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    I have an old HP Pavilion a6045x and recently tried to upgrade it. My problem is when I plug a pair of headphones into the rear or front panel 3.5mm audio jack, the audio still goes through to my HDMI LG TV. I have  checked the playback devices menu, and unlike my other PC, it does not display the front/rear/headphones (yes, show disabled and disconected devices is checked). Then, I went into device manager and checked the audio drivers, it displays that it is using "High Defintion Audio Device". I've tried uninstalling and restarting, checking for updates, the built in Windows 10 troubleshooting, and I've looked at the HP Specs, and it says my Pavilion uses a Realtek RLC888 Audio Driver, but the only driver of that name I could find was for Dell PC's. I tried newer Realtek drivers, and gone into Device Manager→High Definition Audio Device→Update→Browse my Computer for Software→Let me pick from a avalible list...→(I tried the two avalible HDAD options) Uncheck Show compatible hardware→Realtek→and installed the Realtek High Definition Audio, my PC starts to install, then crashes, giving a the SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED stop code and saying RTKVHD64.sys failed.

    At this point I'm not really sure what to do, any and all help is appreciated!

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    Hello!  I have been trying to get my audio to work but have had no success.  I recently updated my windows 10 and I think that's when I started having issues (not sure).  The icon of the speaker has an "x" and says "No Audio Output Device is installed".  I had to reinstall my PCI serial port and PCI simple communications controller drivers (successful as far as I know).  But, I still do not have any audio.


    I tried the sp45615 driver after some searching but when it runs it stops and says "The audio driver files do not supoort your computer hardware. Note: if you uninstalled audio software without restarting your PC, restart now, then run this setup again."  Troubleshooter also says to restart and the drivers will be applied but I have restarted multiple times now with no luck.


    In my device manager, my drivers under sound, video and game controllers are NVIDIA High Definition Audio and it says they are up to date.


    Any ideas what my issue is?

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    Anyone figure out how to disable internal speakers when external speakers are plugged in?


    I have literally searched everywhere and it seems others are having this problem also but no one has found a fix.


    All of my windows PC's have always turned off the internal speakers once you plug in expernal speakers to the audio jack on the side. With the latest Windows 10 update it now always plays out of both.

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    I have a constant dripping type noise coming from my right speaker.  It is driving me crazy.

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    When the buzzing sound happens i have to restart it till i no more get it. Today i restarted the computer 8-9 times and it's still there. It causes the computer to lag while playing video games and such.

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    I have an Envy Desktop 750-055 xt. I want to add an SPDIF input so that I can transfer DAT audio recordings to the PC in digital format, rather than having to go out analog from the DAT player into the PC, and then have to re-digitize the recordings via software.

    The PC didn't offer any choice of soundcards when I first configured and purchased it, so it only has the soundcard that came integrated with the motherboard.

    What kind of hardware or accessory can I use to add SPDIF input? Do I need a different soundcard and is there room for one? Is there some kind of add-on board I can install - I already installed a firewire card using the PCI bus so I can input digital video from a DV camcorder. Is there something similar I can add for digital audio?

    I've also seen inexpensive external accessories which provide an SPDIF input and connect to the PC via USB? Will these work for audio? I saw similar accessories for firewire connectors which wouldn't work for my needs because they only permit file transfer - not real-time ingestion of videtape playback. Would the same be true of these USB-connected SPDIF adaptors? Are they only used for optical file transfer, or could they also accommodate digital tape playback input?

    If anyone can tell me what the options are, and pros and cons if there are several, I'd appreciate it

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    A recent Windows 10 build 15063 was installed on my computer and has disabled my external speaker system. Previous to this build I was able to disable the built-in speakers which allowed me to use my external speaker system only plugged-in a speaker jack at the back of my All-In-One, but this new build has disabled the external speaker jack.


    Has anyone else experienced this issue and has anyone found a solution/workaround?


    Note: I cannot go back to the previous version of Windows 10 because the new Windows 10 update deleted the windows.old file neede to do a restore.


    Thank you,



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  • 11/10/17--09:10: problem audio

    HP Pavilion p6-2000 Desktop PC

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  • 11/10/17--21:12: Line input to sound board
  • I am having trouble having my line in, or microphone input to stay on settings. It will go to new setting and after a short time it will go to no level, mute.  I do hit apply and ok after settings but it seems new settings will not stay applied   Thanks

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    Have previously been in touch with HP support re the above and it seemed to be working then suddenly stopped again. I bought a new system but no difference! Everything works well with my laptop and iPad. So have determined it is the Desktop that is at fault. Contacted support and did everything they told me to. Rang Curries where it was bought from but they said they do not do repairs anymore on my desktop. Now what do I do !!! Can anyone help please

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  • 11/12/17--00:01: Разъем spdif
  • Здравствуйте.

