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Desktop Audio topics

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    Brand new computer and all the sound icons say sound is on but no sound on YouTube or news or even HP training videos.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    After updating to Windows 10 v 1803, there is no sound. Messages say that the device is not connected. 

    I tried to upgrade the driver but there is no upgrade for Windows 10 and , when I try with the driver's versions for Windows 7 and 8, it says that "Your system does not meet the operating system requirements. Update has been cancelled (9998).


    Can anyone help me, please?



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    The pc doesnt recognize the external microphone.

    I checked the microphone on my old pc, it is working.


    When I plug in the microphone, it doesnt show up in the recording devices.

    Also, the PC's speaker stops working when I plug in the external microphone.


    This is the technical problem.


    Below is the problem with HP's approach as I experienced so far:


    I bought the device so that I can work with it.

    But this forum is like a swamp. I drown further as I seek assistance.

    Can a moderator tell me why I need to re-open a thread when there is already a thread that mentions the same problem for the same device?


    I need to work with this pc but instead I am trying to understand forum rulez, find serial no, try and fail futile recommendations within the forum, try to DM the moderators, chat with artificial intelligence that recommends me doing everything  that I have already done etc.


    I need to work, I need a solution.


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    I updated my laptop and now my beats audio on my laptop is no longer working. Also, the idt high definition audio codec is gone. Where do I go to reinstall that?

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  • 06/18/18--19:04: HP Envy All In One Speakers
  • I have an external speaker set up with a woofer but it appears I can either use the Bang & Olufsen built in speakers or plug in the external speakers to the combo jack and not have the B & O speakers play.  Is this correct or can I use both?

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  • 06/22/18--18:02: Microphone Jack Not Working?
  • I've been trying many things with the audio settings and troubleshooting my microphone, but nothing seems to be working. I have recently figured out that if I talk directly into where the Audio from say a game or video should be coming out of. Its different for all the microphones i've tried. If someone couold help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you for your time.

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     Bought HP24w monitor with built in speakers What cable do I need to purchase for audio?

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  • 06/25/18--21:38: Installed GTX 360 lost sound
  • I installed a GTX 960 grpahics card today and lost all sound. I know the conflict has to do with the audio in the card and the onboard motherboard audio conflicting.


    I have been through the normal driver, volume,  and device options.  I just can not find an option that works.


    I tried Geforce customer service and they directed to to take pictures of steps I already tried.


    I opened the BIOS did a self diagnostic audio test and received this error.



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    On other HP laptops I have had, the laptop mute button only muted laptop speaker sounds and left headsets alone.  My z book the mute button is muting everything.  Is there a way to configure the button to only mute laptop sounds and leave the headset items alone?   Thanks.

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  • 06/26/18--08:42: HP Audio Tab
  • I have an HP audio tab on my desktop and it wont close.  Please help.Capture.PNG

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  • 06/29/18--11:35: automatic audio increase
  • My computer stoppe going into sleep mode.  I re-installed the operating system back to factory settings since I had not done this in the 4 years of owning it.  That ixed the problem of going into sleep mode, but now the audio will jump upto 100 all on it's own and when the desk/computer is bumped.  Any kind of assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    " I bought Hp Slimline 270-a015t. It has no speakers. Chatted with HP sales support. They had me buy HP S3100 USB speakers. They do not work. I have been through ALL of the steps with the virtual support agent. Please help."

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    MODEL - 1030





    **ISSUE - NO SOUND**


    Note - I'm an average computer user with novice understanding of how things work. 


    Out of the blue I started recieving a pop up with the message conataining something about my windows system being expired etc. I try to update it and it asks for some product key number which i know nothing about nor how to obtain. Enlight of this problem i decide to factory reset the computer to its original settings after doing some research on the issue and deeming it a safe way to fix the issue at hand. After doing so, not only did it stop the pop up message from Windows about the expired Product key, I no longer had sound on my pc which is a Beats Audio Allin in one PC with 2 built in speakers. The Speaker icon located to the far right of my taskbar now has a red "X" next to it instead of showing the volume bar. Under normal circumstances when I click on the speaker icon a bar appears so I may increase or decrease volume. Presently, when i click on the speaker icon with the ''X'' logo next to it the system automatic goes into a "detecting problems'' loading mode. From there I've been informed through the system that the issue has been fixed and drivers have been updated but a resart of the pc is necessary to apply changes. I've done that numerous times all ending with no success. I'd like to add when right clicking the speaker icon on my taskbar i get a dropdown menu with 3 options listed as follows

    1- "Speaker Setup (UKNOWN" - when clicked on it only offers to choose the option "off"

    2- "Sounds" - when clicked on opens up a window with 4 tabs 



          Under the playback tab reads No playback audio devices installed

          "When clearly there is one installed but it isn't registering somehow and won't update due to some issue with a device attached to the system that isn't functioning properly. 

    Could that device be my built in speakers?


