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    It worked fine last week.


    I haven't unplugged, changed any settings, or damaged it in any way.


    I had a couple of updates so I think that might be why it's stopped. I can hear sound perfectly and the mic IS functioning because I switched settings to hear the device and I could hear MYSELF through the headset, but no output.

    I've checked EVERYTHING.


    I'm a game streamer and I don't want to buy a new headset until I know this has had it, but it seems to be fine, it's just *something* that's not right.

    I'm out of ideas - can someone help?

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    My left speaker on my HP Envy 34-a051a Signature Edition pops incessantly and the only way I  can get rid of the popping is to disable the speaker in device manager. It has been doing it for well over a year (long before the warranty expired). I have tried reinstalling drivers and every suggestion I have found on the forum to no avail.


    I have tried to ignore it and use the computer without sound but this computer was very expensive and  I see many people have this issue and that it may stem from a motherboard leak. At a minimum it seems there is a short.


    It appears it is a defect that HP should fix even if the computer is out of warranty. Can you direct me as to how I can get this computer repaired? I logged in and it says that I will be charged for just a phone call to find this out.

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  • 07/08/18--18:56: No Sound Through HDMI
  • I have my HP hooked up to my Sony STR-DH770 and then to my Epson 5030UB Projector. For the third time now (and I think it happens when windows updates) the option for HDMI audio has vanished. I have rolled back drivers reinstalled. Done everything and nothing works. I still have audio from computer speakers and still have video from the projector but no audio or even option for audio from receiver.

    Also, when I turn the projector off, the Sony Receicer pops up as a 2nd choice in the bottom right corner with no video (of course because the second monitor is off. This has been a problem before and it fixed itself but not happening this time. Either way I would love to know what is happening and how I can fix for good.


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    I have the scenario 34a150 popping noises from speakers.  Did you ever get this fixed?

    [edit] .  HP offers NOTHING.

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  • 07/11/18--15:44: about laptop sound system
  • my sound system is changing automatically (getting mute ,, volume high and low etc) 

    it shows speakers  (realtek high definition audio (sst)) when it works and abruptly changes to mute or high less vol and shows (speaker/headphone realtk high definition) and sound goes ..


    im done with updating drivers..

    is it internal problemor what ??   i bought this laptop around 6 months ago .   i dont remeber that it has been hit so hard to get internal damage of anytype :(

    please help

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    HP letter - No audio output device installed. 7-11-2018 Hewlett-Packard h8-1417c 1.00 System [personal information removed] Product #: H3Z18AA#ABA Enclosure Type: Desktop Probem: Error message: No audio output device installed. Experience: I have been using computers since 1983 with the first XT. I have significant experience repairing and upgrading my computers. Solutions tried: I have exhausted the many ways to fix device driver problems. I have also tried 2 different USB devices to replace sound cards that failed. Previous similar problem: In the first year of owing this new HP the Audio failed. Because the Audio was soldered to the system board I had to return the computer to HP for repairing. Questions: 1. Because the audio is soldered to the system board what are my repair options? 2. Is there a slot where a new sound card could be installed and would that work with the former defective part soldered to the system board? If so recommended audio card? 3. Is there a way to disconnect or unsolder the old sound device from the system board? 4. Is there a workaround using the USB audio card replacements I have? 5. Is there a workaround using any other devices? 6. Any other possible repair options?

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    I just updated my HP620 notebook PC with windows 10 1803 and after everything was set there is no sound, if I check volume mixer it shows there is audio playing, please assist.


    Any help will be highly appreciated

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    there is no bluetooth in device manager. only unknown device and when i try to update the driver  it doesnt work . when i check the bluetooth function using the miicrosoft bluetooth diagnostic  it says that bluetooth is not installed on this device.

    my laptop is a pavillon 15_n288cs touchsmart anf i lost the bluetooth feature after the windows 10 update


    if you can help you can respond here or at

     [personal information removed]


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    I recently purchased an


    HP Pavilion 590-p0057c desktop computer


    HP V244a monitor.


    I connected the cable with the green tips to the speaker connections of the monitor and computer but do not hear any sounds.


    I checked the speaker volume of the computer and it is set to 80%.

    I also am able to get sound from my external speakers.


    What else can I check? I do not see any volume control on the monitor itself.



