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    I got my laptop less than a month ago and I've notice that when i have the sound on while listening to music or watching videos online it will often make a strange sound. Whatever i was listening to will kind of drag or seize, i don't know if that makes sense? It's almost like the sound is freezing or something and lasts a couple of seconds. How do I fix this issue?

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    I'm struggling with "917 Front audio not connected" error after installing X-Fi Gamer sound card. When header connector from front panel is connected to sound card, at boot up this error occurs, giving two options: press F1 to boot or press ESC to enter startup menu. When header connector from front panel is connected directly to motherboard, error does not occur, but obviously line in/out is disabled, because I disabled integrated audio in BIOS. How can I "tell" motherboard to not checking front audio panel connection at boot?


    I disabled POST messages and enabled bypassing ESC prompt at startup - still no success.


    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I have found numerous people had this problem. Some found fixes. I have not. Everything worked fine until a few days ago. I have tried so many fixes. None worked. Update and rollback of drivers. Uninstall/reinstall. Disable/enable. Bios default settings and update. Removing recent updates. Hardware Diagnostics UEFI tests (which passed). Speaker and headphone tests on other systems. Nothing has worked. The properties on all of the devices and drivers are showing as working properly. Still no sound and the little red 'x' on my speaker icon. The only thing I can't do is go back to a restore point because I don't have any. I am using a aftermarket backup program that is now not cooperating. I thought I would just ask here before I do a system recovery.   Thank you.

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    Moved to Notebooks for better support.

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    I just received this laptop for Christmas and noticed that there is about a 10-20 sec sound lag when I play a video.  Is it error I can fix?

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  • 01/12/18--09:16: No Audio Device Installed
  • Recently did a fresh start on the pc in hopes to get it running faster. Comp is running fine but no I dont have any sound. Tried the automated support but nothing is  working Im getting the following message when trying to install a new driver.


    windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them




    a device attached to the system is not functioning

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    Since last week or so, the sound on my laptop switches back and forth between headphones and speakers, making a click sound each time. It happens several times per minute and makes it impossible to listen to music or play a game. When headphones are not plugged in, sound will just switch between speakers and nothing. Since yesterday, I started getting loud bursts of white noise on my headphones. Loud enough to leave my ears hurting for hours.

    I have tried with different headphones which all work well wih other devices, but the problem persists.


    Any help is welcome


    Thanks in advance

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    About 6 months ago and after a system upgrade the audio problem started. When I plug my earbuds into the audio jack I hear sound through the earbuds and sounds plays from the destoppel  speakers as well.  When I’m listening to earbuds why doesn’t it cancel out sound from the desktop?


    product #F3D62AA#ABA

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    So I just bought the ENVY desktop bundle. For some reason the monitor sound isn't working. I've updated all the drivers (nivida, HP, Windows) and the problem still persist.  Any tips?


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    I am unable to locate the equalizer, or it doesn't exist, for the Bang & Olufsen speaker.  I am only able to change the volume on the Realtek and the quality is not satisfactory.  Is there a driver or some other download? 

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    I haven't made any recent changes to my computer, but suddenly, the audio is quite low. I'm confirmed that my drivers are up to date through HP Assistant, ran the Microsoft troubleshooter, and basically checked everything logical, including cables, etc. 

    This happened to me once shortly after I bought the computer, and I think I remember there being some sort of conflict between the Beats Audio and IDT drivers...or something. For the life of me, I can't figure it out, and with everything turned up full—speakers, audio on desktop, audio on apps, etc.—it's so quiet, you can barely hear it. 

    Help? Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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       HP Envy Desktop headphone jack not working I have either an older or newer beats control panel. There is no "Jack Information"  Under advanced settings. I snooped around ans still unable to find it

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    My problem is when hp audio is work that,s time i couldn,t give proper sound quality.sound quality is so bad.if i uninstallation this but after few minutes its automatically re installatoin.i want to remove hp audio controlls.pls help me.its very pain to me.

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    After applying a recent security update to my Microsoft Windows 10 OS, my Beats Audio no longer works.

    My Beats Audio icon is also gone

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  • 01/19/18--05:17: Windows 10
  • Hi I am haveing problems with my windows 10 the hdmi input works but no sound so I can not use this computer to plug my PS4 in or my free view I think there needs to be a update for these audio drivers please get back to me

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    can not find drivers for sound card sb0770 hace a cambridge soundworks speakers fsp 2000. the card was in when i had vista.


    thank you



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    I have been using Apple TV to play see movies that are locally stored on my HP Pavilion Slimline 400-314 computer.  Apple TV is connected to my home theatre receive via HDMI.  So, I'm getting full sound that plays to all of the connected speakers and subwoofer (5.1 channel).  But, the sound is not optimal. So, I wanted to connect the Pavilion directly to the receiver and play movies on the PC and have the video and sound output go directly to the receiver and bypassing Apple TV.  The video options on the Pavilion are VGA or DVI.  The sound options are...I'm not sure. I'm thinking the options are the stereo Sound Out jack from the sound card and DVI.  Hooking DVI to HDMI on the receiver produces a great picture.  No complaints.  But, just using the DVI to HDMI setup, I cannot find a way to get sound.  So, I have to use the jack from the sound card that only provides stereo output to the receiver.  And, that stereo sound is not even good.  How do I get digital sound from the Pavilion to the receiver?  I thought DVI supported video and sound.  Is this not correct?  How do I hook up the Pavilion to a home theatre receive and get digital sound?  Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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  • 01/20/18--08:28: Audio for HDMI input
  • I’ve bought a second hand HP 2311x LED monitor. It doesn’t have inbuilt speakers and was wondering what i need to buy to get sound from my ps4 games console when it’s connected to the monitor via an hdmi cable?
    Thank you

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  • 01/20/18--08:28: Audio Output Not Recognized
  • I did a system restore on my Windows 10 desktop yesterday. Now it's not recognizing my speakers which are still connected.  How can I fix this?

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    Lost audio after Windows 10 Creator update. I have seen and TRIED all the solutions posted including reinstalling the CODEC.  Also message: "IDT NGUI.exe has stopped working " I've seen all the  comments on that too but NO GO!


    HERE'S the problem:

    "Sound Properties" says the IDT digital output is connected to the "Rear Panel Optical Jack"  I DONT HAVE an optical jack, the  specific jack is marked for sound and was always connected to the external desk-top speakers supplied by HP. In addition the "Jack information"  shows a little black dot - that doesn't sound like it is active, does it??


    THEN I go to Speakers (front panel connection) and it says they are not plugged in but show a green-colored socket.


    ALL OF THIS INDICATES that there is a MAJOR problem in the internal workings of the HP product (I spent HOURS on the phone with MS live support and they just made it worse!



    I really need a HIGH LEVEL  engineer or programmer from HP to try to correct this problem. Is HP listening?


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