    I've exhuated all possible options to my knowledge. I've opened Device Manger (Control Panel). Than proceeded to croll down to the tab that read


    After opening the file's contents, from my understanding it appeared to be my sound/audio driver (listed below)


    I than right clicked in the audio driver and was given 3 options :

    1- Update driver

    2- Disable the device and/or

    3-Uninstall the device.


    In hopes of resolving the problem i figure a good ol' update would do the situation best. 

    I proceed to update and the system gives me and option to search automatically for updated driver software or browse my pc for downloaded driver software. I proceeded by to do the automatic search. As the bar loaded it found the driver and for a split second said it was installing the driver than took a turn for the worst. A message appeared stating the following 

    "Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them"

                                                      "IDT HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO CODEC"

                                      "A device attached to the system is not functioning"





    NOTE: I have disabled and unistalled this driver multiple times and have downloaded the same driver through the HP support system. In the process of downloading the driver i ran into a hiccup. After the  HP SUPPORT system recognized my pc it gave me the option to choose  an opering system which only showed Windows in the dropdown. Upon selecting Windows I was given the option of choosing only Windows 7 or Windows 8. (NOTE- IM RUNNING WINDOWS 10 - 64 BIT)

    Out of pure desperation I chose Windows 8 - 64 Bit off the dropdown and proceeded to download the driver which ended up failing . Worth a shot i figured but of course no compatibility. I aquired this pc through a aquaintance. I'm sure when originally purchased it was running either Windows 7 or 8.  Now thats its running Windows 10 maybe it hasnt registered through the pc or something. 

    Does this all link back to the product key being expired?


    Any input would help a great deal. As you may all know the FIFA WOURLD CUP airs daily with soccer matches that i follow closely and watch on my pc which is in my mancave. With this sound problem i cannot enjoy the game fully without the commentary and sound forcing me to watch in the living room. Yea there's a big nice tv but with that comes two screaming kids and much more disturbances. lol 


    Thank you for taking the time out to read and help!





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    Just purchased HP ProDesk 400 G4 Desktop and I want to install Sound Blaster Audigy 5.1 sound card to run my surround sound speakers. Some have said I need to disable the current onboard sound card others say it will occur automatically when I install my new sound card. How do I check the Bios to see the audio settings? If the options are there to "Disable" or select the "Auto" setting in the Bios which one should I select? Should I do this before or after installing the new sound card? How will installing this card affect the headphone/audio Jacks on the front of the HP ProDesk 400 4G?  Any other comments/suggestions appreciated. Thank you  "milesmonk"

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    I'm looking for a little help if I may.  I'm using a HP Envy 34 Inch Curve PC with Windows 10 Home (64 Bit)


    All of a sudden when listening to music using my headphones, I'm getting a massive amount of white noise rendering them pretty useless. No white noise ever in the PC Speakers, this is purely a headphone (3.5mm Jack) problem.


    I can rule out the headphones themselves as I have 3 pairs and all have exactly the same problem.


    When I start a song everything is fine, crystal clear, but after about 3 minutes into the song I get white noise in the left earphone which within a few seconds spreads to the right one as well. This happens with youtube and also when just playing an MP3 directly.


    First of all I checked the realtek drivers and made sure they were all the latest. Then I updated the display audio driver. This did not resolve the problem.


    Using device manager I then unistalled all audio input and outputs and also the display driver. Did a reboot, but still the problem persists.


    Just to clarify no new software or hardware has recently been installed. And its always at round about 3-4 minutes into any audio that the white noise begins which is the part thats baffling me. As i say this is only on the headphones not the PC speakers which are fine.


    Anyone any ideas what I should do next ?


    Thank you very much for any ideas.



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    I have updated audio drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers, ran diagnostic tests, bought 2 new pairs of headphones (one USB and one 3.5mm audio jack) and I still do not have any sound on my computer. It is detecting every device I plug in, but I am not getting any sort of audio. I have installed the newest IDT Driver, as well as uninstalled my audio drivers to let windows install a default. I've been working on this for 2 days now, and desperatly need my computer audio fixed so I can get back to work.

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  • 07/03/18--11:34: No sound at all
  • A few days ago something happened and a little red x showed up next to the speaker icon and I could not hear any sound again. So I googled it to figure out how to solve the problem. I followed the steps. After restarting my computer everything looked like it was back to normal. The little red x was gone. But when I tried to play something with sound I hear nothing. I tired putting the sound up to 100 % and putting the speakers to full volume. I even tried using headphones, but nothing. No sound at all. 

    I have run out of ideas. Please someone help me fix this, I don't know what to do.

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    Can not hear audio since upgraded to windows 10

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    Volume control touch pad is not working 


    I called service engineer several times  and they "temporarily" fixed this problem by re-installing the Realtek audio drivers 


    but about 2 days after fixing the problem it just came back again! 


    Now again, the touch pad is completely dead. 


    It is really annoying and I cannot belive that I have spent so much money on this trash computer 




    IT IS DEFINETELY SOFTWARE BUG because sometimes it works and somtimes it does not


    I already tried 1) making BIOS default mode 2) windows update 3) turning off power saving mode on PS/2 keyboard 

    4) re-installing audio driver 





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