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    Hi, I just bought my Omen desktop yesterday and set it up last night. Everything is working fine, except the audio will only play when I have headphones set up into the headphone jack on top of the tower. No sound comes out of the monitor or anything, even when I have the audio set to play out of the monitor, and nothing else is plugged in audio-wise. Do I need speakers to play audio out of something besides headphones? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm switching over from Macbook Pro and have only been using laptops for most of my life.

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    No audio after updating to Windows 1803. Please direct me to correct driver available for this machine.


    Speaker tray icon has a red X. Troubleshooting audio results in an error.


    I have gone in to Device Manager and tried removing and driver and reinstalling.


    IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

    Version 6.10.6429.0


    Windows 10 Home 64 bit version 1803 

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    I am thinking about buying (HP OMEN Desktop 880-101nx), however I have a question regarding the sound card.


    Is it possible to upgrade the sound card without having any problems?  I mean I want to buy and install a sound card that produces 7.1 surround sound.  So if I buy the 7.1 card and install it, will it will work? will the motherboard that is in the system will support 7.1 sound card?


    Best regards and Thanks

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    I have a iphone and i know how to plug it in to my pc to make it act as a micorphone but my new computer only has one headphone jack and when i plug it in my computer thinks its a pair of headphones. i could use some help.

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  • 07/20/18--16:18: headphone does not work
  • I can hear sound from the build-in speaker of my hp pavilion desktop. However, when I pluggin my headset to the desktop, the headset does not work and the sound is still coming out from the speaker.  

    The headset is a working one since I plugged it in to my cell phone and it worked fine.

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    My Pavilion came in yesterday and every since I've started using it, I've been having issues with audio. It first started when I plugged my earbuds yesterday. The audio was fine but every 3 minutes, a message would appear saying something like 'you just plugged/unplugged a device in the audio jack' and then the audio plays through my speakers for a second and then i get the audio through my headphones again like normal(My headphones were plugged in the whole time). I wake up this morning and now I don't have any audio at all. I plugged my headphones in again and when i go to play videos, they all have errors. If I go to the playback tab in sound settings and try to test the speaker that is there (conexant HD audio), I get an error saying 'failed to play test tone'. So now , I can't hear anything and when I load youtube or twitter videos, I get an error.



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    Windows starts - Run Powercfg -requests shows IDT audio stream in progress what is doing this.

    Stops computer from sleep mode

    Goto Services and - Windows Audio hit restart servise and Audio streaming stops gone and computer will go

    into sleep mode and all works fine.

    Restart computer and same problem always have to go to Services and Restart Windows Audio service

    Need fix to this


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    Lost my Beats audio after installing windows 10 on my desktop .Cant find it anywhere in my files and lost the desktop icon as well in my short cuts .How do i recover the program and driver ? It was factory installed when I purchased my computer in 2012 . 

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    there are two 3,5mm jack on the front of my desktop

    - first jack - support output sound only and work with a standard three-pin headphone or a four-pin headphone, for sound. works perfectly. 

    - when i connect 4pins headset to second jack, DTS Studio Sound asked is microphone, line in or headphone connected. there is no possibility to use headset with a microphone :( 

    Connector has headphone and micrphone icon.


    Doeas front jac ksupport 4 pins headset with a microphone?

    is it a driver (software) issue ?


    I'd like to use my favourite 4pin headset with microphone without any adapter.



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    I've had this (reconditioned) box for many years now and it until a few weeks ago it was trouble free.  I came back into the room from making a brew to see an error message on the screen and the box switching itself off. I rebooted, the machine worked for 30 minutes, then switched itself off again and will not switch back on.  When I plug the power lead in the machine bleeps continuously.  The front light flashes and the 'FDX' and the '1000' lights on the network card flash (TP link card as the built in socket did not like windows 10 creators edition). The fans all come on but the Bist light remains off. I can also here something that sounds like a relay continually switching in or near the power supply. The only way to make it stop is to unplug the power lead


    I have

    • removed the boot drive which works fine as an external drive elsewhere 
    • replaced the cmos battery
    • removed all 4 DIMM's and tried them singly
    • left the box unplugged for several days then retried
    • tried with the video and network adaptors disconnected
    • It doesn't have a front mounted card reader so I can't try without this as suggested elsewhere in this form
    • Removed an SSD drive and reverted to original hard disk

    None of this makes a difference. I suspect power suppy or switch, but the fans are all working. Any ideas?


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    so i got a heaphone and mic spliter and the you just connect the headphones to that but still nothing works ive tried everything and i just got the computer from someone so i dont know if they worked before.

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