    В данный компьютер была установлена видеплата GeForce 9600 GT, у видеоплаты имеется вход spdif, не могу никак найти разъем spdif на материнской плате.

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  • 11/12/17--19:17: Volume Bar (graph)
  • Hi All. I was hoping someone here could help me with a problem. When I pushed the volume control button up or down, there used to be a pop up box come on the screen that was like a bar or graph that would show me what the volume was set to. Now, there is just a white box that comes up with nothing in it. Thank's in advance, Richard

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    My Pavillion a431of Realtek Audio Device states that my speakers are not plugged in. They are. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the current driver countless times. I have performed System Restore. I have followed the instructions on both the HP Support and Windows Troubleshooting to no avail. My speakers were working fine one day and then stopped working the next day for no apparent reason. How can I fix this? Please help!

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  • 11/13/17--13:32: P7-1074 sound issue
  • Line in still plays through speaker even when line in is disabled in the control panel.  If I enable line in, I get two outputs slightly delayed. Sounds like reverb. Don't know when this started, because I haven't used the line in for almost a year. But suspect it started with one of the Windows updates.


    The driver version is

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    cant get external speakers working plus sub woofer

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    I have been considering buying a new pair of headphones to listen to my music collection in iTunes on my PC and am looking for ways to optimize my computer's sound quality. I do not have any high-res tracks but ripped my CD collection into iTunes in Apple Lossless format. They sound pretty good with my current earbuds but am looking to upgrade to over-ear heaphones. But I'm not sure that is worth the investment unless I can boost my PC's sound quality.


    Towards that end, I'm considering running the S/PDIF optical audio output from the back of my PC through a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) and amplifier and into my new headphones. I know it would be much easier to just plug the headphones into the 3.5 mm jack on the front of my computer, but like I said, I am trying to maximize sound quality. The problem is I don't know if this is even technically possible let alone whether or not it would result in better sound.


    I have found DAC's with optical inputs, but the ones I've found on Amazon so far specify the optical signal must be in pulse-code modualtion (PCM) or linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM) format. The specs on the DAC's I'm looking at suggest they are incompatible with surround-sound signals which I believe the optical output on my PC pumps out.  


    So, hence my conundrum. I am looking for advice from someone who has routed the optical digital output from his/her PC through a 2-channel DAC successfully already. But such a person is not easy to find since most people route their digital audio ouputs from their PC's into A/V receivers and speakers instead of into DAC's and headphones.


    I found some general HP support information on utilizing the optical digital output here, but it doesn't address my particular problems. Any technical info one can shoot my way would be greatly appreciated as it is quite time consuming trying to research the solution on my own via the Web. Are there any audiophiles out there who have done this successfully already?  

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    I have an Envy Rove Beats audio with no way of adjusting the sound quality. there doesn't appear to be any audio manager card in my computer. I have updated the computer to Win 10

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  • 11/14/17--08:24: Stereo Mix
  • I am considering buying a HP Pavilion 570-p054na to replace an older HP Paviiion computer that I have, but have heard that some desktops nowadays do not have Stereo Mix in the Device Manager.  Please could anyone tell me if the HP Pavilion 570-po54na does have Stereo Mix?  I have looked in the technical specifications for this model on the HP website, but am still unsure as to whether it does have Stereo Mix or not

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    hey HP, im curious to know if my pavilion 32 monitor has built in speakers...i find it highly inconvenient that 1) theres no headphone output on the back, and 2)it seems like there are built in speaker vents on the bottom of the monitor, but are these just vent holes...? why would you not incorporate a headphone jack or speakers into this monitor...? any info would be greatly appreciated seeing as the product specs dont address either spec...

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    After updating to Windows 10 Creators Update, the sound quality on my HP Pavilion HPE h9-1120t Phoenix is muffled. The system is ignoring settings in the Beats Audio control panel. I have tried reinstalling the Windows 8 version of the IDT device driver (sp70787.exe )... there is no Windows 10 version on the HP drivers webpage for my system. No luck. It works briefly then goes back to muffled sound. Is there a better IDT driver for my system?

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