivers, And I keep getting this error- 

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    Hi..I messaged you and said my sound system was up and running and it went through a list of songs no prob. Turned off and back on the next day and it was back to distorted sound from the Edifier e3350!!! Then did the next think my doing Stem Reset that took from yesterday to today. Played the system and sound worse then ever. Dont know know the next move help please.

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    My Razer Kraken Pro Neon Headphones is plugged into the front jack for headphone & mic. The headphone works as normal but the mic doesn't register in the manage devices window. I have updated the driver but still no luck.

    I have a Elitedesk 800 G2 Tower with Win 7 64bit





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  • 10/28/17--14:15: New Envy 750 grounding issue
  • Bought this machine three weeks ago to replace an older PC.  It's used to run audio and video through a sound board.  The old one worked just fine.  The new PC introduces a horrendous amount of buzzing through the audio outputs.  There is crosstalk between inputs and outputs because if you put the output line to the input, you still hear faint audio and buzz through the board.  Other things running through the board, including other audio sources, run just fine and are quiet.  The output from the Envy is overcome with buzz.  Seems like it just has to be a wiring or grounding issue in the machine, but I was wondering if anyone has some possible answers.  We may just have to return the machine and get something different.  Thanks.

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    The audio on my desktop stopped working a few months ago. I tried headset or speakers and no audio. In this model, I believe the audio card is embedded into the motherboard, so I do not know what to do to fix this.


    The speakers or headset I used do work - I tested on my laptop. 

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  • 10/29/17--11:03: HP 6000 Bluetooth Soeaker
  • THe dpeaker is connected with smartphone Samsung but plays no sound, no problem with similar connection to IPOD Nano

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  • 10/30/17--02:04: beats audio app not working
  • hi, i have the beats audio app but it has stopped working properly as it keeps resetting itself, what can i do to fix this?

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    I have this grey box in the centre of my desktop HP Audio volume 100% I can not move delete or see under it. 

    Please help as I can not really use my computer. 

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    i am using a hp notebook 15-r014tu. Will this help mee?

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  • 11/02/17--10:20: Switch on HPS3100 SPEAKERS
  •    My HP S3100 speakers that came with my HP 550-153W desktop are defective how do I find out how to resolve this?

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  • 11/03/17--13:24: Volume will not change
  • My HP Spectre will not alter the intensity of audio being outputted. It is either the loudest possible or at mute. Anything above mute is at full blast. The only time I'm able to alter the intensity of sound is when I am using youtube and can use their audio intesity bar. 

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    I am unable to change the Audio Channel config from Stereo to 5.1.


    Steps those I tried-


    Connected my amplifier with PC.

    Rt click the speaker icon in the task bar > Clicked "Playback Devices" > Selected "Realtek HD Audio" > Configure

    In the configuration screen all I can see is the stereo option. No option for 4 speakers or 5.1


    Most of the M/B dont have 5.1 audio jacks like in this M/B, they rather route the audio through "Line IN" and "Mic IN" in addition to "Line OUT".


    But here no option.

    Please HELP.

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    I'm thinking of buying a Rode SmarLav+ Mic to use with my PC to record videos. I've contacted Rode direct and I have received the following reply:

    "If your computer has a TRRS headset input which is wired to the CTIA standard (the wiring standard used by Apple and most manufacturers) then yes you should be able to plug the SmartLav+ straight in! IF your computer has a 3.5mm TRS microphone input only, you'll just need the SC3 adapter but it should also work without issue. 


    Does my computer have this?

    All help and direction will be greatly appreciated.

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  • 11/05/17--04:39: Popping noise from Speaker
  • Hi im getting popping noises from my right speaker, it cuts out the sound when it pops, this pop starts after about ten minutes from starting the pc, and continues every second or so untill i turn it off, ive tried all the software solutions offered in other solutions to the same question on this site, audio driver updates, windows driver updates, bios updates, you name it nothing works! Its not software related its hardware problems, now my warenty runs out soon and ive seriously struggled getting any help or in touch with someone, not even a phone number or email is on this site, its so unbelievably frustrating, i hate HP!!!!! the site makes me go round in circles and i am loosing patients, weeks ive came back and tried to solve this! I want help, PLEAS!

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